RFQM: Keratosis Pilaris — Natural Remedy


Once upon a time I started a series here at GNOWFGLINS. I called it Real Food Quote Monday (RFQM), and I shared each Monday a quote from something I read. I kept up the series for quite some time. Sometimes though, the quotes stretched me. So I abandoned the series while I sorted out how to approach it in the future. I’m back with RFQM today, with a new approach, and a helpful natural remedy for keratosis pilaris — the sandpaper like rashes on the backs of many arms, including my own.


cropping lettuce

It’s Monday – and time for another Real Food Quote Monday (RFQM). Today I’m sharing from a “Letter” in the Wise Traditions journal of Spring 2010. Allan Balliett, a biodynamic farmer in West Virginia, addresses the topic of fake CSAs — CSAs who cater to the consumer’s love of convenience, but distribute food from unknown or obscure farms.

RFQM: “Eat Fat, Lose Fat” 4

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It’s Monday – and time for another Real Food Quote Monday (RFQM). Today, I’m continuing to share from Dr. Mary Enig’s and Sally Fallon’s book, “Eat Fat, Lose Fat.” In Chapter 2, their goal is to debunk the lipid hypothesis through answering four questions – or as they put it, exploding four myths. In today’s post, we’ll address the fourth and final myth: does cholesterol causes plaque buildup in arteries?