The Benefits of Coconut Water, Plus How to Ferment It


I’ve never really paid much attention to coconuts. After all, I live in Northern California. Coconuts don’t exactly grow around here. I remember my grandfather buying one and cracking it open when I was little. It was a complete novelty. Then came the start of my real food education and my new love for coconuts! Coconut water is one amazing coconut product that has proven to be an extremely pivotal part of the healing journey in our home.

Chewy Chocolate-Coconut Cookies — Allergy-Friendly and Oh-So-Dippable


You know you’re on to something good when your husband says, “Finally… a cookie I can dip. I haven’t been able to do this since Oreos.” You see, he grew up on Oreos. When we first met and married, Oreos dipped in milk were a favorite every day dessert. So… these cookies. They’re very dippable. Also, for those who are allergic or sensitive, they’re free, or can be free, of most major allergens: gluten, grain, egg, and dairy. Sweetened with honey. Oh, and did I mention the crispy, chewy, dippable texture? You should make some today.

Kombucha Jello


What fun! A health supplement in a totally fun package. You’ve got Kombucha with its beneficial acids, detoxing properties, and probiotics; raw honey as an enzyme-rich anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral healing food; and gelatin acting as a digestive aid and “protein sparer”. What’s not to love?

A Primer: Baking with Coconut Flour


My family makes most of our baked goods with coconut flour. In addition to following GAPS, two of us need to be on a low-oxalate diet. Coconut flour is the only low-oxalate, GAPS-friendly flour. I really like that coconut is technically a fruit and is very low in anti-nutrients, making soaking unnecessary (as is necessary with all grains, nuts, and seeds). In this post, I’ll help you discover what makes coconut flour unique, how to bake with it, and I’ll share some of our favorite recipes.

A Primer: Baking with Almond Flour


As a nutritional therapist and GAPS practitioner, I get many questions about almond flour. Many of my GAPS clients miss their favorite baked goodies from time to time and need GAPS-friendly, real food alternatives — and almond flour often fits the bill! Almond flour is nothing more than ground almonds, but there are some important qualities we’ll talk about in this post. [by Wardee Harmon]

Grain-Free Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Grain-Free Chocolate Cupcakes (1)

It’s not quite fair of me to share these grain-free chocolate cupcakes in the GAPS series because they include a “cheat” ingredient — baking soda. If you are okay to use baking soda now and then, I think you will love these. If you can’t make that exception at this point, then just put them on the back burner for someday.