Real Food On The Road, Part 3

Skillet Waffles

Millie is back with part 3 of the Real Food on the Road series. In Part 1, she shared her overall strategy for planning, preparing and serving real food on 10-day road trip. In Part 2, she inspired us with travel-friendly nourishing, real food main dish salads and slaws. In this Part 3, you’ll see how the “bucket bread” in Sourdough eCourse and Sourdough A to Z eBook (and other sourdough recipes) came in handy for their trip’s bread needs. Thanks again, Millie!

Real Food On The Road, Part 1


You are going to love this series! Millie (who blogs at Real Food for Less Money) is a busy mom juggling alot. Yet, she pulled off a 10-day road trip eating pretty nearly 80% real food, and even more inspiring is that she wants to do it again next year! :) This post is part 1 of what we’re calling her “Real Food On The Road” series. She shares how she planned and prepped for the road trip, including a very candid assessment of weak spots. Stay tuned for at least two more parts!

Real Food, Fast: Tips for Working Moms

Lamb with Spicy Lemon

Please welcome Millie from Real Food for Less Money. Millie went back to work recently. She learned so much from juggling her usual commitment to serving real food on a budget with the added load of spending at least 50 hours per week away from home. In this guest post, she shares all her tips and ideas to make Real Food, Fast a reality for other working moms (or dads). She’s convinced me! This post is full of such wisdom, you’ve got to read every word. Thanks, Millie! –Wardee