This Week: Aphids, Smoked Paprika, Brother’s Visit, Garden Fruit, and More…

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I’m back with another round-up of photos from our week. And I’m writing this counting down the hours until our children are back home! Today is going to be a great day. :) I’d love to hear how your week has gone — share in the comments below.

Our Week in Pictures

By the way, most of these pictures are from @TradCookSchool on Instagram, which I welcome you to follow for a daily glimpse. :)

Early in the week, I discovered aphids in the garden. On the snap peas. Suggestions from Facebook and Instagram included using firm water pressure and ladybugs, so that’s what I did. Washed them all off and then relocated a few ladybugs to the pea patch. I haven’t seen an aphid since. I love natural pest control! (More ideas here in this recent post.)


My brother stopped by for a quick overnight visit. We enjoyed sharing a few meals with him. Here he was making a gorgeous omelet for breakfast before he *sniff* departed. Earlier this year, he went on a 21-day raft trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and we talked about his trip a lot. Would you like to see pictures? He’s an amazing photographer and his pictures of the trip are nothing short of amazing. (Warning: there is one swear word in a journal entry. Which can be avoided entirely if you click on the first picture and simply click the arrows back and forth to view pictures only.)


I stocked up on spices this week, and got a new-to-me spice: smoked paprika. I asked for your ideas on Facebook and Instagram. Man! I’m so glad I got it! I had no idea how wonderful it could be. (Check out alllllll the great ideas here and here.)


In the garden, much is bearing fruit. Like the peppers….


And tomatoes… I’m tempted to bring one in to see if it will ripen up on the windowsill any quicker! Though these are not full size yet. I guess I will wait.


The beets are looking beautiful!


The cucumbers are bushing out a ton!


And we have baby cukes. (These are lemon cucumbers.) Baby cukes and baby tomatoes. I’m in heaven. (My favorites!)


And the kittens. Still adorable. :) They don’t realize it, but they are eager for three special kiddoes to come home and play with them.


How was your week? Please share; I’d love to hear!


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This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Elaine says

    It’s been a good week.
    1. We received a Stage 2 Water Rationing letter while also enjoying several days of rain and milder temperatures this week.
    2. We watched Squash Bores destroy the stems (and therefore total plants) of 8 zucchini and spaghetti squash plants. We still have a few spaghetti plants going strong and are currently trying to figure out how to protect them.
    3. The new deer fencing came in, so the lovely and growing rabbits will have to find a new restaurant.
    4. We’ve enjoyed 3 wonderful weeks of my Mom visiting, but she heads back home this week as I leave for a home school co-op work retreat. She’ll be coming back a week later though and part of this visit will include her joining us for a big home school conference and fun. We take care of the Speakers’ Lounge and airport runs every year, and this time we’ll be incorporating more “healthier” food/snack options in our baking, etc.

    Hope you have a great week.

  2. Elaine says

    Ohhhh….forgot to mention we also bought a big pack of ladybugs a few days ago and released them on our okra that “Were” covered in aphids. The ladybugs are winning and still enjoying their feast.

  3. Janet says

    Hi Wardee, We had a good and busy week! The Lord is sooo good to us!! We received 2 flats of strawberries. I froze a lot of them for smoothies and made 2 batches of strawberry/rhubarb jam (YUM!). We were also given some blackberries which I froze for smoothies.
    Some peaches were given to us. Some are still ripening. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do. Maybe dehydrate some. People are asking for peach cobbler. We’ll see
    Our plum trees were so loaded that branches started breaking. (they are new trees) We had to pick all of them. They are now ripe so I have made huge batches of plum jam and now I’m going to finish them up by making some fruit leather. We were also given some cherry plums which I turned into some more jam.
    We started some apple cider vinegar for the first time. Hope it turns out.
    Had some tomatoes given to us so I made 11 batches of fermented salsa. peppers were given to us too so they went into the salsa! We do love our fermented salsa.
    I restarted my sour dough starter.
    And some Kumbutcha.
    Made some sour cream, butter milk, raw butter, cottage cheese and some raw butter fudge.
    I dehydrated some zucchini chips and some kale chips. Thank-you so much for the dehydrating course!
    I froze a huge batch of spinach and dehydrated 20 lbs. of green onions and have put the tops in water and have another batch to dehydrate now.
    We ended the week by processing 15 meat birds.
    The milk products (we have some cows I am milking one right now.) and the plums and apples for the vinegar and the chickens are the only things that we had. Everything else was given to us! We are having water problems this year. Have run out of water a few times but God is still supplying!
    I have some tomitillas (sp) that were given to me. I have already made huge batches of enchilada sauce form Nourishing Traditions cook book. Do you have any recipes for anything else to do with them? I could sure use some.
    We did all of this while our 3 year old special needs great grandson was visiting. Good is so Good!!!!! He supplies strength, stamina and staying power along with everything else He sends our way!
    This next week promises to be just as busy!
    God Bless You and all your family for all you do for us!

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