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My name is Wardee Harmon.

I’m the author of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods and the lead teacher for Traditional Cooking School.

Traditional Cooking School is an online cooking school I created to honor my grandmother’s cooking traditions and preserve them so that future generations can enjoy the health benefits, flavors and fun of traditionally prepared foods.

Real Food On Your Dinner Table… Tonight

  • Do you want to improve the nutrition and flavor of your favorite foods, without complicated techniques or expensive equipment?
  • Would you like to embrace a lifestyle of natural, organic, seasonal, whole foods that supports your local farmer’s community and honors God’s design for ideal nutrition?
  • Do you have loved ones with special food needs… and want a way to get them excited about eating good food?
  • Would you absolutely love to cook fun, healthy meals just like the “olden days”, without spending all day in the kitchen?

You’re in the right place.

My Family’s Journey to Good Health

My family and I live on 5-1/2 partially wooded acres in southwestern Oregon. We raise small livestock. We nurture an organic garden that bursts with seasonal goodies. And watching each plant grow, flower and ripen into tonight’s dinner is one of life’s great delights.

Harmon family

I’m just a mom, sharing her knowledge and passion for traditional cooking with other moms and families.

But my life wasn’t always like this.

For me, it all began when I became a mom.

There I was… a young mother with 2 small children and a baby born with red, itchy rashes all over his body. I tried everything, but I couldn’t find a cooking style that supported my husband’s healthy appetite, the food wishes of my little girls, and my son’s dietary restrictions.

I was frustrated and desperate.

But then I remembered the meals my Grandma used to make for me. And I thought about the traditional cooking methods from her homeland.

And I wondered: “What if the problem isn’t me… what if the problem is actually genetically-modified, processed food trucked in from big factory farms?”

It Works!

So I started cooking natural, organic, seasonal, whole foods using recipes in a cookbook called, Nourishing Traditions.

That’s when everything changed.

My husband loved the flavors, the girls went from finicky to asking for seconds, and my son’s skin cleared up.

Ear infections and doctor visits became a thing of the past. We all had more energy. And we even slept better.

So sweet, so happy, so healthy… this was my new life.

And I was so excited to share my discovery with others, that I started a blog (this one).

From Generation to Generation… to You

Then the blog started to grow.

People, just like you, wanted ideas and inspiration to help them create delicious, healthy, traditional foods.

So I made:

  • Video demos that show you exactly how to make your own traditional foods,
  • Audios so you can learn more about healthy cooking… even when you’re away from the kitchen, and
  • Printable cookbooks with complete tutorials on how to make your traditional meals look and taste just like Grandma’s.

And to keep things simple… I collected it all together in a friendly membership site, with 24/7 access, a private active-support forum, and monthly Q&A meetings.

Let’s Transform Your Kitchen… Together!

Would you like to know more about how to raise, save, and prep God’s foods the easy way?

I’ve created a free video series for you that will give you a taste of what it’s like to make your own traditional foods.

All the lessons are simple and comprehensive. I teach simple foods, simple flavors, and simple techniques because God’s foods are nutritious and tasty, even without complicated preparation.

Click here to watch the free videos.

God bless you and your family,


–Wardeh (‘Wardee’) Harmon

P.S. I made every video in the free series to help you get a nourishing meal on the table right away. In these short videos, you will learn enough to serve a real Traditional dinner tonight… using ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Here’s that link again.