Dehydrating Zucchini and Summer Squash (Chips and Shredded)


For today’s seasonal recipe round-up on squash (and zucchini), I’d like to show you how to dehdyrate it. A single zucchini or squash plant is quite productive and can easily overwhelm a good sized family. So preserving it for the future is a good and frugal idea. Not to mention that your family may be pretty sick of it, if you’re eating a lot fresh. The two best ways I’ve found to dehydrate zucchini are: shredded and thinly sliced. The thinly sliced become zucchini chips and they’re really good!

6 Delicious Dishes with Cucumbers


For today’s Seasonal Recipe Round-Up featuring cucumbers, I’m pleased to look back in time and pull out a set of delicious recipes using fresh, seasonal, summer cucumbers. You’ll probably notice that most of these recipes have a Mediterranean bent. That’s because I grew up eating these foods, and cucumbers are a large part of the cuisine. When you have cucumbers coming out your ears, these recipes will help you use them up without being bored.