A Big Batch of Cultured Butter


I’m at my friend Shannon’s Nourishing Days blog today, sharing how I make a big batch of cultured butter. How is this different than my cultured butter in the food processor? For one, it is a bigger batch, like 7 to 8 times bigger — instead of yielding 1 pound of butter, I get between 7 and 8. I like this because I can make more butter less often which equals less work. :) I also employ another time saver — culturing the cream while it’s still in the milk.

FREE Video: Easiest Sour Cream EVER

skimming sour cream

We get around 4 gallons of milk per day from our Jersey cow. For our family, this is plenty to make cheese, butter, kefir, ice cream and more — plus we have some to share with friends AND some to clabber (spontaneously sour) for the chickens and dog. I figured out a really easy way to get both clabber for the chickens and sour cream for us, with hardly any work at all. This week’s free video shows you how I do it.

Free Video: Homemade Cultured & Flavored Cream Cheese

cinnamon walnut cream cheese

Learn to make your own homemade flavored cream cheese, and you’ll never buy another tub again. Sure, the grocery store flavors taste good — but these taste fabulous (and are more healthy). Plus, there’s no limit to what flavors you can try! In this video excerpt from the Cultured Dairy & Basic Cheese eCourse, I show you how to make Onion-Chives or Cinnamon-Walnut cream cheese.

Free Video: When to Add Starter Cultures (Cheese)


Most cheese recipes tell you to wait on adding the starter culture until the milk gets to temperature — leaving it vulnerable to other cultures often found in a traditional kitchen (like sourdough, water kefir, dairy kefir, Kombucha, etc.). In this video and post, I show and tell when to add starter cultures — to give milk protection and ensure better cheese results!

Free Video: Kefir/Yogurt Cheese Balls


In today’s free video and recipe, I show you a traditional Middle Eastern method of preserving yogurt cheese that requires no refrigeration. My grandmother and namesake, Tata Wardee, who has passed away, always had jars full of yogurt cheese balls available to add to our plates at breakfast, lunch and dinner!