Can You Cheat on GAPS?


So, you’ve started the GAPS diet, or are considering it. But it all sounds so rigid, and militant, and impossible!! How will you manage to eat the exact right things all the time? How will you pacify your sensitive mother-in-law when you spend Thanksgiving at her table? How will you possibly make it without eating a single bite of chocolate for the entire length of the diet? Well, I’m here assure you that often times there is room for a little bit of cheating while on the GAPS diet.

GAPS and NAET: Complimentary Therapies


It was almost two years ago that I wrote a guest post here at GNOWFGLINS, about our experience curing food allergy using NAET treatments. At the time, several of the comments mentioned others’ experiences with the treatments, that they worked for a while, but allergies often returned. The people leaving those comments were right! With an unhealthy gut, allergies old and new have a way of creeping back up into the body.