Organize Your Pantry — with Glass Jars!

Organize Your Pantry with Glass Jars | I have an obsession with glass jars! I don't know what it is about seeing all those beautifully God-made organic foods neatly lined up that puts a smile on my face. Maybe memories from great-grandma's cupboards. Or the thought that my food is pest-free. Or that I don't have to worry about BPA, PVC or other toxins. Interested in using glass for your pantry storage? Here's how to get started. |

I have an obsession with glass jars and there isn’t any help line for that. I don’t know what it is about seeing all those beautifully God-made organic foods — neatly lined up in the pantry — that puts a smile on my face. Maybe memories from great-grandma’s cupboards with food stored in recycled jelly and mayo jars. Or the thought that my food is pest-free. Pests have a hard time finding their way into properly sealed glass jars. And, you don’t have to worry about BPA, PVC or other toxins! Interested in using glass for your pantry storage? Here’s how to get started. [by Katie Baldridge]

Wrapping and Packaging Food Gifts


Every year I give away gifts of food to many of my neighbors and friends. I know I’m not alone in this as I also receive many food gifts from friends and family during the holidays. With the onset of gift bags and red and green plastic storage containers, I’m afraid the art of wrapping and presenting gifts is becoming a dying art. Today I want to encourage you to resurrect this art this holiday season with the gifts of food you give — through ideas for frugal and simple wrappings for bottles, jars, tins, boxes, and more. [by Christy Greer]

My Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

kitchen gadgets square

At first, all I saw were big, fat dollar signs. When I began my Traditional Cooking journey four years ago, I was surprised that my “fully stocked kitchen” wasn’t as fully stocked as I thought. Like changing our way of eating, it’s been a process to get the right tools. Some of them cost us a pretty penny and required advance planning and saving before we could buy them. Others were less expensive and were purchased on a regular trip to the store. Still others were gifts given by thoughtful friends and family who know that kitchen equipment is the way to my heart. You might find that the holidays are the perfect time to tell your husband/parents/in-laws/friends that you want some new toys — kitchen toys, that is. And, if you’re like me and just can’t decide what to ask for, this list might help narrow down your choices a bit. [by Lindsey Dietz]

Power Play: Cooking Around the Cost of Kilowatt Hours


What would you do if you wanted to serve dinner to your family at around 6 p.m., but you also wanted to avoid using household energy (electricity or natural gas) for cooking during the three hours immediately prior to your evening meal? To cut energy costs, we’ve had to come up with some creative solutions for make adjustments to meal-preparation routines.

How to Feed a Boy Scout for a Week at Camp (With Food Allergies)

Boy Scout

Trust me. Feeding a Boy Scout for a day at home is a big enough challenge, especially if said Scout has the appetite of the typical American teenager. At our house, we’ve officially entered the phase of adolescence where we routinely hear, “What’s for dinner?” — during breakfast. Add in the extra challenges of preparing traditional foods and working around food allergies, and the task of providing a balanced and nourishing diet for a week-long adventure away from home becomes even more daunting. Fortunately, I am usually ready to rise to the occasion.

6 Tips to Keep You Eating Real Foods Through Big Changes


No matter what change you’re facing, and no matter how chaotic it may be, one thing’s for certain: everyone in the family still has to eat! On a normal day, it’s hard enough to remember to soak the beans, feed the sourdough starter, make the stock, brew the kombucha, and dehydrate the 20 pounds of beets from the CSA. Put that day in the middle of nursing a newborn, unpacking the boxes, and/or remodeling the bathroom, and suddenly the pizza delivery guy is your new best friend. In this post, I’m sharing six practical and easy steps I took to keep the pizza delivery guy from ringing my doorbell during our recent move and major remodel. Please share your tips in the comments!

KYF #026: Keeping Up the Traditional Kitchen While Mom’s Traveling and the Family Is At Home


In this episode of Know Your Food with Wardee, I share how my family and I are preparing for my week-long trip to Arizona. I’m leaving and they’re staying behind, but that doesn’t mean things will stand still. They will be keeping our traditional kitchen alive. We’re brushing up on their kitchen skills and revisiting how to keep the ferments and other traditional foods going. And for my part, I’m packing some of my favorite traditional foods and will get some when I get there — to balance any lack in conference food. Also in this episode, I take two listener questions: what’s the best diet for seasonal allergies and how to bake light and fluffy homemade bread.

Five Traditional Food Time-Saving Tips

Apple of Time. Series

Today (Friday 4/13) I’ll be sharing all my best time-saving tips at a free webinar — Traditional Food Time Savers. You’ll also hear from Jami @ (the free online traditional food recipe sharing site) — she’s sharing how she brings her young children into every kitchen task while keeping things efficient. In this post, I’m going to share five of my best tips, plus invite you to share yours. Come to the webinar so you can hear the rest!