In the Sourdough eCourse, my friend Christina taught us a sourdough variation of the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. She calls it the “bucket method.” She really does make it in a bucket, and it is super easy. Not to mention versatile. Tara, from the Keep It Real blog, used the “bucket dough” to make these beautiful empanadas. She’s even got an informative little video to show how she rolls them up. I can totally relate to her reverse cooking/planning method, as that is how I work, too. Enjoy! –Wardee

Baked Custard Video


I’m super excited about this guest post -slash- guest video! From the beautiful and inspiring blog “Keep it Real,” Tara and her son, Will, videoed themselves making Baked Custard from Nourishing Traditions. My whole family watched the video last night, each of us with big grins. Will is an amazing kid, and Tara is a patient, talented, and loving mom! In print, Tara also shares more about Will’s autism, her children, her life, and their real food journey.