Making Tomato Sauce

Following the directions in the Ball Blue Book, I made tomato sauce yesterday with all the organic tomatoes we were given. I ended up with 11 quarts. Since 45 pounds makes about 7 quarts, I figure I was working with 70 pounds of tomatoes. Whew! I am game for more, but now that I’ve spent […]

Chunky Spiced Pear Jam


My friend Christina came over on Sunday afternoon. She was waiting for her husband to finish helping my husband. (They worked really hard.) She had a box full of very ripe pears. So we made jam. She was remembering some pear jam a friend had given her once and that’s what we tried to recreate. […]

Blackberry Jam

Finally, yesterday was the day to finish the blackberry jam, thanks to bringing home some lemons on the way home from church. The 12 pounds of berries made about 12 pints of jam, or 4 1/2 batches, following the basic recipe included in the box of Pomona’s Pectin. Our jam is not on the sweet […]

Miner’s Lettuce

We are just tickled to have eaten Miner’s Lettuce tonight for dinner. It grows wild all over our property and beyond. One of the most fascinating things about it is how this western “weed” got its name. “Miners lettuce is named after the California gold rush miners who ate it to get their vitamin C […]

Apple Salad


I’ve taken this salad to countless potlucks, and also served it many times when we have guests for a meal. It’s super easy and tasty. Apple Salad 6 to 8 apples, cleaned and with the peel left on (Pink Lady apples are delicious!) 1/4 cup lemon juice good water 1/4 cup raw honey, or to […]