Get More from Real Foods and Rediscover Traditional Methods of Healthy Food Preparation

Stephanie Langford Keeper of the Home

“I highly recommend GNOWFGLINS eCourses for anyone just getting started, or who really wants to go beyond the basics in cooking. You get to watch a ton of videos showing you exactly what’s cooking, many family-friendly recipes, and practical tips for putting it all together, plus discussion forums, monthly bonus videos, and more.”
–Stephanie Langford, Keeper of the Home

Kristen Michaelis Food Renegade

“Don’t you love how simple Wardee makes it all look? She will systematically introduce you to a system of food preparation that will significantly reduce your planning and meal preparation time while simultaneously allowing you to learn all the basics of preparing traditional, wholesome, healthy foods for you and your family.”
–Kristen Michaelis, Food Renegade

Through our unlimited online classes, you’ll get more from real foods and master traditional cooking — uncomplicated and healthy.

Wardee teaching GNOWFGLINS

There are so many healthy cooking choices and skills to learn, the task can feel overwhelming. You might be asking:

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I know what’s healthy and what’s not?
  • What ingredients do I choose?
  • How can I stop spinning my wheels on failed experiments?
  • Why can’t healthy cooking be simpler?
  • How can I make healthy and tasty food that my whole family loves?

You can read all the traditional cooking blogs and books, or attend this or that conference. But, what if you could find one place with simple instructions to nurture all your healthy cooking skills — in the comfort of your own home, while saving time and money, and feeding your family nourishing foods they will love?

You’re in the right place — we can help.

What is Traditional Cooking?

Before factory farms and processed foods, people ate traditionally-prepared nutrient-dense foods. They knew how to bake with sourdough, create ‘good-for-you’ crunchy and sour pickles, make farmhouse cheeses and churn cultured butter. These foods were not only tasty but very nutritious — and the people were relatively free of modern diseases. They lived close to the land and its bounty and passed their knowledge down from generation to generation. Our GNOWFGLINS family has returned to those roots and old-fashioned skills. Watch this video to see what GNOWFGLINS are… and then click one of the buttons below to see how we can help you do it, too.

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