Lacto-Fermented Hummus


Yesterday, I made our family’s traditional hummus — a recipe handed down from my grandmother and namesake, Tata Wardee, to my mother and then to me. However, there was a difference: this time I lacto-fermented it. Yeah, yeah, by now you know that I try to ferment just about everything. :)

Free Video: Kefir/Yogurt Cheese Balls


In today’s free video and recipe, I show you a traditional Middle Eastern method of preserving yogurt cheese that requires no refrigeration. My grandmother and namesake, Tata Wardee, who has passed away, always had jars full of yogurt cheese balls available to add to our plates at breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Gluten-Free Bible Cooking


When I discovered the website Cooking with the Bible, it sparked my old interest in Biblical culture. Especially since learning about traditional food preparation methods, I loved the idea that I could create authentic meals eaten in Bible times!

Mediterranean Cucumber-Tomato-Mint Salad


When the cucumbers and tomatoes are available at the Farmers’ Market, I do go a little crazy. Can you blame me? We eat one of three cucumber and/or tomato salads just about every day. I already shared one with you — the cucumber yogurt/kefir salad — and this post includes another. If you’re counting, that means I still have one more to show you.

My Tata’s Chicken Soup

turmeric chicken soup

While dicing local onions and red potatoes on Sunday evening, and speaking with my mom on the phone, I found out that my Tata Wardee often added turmeric to her chicken soups, for color and for health. Tata Wardee is/was my grandmother for whom I was named; she passed away after living a long and […]

Mulukhiyyah (Arabic Comfrey and Lamb Stew over Rice)

recipe from “Sahtein: Middle East Cookbook” 4 cups of dried mulukhiyyah (comfrey) 2 pounds lamb meat (boneless preferred) 6 cloves of garlic 1/4 cup pine nuts 6 cups water or lamb broth salt and lemon juice to taste 1 teaspoon allspice 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 2 tablespoons of butter prepared, cooked brown rice Brown the […]

Fasooli (White Beans and Rice)


This is one of my favorite growing up dishes. The flavor is excellent; it is warming and filling. I still don’t think I make it as well as my Mom does, but I try! The photo above is of the Great Northern beans I finished soaking this morning (see How to Cook Dry Beans). The […]