KYF #050: Gluten-Free 72 Hour Kit with Katie Baldridge

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Gluten-Free 72 Hour Emergency Kit

In this episode of Know Your Food with Wardee, you’re visiting with Katie Baldridge from Simple Foody. We talk about her family’s gluten-free lifestyle (two children have celiac disease). She’s full of wisdom about nutritious gluten-free cooking, plus she and her family have been interested in preparedness for sometime. She combined the two interests into a brand-new eBook, Create Your Own Gluten Free 72 Hour Emergency Kit where she walks you through putting together a gluten-free emergency food supply for 72 hours. It’s a great resource! (See below for a coupon.)

Get to know Katie and her family through the links and information below, and of course through this podcast. Plus… the tip of the week!


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Tip of the Week

Keep broth/stock always on hand with perpetual stock. Plus, here are 8 Ways to Get That Stock In (Without Drinking It Straight).

About Katie Baldridge

Katie Baldridge

Katie is a military wife and mother of 4. She is passionate about family, food and serving the LORD. By day you may find her changing diapers, folding laundry, home educating her older children, and cooking three meals a day with a baby on her hip next to a sink of dirty dishes. By night she writes and shares recipes, tips, and tutorials for economical, nourishing and simple gluten-free foods at Simple Foody. Join Katie and the Simple Foody Community on Facebook for encouragement on your journey to healthier living.


Links Mentioned

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This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting GNOWFGLINS with your purchases.

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  1. Vashti says

    Hi Wardeh – I’m so glad you’re back to more regular podcasting! I live hearing your tip of the week AND your guests. I’m looking forward hearing more in the coming weeks.

    I have some feedback on this, and your previous podcast. I’m not sure what has changed, technically, for you with the way you record your interviews, but there is a huge discrepancy between the quality of your voice compared to your guess. Your guests are always ‘louder’ and more clear (more easy to hear/understand), whereas your own voice often sounds muffled (like you’re speaking through a pillow) or the call quality drops so low as to render your voice unintelligible.

    At first I thought it was the way I was listening (podcast app on iPhone), so I streamed it to the tstereo in my car – but that made it MORE difficult. Even the kids noticed the difference and would often interrupt to ask me what you had said?

    Are you using a telephone or computer microphone to record your calls? It would be interesting to see if you switched headsets or microphones what difference this might make.

    Anyhow, keep up the awesome work – I love hearing what you’re up to and what your learning and sharing with us.



    • says

      Thanks, Vashti. I really haven’t changed anything, but I guess I should look over my recorder settings to see if they’ve been adjusted or anything. I will definitely review by next week to see if I can improve this. :)

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