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"A Natural Noel" by Michele Augur

"A Visual Guide For Harvesting Mushrooms" by Leota McKenzie

"Against the Grain" by Kate Tietje

"Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver

"At Tiffany's Table" by Tiffany Perez

"Breast to Bib" by Kate Tietje

"Curing Tooth Decay" by Ramiel Nagel

"Design a Dish" by Millie Copper

"Devil in the Milk" by Keith Woodford

"Eat Fat, Lose Fat" by Mary Enig & Sally Fallon

"Enzyme Nutrition" by Dr. Edward Howell

"Essential Eating: Sprouted Baking" by Janie Quinn

"Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal" by Joel Salatin

"Healthy Homemaking" by Stephanie Langford

"Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods" by Kate Tietje

"Healthy Snacks To Go" eBook from Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship

"Herbal Nurturing: A Family Healing & Learning Guide" by Michele Augur @ Frugal Granola

"Home Cheese Making" by Ricki Carroll

"In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan

"In the Kitchen: Real Food Basics" ebook from Kate @ Modern Alternative Mama

"Just Making Ice Cream" by Marillyn Beard

"Keeping A Family Cow" by Joann S. Grohman

"Kitchen Stewardship In The Big Woods" from Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship

"Natural Goat Care" by Pat Coleby

"Nourished Baby" by Heather Dessinger

"Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon

"Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston A. Price

"Pastured Poultry Profits" by Joel Salatin

"Plan It, Don't Panic" by Stephanie Langford

"Real Food 101" by Kendahl Milliecam

"Real Food FUNDAMENTALS" by Wardeh Harmon

"Real Food Nutrition and Health" from Kristen Michaelis @ Food Renegade

"Real Food on a Real Budget" by Stephanie Langford @ Keeper of the Home

"Real Food: What to Eat and Why" by Nina Planck

"River Cottage Everyday" by Hugh Fernley-Whitingstall

"Salad Bar Beef" by Joel Salatin

"Simple Food {for spring}" by Shannon Stonger

"Simple Sourdough" by Mark Shepard

"Super Nutrition for Babies" by Erlich and Genzlinger

"Surviving Off Off-Grid" by Michael Bunker

"The Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking" by Sharon Kane

"The Backyard Homestead" by Carleen Madigan

"The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing, and Sausage Making: How to Harvest Your Livestock & Wild Game" by Philip Hasheider

"The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable" by Juliette de Bairacli Levy

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods" by Wardeh Harmon

"The Encyclopedia of Country Living" by Carla Emery

"The Everything Beans Book" by Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

"The Grass-Fed Gourmet" by Shannon Hayes

"The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan

"The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer" by Joel Salatin

"The Sprouting Book" by Ann Wigmore

"The Untold Story of Milk" by Ron Schmid

"Urban Farm Handbook" by Annette Cottrell and Joshua McNichols

"What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on the GAPS Intro Diet" by Cara Faus

"Whole Food Revelation" by Joshua and France Sprague

"Wholesome Comfort" by Kate Tietje

"Wild Fermentation" by Sandor Ellix Katz

"Wilderness Cooking"

"Wrapping It Up!" by Vickilynn Haycraft

"Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian" by Herrick Kimball

"You Can Farm" by Joel Salatin

"Your Custom Homestead" by Jill Winger

Baking with Sourdough

Grain-Free Menu Plans

Healthy, Affordable Recipes, eBooks, and More from Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers

Nourishing Foods Menu Planner

Real Food Menu Plans

Simple Food {for winter}