The Tastes of Thanksgiving: Cheese and Soaked Crackers Tray


Do you need to take a dish to your Thanksgiving family meal or other gathering? Why not put together this appetizer tray featuring three cheese spreads inspired by the traditional flavors of the season, and two types of soaked crackers to go with them? Yum! [by Lindsey Proctor]

Rhubarb-Walnut Muffins with Rhubarb Jam


What to do with rhubarb? Abundant and beautiful, many (including me) pass up using it year to year because we don’t know what to do with it. Here are two GAPS-friendly, honey-sweetened, nourishing recipes to help you use it up — a tart rhubarb jam and moist, rhubarb-walnut muffins.

Real Food Chocolate Buttercream Frosting


This frosting is to-die-for. You do the math: Real butter + real cream + real mineral-rich, tasty unrefined sugar = really super good frosting. I advise caution. You won’t be able to stop licking your fingers, the bowl, the cake and anything this frosting touches.

A Big Batch of Cultured Butter


I’m at my friend Shannon’s Nourishing Days blog today, sharing how I make a big batch of cultured butter. How is this different than my cultured butter in the food processor? For one, it is a bigger batch, like 7 to 8 times bigger — instead of yielding 1 pound of butter, I get between 7 and 8. I like this because I can make more butter less often which equals less work. :) I also employ another time saver — culturing the cream while it’s still in the milk.

Nikki’s Roma Fresca


Please welcome Nikki from Project: Family Cookbook. I’ve been working on a big project myself, thus the lack of posts here for the past few months — more on that later. So Nikki volunteered this beautiful recipe to fill the gap. (Anyone else interested in guest posting? Contact me.) I’m so thankful — and so excited to make some of her Roma Fresca myself. :) Thanks, Nikki! –Wardee

FREE Video: Easiest Sour Cream EVER

skimming sour cream

We get around 4 gallons of milk per day from our Jersey cow. For our family, this is plenty to make cheese, butter, kefir, ice cream and more — plus we have some to share with friends AND some to clabber (spontaneously sour) for the chickens and dog. I figured out a really easy way to get both clabber for the chickens and sour cream for us, with hardly any work at all. This week’s free video shows you how I do it.

Fermented Raspberry Preserves


My favorite way to preserve berries is to use a tweaked lacto-fermented preserves recipe in Nourishing Traditions. Using lacto-fermentation increases vitamins, enzymes and probiotics, making these preserves even better than the berries alone. What conventional jam can boast that? I will demonstrate these preserves as well as a few variations in the fermenting class.