KYF #045: Ultimate Survival Bundle + Listener Questions

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In this episode of Know Your Food with Wardee, I’m taking listener questions, including:

  • foam on sauerkraut
  • whether to pour off liquid in sourdough starter
  • how to make your own sourdough starter
  • how to take a break from sourdough starter
  • looking for a raw milk herd share in Southern Oregon
  • whether or not hemp seeds need soaking



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Listener Questions

Here are the questions I answered in this episode, in the order they’re answered (in case you want to skip around). The podcast contains my answers, plus if I mentioned any additional resources, they are linked here along with the question.


Debra asked: I made sauerkraut Friday in a dedicated crock. I lifted the lid to look in Saturday and there is foam all at the top. I don’t recall having foam the last time (about 6 months ago) but I may have just forgotten. Is foaming part of the process, or does this mean something is different?

Sandi asked: I am very excited that I have started to make sourdough starter. On the second day I have oodles of bubbles (yeah)…… there is at least a half an inch of liquid on the bottom. I am not sure I want the strong sour flavor, though. Is it ok to drain the liquid out at this point? Should I wait a few more days? I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to using this starter for breakfast. I look forward to learning so much from you all. Many Blessings!

Sandi, on the podcast, I am sorry that I didn’t answer the part of your question that had to do with pouring off the liquid while you’re making the starter. Yes, you can pour it off when it is established, but you shouldn’t pour it off while building it up. I am sorry I missed that part of your question!

Elizabeth asked: How do I make my own sourdough starter? I want to avoid commercial yeast. And avoid sugars. I prefer not buy a starter either because I’ll probably throw it out yearly at Passover.

Paula asked: I live in Southern Oregon, and I recently stumbled upon your podcast. I love them! I have many back podcasts to catch up on, so I am not current with them yet. I recently listened to the one on herd shares with the gentleman who lived in Cottage Grove. I am wondering if you know of any herd shares in the Southern Oregon area, and if so, what to look for in cleanliness, costs, etc.? I would really love to provide fresh milk and cheeses for my family.

Rhonda asked: Wardee, I so enjoy your podcasts! I have a question for you. I have been using hemp seeds in my morning smoothies. In a recent podcast question, a listener asked if chia seeds and flax seeds need to be soaked. It made me think: do hemp seeds need soaking? Can you answer this question?


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This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Joy says

    Hi Wardeh, another great podcast! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into sharing with us – even when you’re extremely busy I sure hope your family is getting to enjoy some of you as well. :)

    Thoughts on fruit flies. I agree with your vinegar traps, I’ve been using them for several years. A couple other tricks I use…. If the little buggers don’t seem to like the vinegar bottles I have learned to leave some produce scraps, especially fruit and tomato types, in the bottom of a bucket on the counter at night. Then in the morning before there’s any commotion in the kitchen I sneak up on the bucket with a wet towel (from the side works best) and throw the towel over the whole top. Now they’re trapped. I either put the bucket in the freezer for a while to kill the flies or, if I have to, take it back outside.

    Another thought – when harvesting smaller amounts of produce, put them into a bucket of water. This rinses the produce and deters carrying fruit flies into the house all at once. :)

    I’m loving the Ultimate Survival Bundle! Lots of great info! Some new to me and some I’ve learned in the past year. It’s worth every penny! I am very impressed that there are even videos for download included – as well as audio files. I have most of it downloaded but am doing one of the videos as we “speak”.

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