G – God’s
Observe His limits. In the beginning, God created all things good, and all life prospered in perfect balance and harmony; each form conferring advantage to others. And for food He gave man every green herb that yields seed, every tree that bears fruit, and every moving thing upon the face of the earth. Today, God’s foods are grown and raised within the limits of His perfect design and produce only good. They do not defy the laws of nature or degrade the environment.


N – Natural
Picture a garden. A diverse population of organisms – big and small, young and old, plant and animal – living together, sharing resources and each contributing to the health of the community. From the richest soil to the tallest tree and all life in between, nothing is neglected. The waste of one serves the needs of another. Without the one, the rest suffer. All for one and one for all. Natural foods thrive in these rich and diverse ecosystems.

composting garden worms

O – Organic
Think of life. All life springs from the soil, and to it returns on its dying day. A healthy soil teams with billions of microorganisms, fungi and invertebrates – all cooperating to support the cycle of life. The soil community dissolves minerals stored in rocks, liberates nutrients trapped in decaying matter, and converts these energy sources into forms most easily assimilated by all other living creatures. A dead soil is devoid of life. It is nothing more than rocks, sand and clay. And nothing good comes from a dead soil, especially when poisoned by chemical fertilizers. Organic foods come from living soils.

Corn in the sun

W – Whole
Picture it. Whole foods are easily identified. They are not processed beyond recognition. They possess distinct shapes, colors, and textures. Draw a picture of a whole food and others will recognize it. It is unmistakable even at a distance. Try it and see.

F – Foods
Get real. Real foods are prepared naturally to preserve or enhance their nutritional value. They do not cause cravings, discomfort or eating disorders. They are fun to eat, give sustaining energy, and heal our bodies. Take real yogurt, where raw milk from a pastured animal is cultured with friendly bacteria to make a deliciously satisfying, energy-conferring, and gut-healing food. So eat up – your body will thank you.

harvest basket peaches china-300

GL – Grown Locally
Know the source. Locally grown foods are raised within a person’s neighborhood or community. They are not shipped many miles across land or sea from an unknown and untested source. Instead, the relationship between the local farmer and consumer is mutually beneficial. The farmer grows better food under his customer’s trust-seeking eyes and makes a good living doing it. The customer benefits from healthier food, lower prices and the joy of supporting a local family farmer. Everyone benefits.


INS – In Season
Get in sync. Eat in harmony with the cycles of God’s natural world. Do not demand out of season foods that strain distant resources, inflate food costs, and worsen the transportation burden. Instead consume foods during their prime growing season and benefit from the over abundance and peak nutrition of seasonal foods. It’s the best deal all around!

© Copyright 2009-2014 by Jeff and Wardee Harmon.