Video Q&A #3: Sourdough Starter, Feeding and Using

Starting a Starter

Welcome back to our Video Q&A series! Today’s question comes from Tami: “I’ve seen your sourdough starter videos and have my own starter sitting on the counter now (started 8 days ago). It doesn’t take 12 hours to double, more like 3 to 5. Should I still wait the full 12 hours before feeding it again, even though it “falls” by that point? And I know you said “several weeks” for it to be ready. It smells good and sour now, will two weeks be enough? Thank you, and thanks for all the free resources! I really appreciate them!” — Tami

Video Q&A #1: Warm Lunch without Microwave?


Welcome to the first Video Q&A at We’ll have many more of these in the coming weeks! Today’s question comes from Katie: “I was reading your no-microwave post and was wondering if you have any suggestions for while one is at work. I often bring my leftovers to work with me and that is where avoiding the microwave seems impossible. Any suggestions?” Read this post for the video (and print) answer.