A Victorian Christmas: Using Seasonal and Preserved Foods at Christmas

A Victorian Christmas: Using Seasonal and Preserved Foods at Christmas (and a note about suet) | GNOWFGLINS.com

After spending far too much time in delightful research, here are my takes on three popular Christmas recipes that feature seasonal or preserved foods commonly found during the Victorian era, as well as links to other favorite foods that deserve a place on any Christmas table, regardless of the period of history. [by Kresha Faber]

Lacto-Fermented Cranberry Sauce


Through the process of lacto-fermentation, we can turn cranberry sauce into an easily digested, probiotic condiment. Sound good? This recipe for fermented cranberry sauce is very simple to make. It’s delicious alongside any meat or even as a yogurt topping! [by Stacy Karen]

What To Do With Beets (Plus Recipe For Fermented Shredded Beets)

Shredded Beets square

Beets! When blessed with a harvest of beets (as we were last weekend), you can’t help but say to yourself, “Now what am I going to do with all these?” And of course *some* little people may be thinking, “Oh, NO, it’s time for beets again.” Facing reluctant beet-eaters, your best approach for familial happiness is to prepare beets in multiple ways. You’ll make full use of the harvest, plus get lots of beet nutrition in your diet. In this round-up of nutritious beet recipes, I’m going to begin with a brand-new recipe for fermented shredded beets, and then share other ideas for eating up those nutritious beets!

Simple, No-Pound Sauerkraut + I’m on Beyond The Peel TV


Today, I’m a guest on Beyond The Peel TV, hosted by Joshua and France of the Beyond The Peel blog. Joshua and I talk about my family, my classes, how easy it is to get started with traditional foods, and lots more. Joshua is a great host. No wonder he’s doing an internet TV show — he’s a natural! In this post, I also share the recipe for simple, no-pound sauerkraut which I mentioned in the show.

Nikki’s Roma Fresca


Please welcome Nikki from Project: Family Cookbook. I’ve been working on a big project myself, thus the lack of posts here for the past few months — more on that later. So Nikki volunteered this beautiful recipe to fill the gap. (Anyone else interested in guest posting? Contact me.) I’m so thankful — and so excited to make some of her Roma Fresca myself. :) Thanks, Nikki! –Wardee

Fermented Raspberry Preserves


My favorite way to preserve berries is to use a tweaked lacto-fermented preserves recipe in Nourishing Traditions. Using lacto-fermentation increases vitamins, enzymes and probiotics, making these preserves even better than the berries alone. What conventional jam can boast that? I will demonstrate these preserves as well as a few variations in the fermenting class.

Fermented Cranberry-Orange-Apple Relish

Cranberry Relish Fermented

I recently tweaked my mom’s famous cranberry-orange-apple relish recipe to add a fermentation stage. Natural fermentation adds probiotic benefits and beneficial acids for the gut, as well as increases the vitamins and enzymes. As if that weren’t enough, this relish (like many other lacto-fermented foods) is incredibly yummy. If you start a batch early this week, it will be ready for Christmas dinner.