A Victorian Christmas: Using Seasonal and Preserved Foods at Christmas

A Victorian Christmas: Using Seasonal and Preserved Foods at Christmas (and a note about suet) | GNOWFGLINS.com

After spending far too much time in delightful research, here are my takes on three popular Christmas recipes that feature seasonal or preserved foods commonly found during the Victorian era, as well as links to other favorite foods that deserve a place on any Christmas table, regardless of the period of history. [by Kresha Faber]

Lacto-Fermented Cranberry Sauce


Through the process of lacto-fermentation, we can turn cranberry sauce into an easily digested, probiotic condiment. Sound good? This recipe for fermented cranberry sauce is very simple to make. It’s delicious alongside any meat or even as a yogurt topping! [by Stacy Karen]

6 Stunning and Nourishing Cranberry Sauces

6 Stunning and Nourishing Cranberry Sauces | GNOWFGLINS.com

There’s cranberry sauce — and then there’s Cranberry Sauce. For many of us, the memory of the firm, jellied cranberry sauce that delightfully schlopped out of the can on Thanksgiving sets the stage for what is considered “real” cranberry sauce. But what a far cry from “real” it is…. So, for your holiday feasting pleasure and nourishment, here are six different cranberry sauce recipes to suit whatever fancy you may have. I hope you’ll find a new favorite among them! [by Kresha Faber]

5 Ways to Use Basil


Basil is a wonderful herb that flourishes in summer months. Besides being delicious, basil offers many health benefits, including: rich in antioxidants, boosts the mood, has anti-inflammatory properties, and more! So with all these benefits, basil is something we want on our dinner plates often. Following are five simple ways to use basil in daily life and cooking. Including basil in your meals is not just tasty, it’s culinary medicine!

How to Make (and Use) Herbal Vinegar

herbal vinegar 200

Herbal vinegar is easy to make and provides a simple way to add flavor to salad dressings, marinades, and every day meals. Herbal vinegars made using apple cider vinegar are suitable for cosmetics, too. This project requires some pre-planning, since the herbs must steep for at least a week (and often up to three weeks), but it’s worth it.

Lemon Cream Asparagus


This is a simple recipe for delicious, tender, young asparagus. We love it! Plus we can use up abundant spring cream. :) As I’m sooooo out the door to homeschool testing, I’m going to leave my introduction at that. Take my word for it, you’ll love this dish!

FREE Video: Easiest Sour Cream EVER

skimming sour cream

We get around 4 gallons of milk per day from our Jersey cow. For our family, this is plenty to make cheese, butter, kefir, ice cream and more — plus we have some to share with friends AND some to clabber (spontaneously sour) for the chickens and dog. I figured out a really easy way to get both clabber for the chickens and sour cream for us, with hardly any work at all. This week’s free video shows you how I do it.

Fermented Raspberry Preserves


My favorite way to preserve berries is to use a tweaked lacto-fermented preserves recipe in Nourishing Traditions. Using lacto-fermentation increases vitamins, enzymes and probiotics, making these preserves even better than the berries alone. What conventional jam can boast that? I will demonstrate these preserves as well as a few variations in the fermenting class.