This Week: Homeschooling Milestone, God’s Care, Vanilla Jill’s, Nut Butter Cookies, and Bell Pepper Harvest

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Good morning! I’m excited to be back with a “This Week” wrap-up after missing last week due to computer issues and just being plain tired. :) Please share what’s going on with you in the comments.

Our Week in Pictures

By the way, most of my weekly pictures are from @TradCookSchool on Instagram, which I welcome you to follow for a daily glimpse. :)

A milestone in homeschooling last week — under my husband’s tutelage, the kids finished Apologia’s Physical Science. What a great accomplishment and a great experience! I’m so proud of them! Next week, they’ll move on to Chemistry.


So last week my computer came down with something. Which meant I had to go to the Eugene to take it to the doctor (it’s still visiting). I am praising God  that I have everything backed up and the security of Apple care, but especially that it didn’t happen 5 days earlier when it would have been really inconvenient. I am completely confident that God orchestrated it at just the right time. He’s so good to me.


The kids came along to Eugene when I told them I was also going to visit our friends Megan and Tim at Vanilla Jill’s Scoops and Soups for a quick catch-up and delicious lunch. We made an afternoon of it, and it was fun. I had the beef bone broth soup with a paleo waffle, and the kids had waffle sundaes. We had never been to the Whit location before and loved seeing it! I think it’s so awesome that Vanilla Jill’s is providing GAPS-friendly and gut healing meals! Eugene and Springfield people — you’re so blessed!

My daughter is doing most of the baking these days, and these yummies are Erin’s Nut Butter Sourdough Cookies. The variation she makes most often is the chocolate chip / date / almond butter. They are SO good. For this particular batch, we were down to just a few chocolate chips so they’re weren’t as loaded as usual. 😉 If you haven’t tried these cookies yet, you should.


With all the wet and cold weather, I was worried our bell peppers in the garden would start rotting, so we picked them all. Wow, such a beautiful harvest! I have never grown peppers like this before. We are eating them fresh and I’m drying some, too.


What’s going on with you and your family? Our whole family prays for all of you daily. We’re grateful to share our lives with you!

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


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    Thank you so much for sharing your week! You are in our prayers as well. Thank you so much for the info on Vanilla Jills! We live in Salem and can’t find much of anywhere to go out. It seems we have to head to Portland or Eugene for a day out (without me getting sick :) )

    I have recently started taking on the Marion County Council Members regarding backyard hens. We live on a “county island” and even though people in the city of Salem can have up to 5 hens and those in the county have no restriction, the 7500 of us on county islands are not in the city and not in the county. The Councilors have decided that they disagree with the city and don’t think it’s appropriate for us to have hens.

    We have a big fight ahead of us and I would love all the prayer you can spare. I don’t have the time I need to put into it and the members are stubborn to say the least. I have to thank you so much for what you do here. It keeps me grounded and always reminds me of my goals and desires God has put on my families heart.

    Many blessings on your whole family! And congrats on finishing Apologia! What an achievement!


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      Janine — Wow, you are really taking on a challenge! It baffles me how people can think hens are inappropriate. Really? Come on. (Not talking to you of course.) I will be praying for victory in this!

      Thanks for sharing what’s going on with you. I hope you’ll get to visit Vanilla Jill’s soon! :)

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    I love this reminder to think back and reflect on the week. What a pepper harvest you had! Our climate here is not warm enough to grow peppers so big and beautiful! Having left my garden behind in August I am definitely missing the fall harvest of fresh veggies, but God has provided, as one of my students brought me fresh tomatoes from his garden, and my in-laws just brought me some carrots and squash. I was just thinking that I should make some cookies for our Bible study group tomorrow,and the nut butter ones might be just the thing! My poor sourdough starter has been sadly neglected since moving and starting the new job. I miss having time to bake and cook during the day!

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      Andrea, how wonderful that God is providing! Moving is such a transition time that I’m not surprised you’ve had to take a break from things. The nut butter cookies would be a great way to ease back into the routine. Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re settling in well at your new place. :)

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