Join Me: I’m On The Radio Today


This evening, I’m going to be a special guest on the 21st Century HomeKeeper radio show, hosted by Sylvia Britton. We’re going to talk about my family, our homestead, food preservation, food fermenting and anything else we can fit in. :) Sylvia and I have been online friends for more than 10 years, working and fellowshipping together at her ministry, the Christian HomeKeeper Network. I’m looking forward to our visit and hope you’ll join us!

On My Bookshelf


Reading “Surviving Off Off-Grid” brought to a head some long-time interests — things I wanted to investigate but put on the back burner for “someday.” When added to the things I’m already actively researching, it makes for a mountain of books. Or rather — two mountains. :) In this post and a few more to come, I’ll be sharing about what I’m reading. Please share what you’re reading in the comments.

Really Quick…. Join Me On The Radio!


Join me on Vickilynn Haycraft’s “Get Real — Get Prepared” internet radio show! We’ll be talking about sourdough, my new “Sourdough A to Z” eBook, and the traditional food preparation methods that helped heal my family’s food allergies. Listen in live or later — the show will be this evening, April 4 from 8 to 9 EST (or 5 to 6 PST).

6 Reasons to Get Cultured (Dairy and Cheese)


In our Cultured Dairy and Basic Cheese eCourse (included with any membership), you can learn to make your own buttermilk, sour cream, cultured butter, yogurt, various cheeses and more. Even if you’re not taking the class, I hope this blog series will help and encourage you! The topic of today’s post: my best 6 reasons for eating cultured dairy and cultured cheese. I brainstormed this list in about 30 seconds the other day — and here they are.

God Bless Your New Year


Day to day we can wonder if we’re really going anywhere, or whether we’re just spinning our wheels. But stepping back and surveying larger amounts of time (such as whole years), it is much easier to see God’s hand in the events of our lives. The Lord blessed me and mine continually with His grace and provision. I’m grateful for every good and hard lesson of the last year. I’m also thankful for many who have contributed to the growth and community at GNOWFGLINS this year. Please come back tomorrow to see the pictures that *almost* didn’t get posted in 2010.

Merry Christmas!


World-wide and far apart — yet united by our shared love, joy, and faith — we can together celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus. What a privilege to know and worship Him with you and your family! Thank you for blessing us this year with your friendship and support. May God bless your Christmas gatherings, and fill your hearts with gladness in His birth. With much love, the Harmon Family

My Parent’s Visit


We just wrapped up a wonderful visit with my parents. They came with their usual generosity, love, and exuberance. We had a list a mile long of things to do, and didn’t get to do nearly enough! Isn’t that how it always goes, though?

A Heads-Up Post


Every once in awhile, I feel the need to do a post that lets everyone know what’s up and what’s coming. Events come and go, overlapping and passing, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on something that would be helpful. So consider this our current “heads-up” post, if you will. You’ll want to read it to make sure you’re caught up!