Fight Depression, Eat A Burger


A big beefy burger may be just what you need to battle depression. If the steer that makes his way to your backyard barbecue lived his life in the pasture, he may be just what the doctor ordered. The hamburger, much aligned for its saturated fat and guilt-by-association-with-the-fast-food-industry, is not considered by most of us to top the list of health food — but not all burgers are created equal.

53 Health Resources Worth $835 — Just $39.97 (or 75 cents each)!

Health Library

Although I have participated in some great bundle sales, I think this is the best one yet. When I first scrolled the list of what’s included in the Extreme Health Digital Library, I kept thinking I would be done soon. But nope, the page just kept on going. And going, and going… And it includes $835 worth of health materials for $39.97. Could quite possibly be the deal of the year. So, let’s talk about what’s in this digital library.

Beyond “Natural” and “Organic”

The past months have seen Jeff and I revisiting the GNOWFGLINS’ terms. We redid our What? page on this site – and you should visit it to refresh yourself on what GNOWFGLINS means. Today, I’d like to talk about two of those terms – natural and organic. They’re worth addressing here. First, because we drastically updated them. But second, and most importantly, because they depart greatly from the (lacking) conventional definitions.


GNOWFGLINS™ (pronounced g-NOWF-glinz) are: God’s Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season While reading my explanation of each term in GNOWFGLINS™, I want you to keep in mind the main reason I believe GNOWFGLINS™ are the best foods. Yes, they are the healthiest foods, but primarily, when we eat these foods, we are honoring […]