How to Make (and Use) Herbal Vinegar

herbal vinegar 200

Herbal vinegar is easy to make and provides a simple way to add flavor to salad dressings, marinades, and every day meals. Herbal vinegars made using apple cider vinegar are suitable for cosmetics, too. This project requires some pre-planning, since the herbs must steep for at least a week (and often up to three weeks), but it’s worth it.

Drying Bay Leaves

Jeff’s god-parents visited us last weekend from California. They brought us three branches of bay leaves from their yard. I already made chicken soup with three of them. They are so fragrant. Did you know that bay leaves also repel bugs? You can include them in your buckets/containers of stored foods, or lay them in […]

GF Cracker Mix in a Jar — Make Ahead or Gift


When measuring out the ingredients to make a double-batch of Cheezy Gluten-Free Crackers, I fill a quart size jar with all the dry ingredients for another double-batch of crackers. I store it on the door of the freezer. It is ready for me to use sometime during the coming week. I just transfer the contents […]

Sprouting Mix: Alfalfa, Red Clover and Fenugreek

The following combination includes 45% of each of alfalfa and red clover seeds, and 10% of fenugreek seeds. I prefer and recommend choosing organic seeds. To make 4 cups of the sprouting mix, combine 1-3/4 cups of alfalfa seeds, 1-3/4 cups of red clover seeds, and 1/2 cup of fenugreek seeds. To make 3 cups […]

Five Spice Powder

I bought Five Spice Powder, pre-mixed, several years ago. Now I can’t find it locally. I could have ordered it from somewhere on the internet, but then I would be paying for shipping. Why shouldn’t I mix it myself? So I did.Really simple. Mix equal amounts of: *ground anise *ground pepper *ground cinnamon *ground cloves […]

Herb Seasoning Salt

We gave this herb seasoning salt away as gifts a couple Christmases ago. I bought salt shakers at the dollar store and filled them up with this homemade mix. Jeff’s godmother just ran out and asked for the recipe. Since the kids are going to be seeing her on their trip away, I made a […]