Now Available: The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle — 97 resources for 31 cents each!

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And it’s time! The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle is available starting this morning (NOW) through Saturday, May 4 — just 6 days.

What’s in it? 97 homemaking resources — eBooks, audio files, and eCourses — with a combined value of $640 plus an additional $140+ in other bonuses.

All for the low-low-low price of $29.97.

(Less than 31 cents for each resource and a total of 95% off. Wow.)

In the days leading up to this sale, I’ve been spending a bit of each evening browsing the resources included in this ultimate homemaking library. Ultimate is definitely the word for it!

The eBooks are lovely, and the combined wisdom of the 75 contributors is both encouraging and inspiring. Lots of knowledge, wisdom, grace, good advice, and experience in all these pages.


I love reading and seeing what other Godly homemakers are doing to improve themselves personally and spiritually, and to better serve their families through homemaking, homeschooling, home organization, frugal living, nutrition and cooking.

Perhaps most importantly, I see a common thread in these eBooks. To serve God in our daily lives with the talents and gifts He gives us, always seeking His grace and strength and joy. Many of the authors are Christian homemakers — so refreshing.

I can’t recommend this collection more highly. I hope you’ll get it. (Or request it for Mother’s Day?)

97 resources! That’s a ton of information! (I can hear you saying…)

Below, you’ll see a huge graphic with all the eBook and eCourse cover images. Some titles may or may not excite you, so I want to give you an idea to make the most of this purchase.

It’s already a bargain at less than 31 cents each, but this will make it stretch even father:

Purchase the bundle and download most, if not all, the files. Give the files you don’t want to friends or family members (Mother’s Day gifts?). Make sure to delete your copies of the files you’re gifting, in order to protect the authors’ copyrights. Easy-peasy, and what a great value!

By the way, later this week, I will share more of what I love from inside this ultimate homemaking library, including Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Please note: there’s NO NEED for a special eReader like a Kindle, iPad, or Nook — you can read these eBooks on a computer. There’s more information about the files and all the specifics on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

I’m sure you’re eager for details, so here they are…

Here’s The Scoop (aka The Details)

For 6 days only, more than 75 widely-known bloggers and authors in the homemaking sphere have joined together to offer 97 of their most popular eBooks and eCourses, valued at over $640, for the incredibly low price of $29.97!

More than anything, our goal for this sale was for it to be, well… ultimate! We firmly believe that you will not find a more comprehensive collection of homemaking resources anywhere on the web, and particularly not in this price range. For this low price, you gain access to every single one of 97 homemaking resources, so that you can customize your own collection to contain exactly the ones you want and know you’ll use.

This library of homemaking helps includes topics such as mothering, organization and cleaning, recipes and kitchen helps, home education, spiritual growth for both moms and kids, home décor and DIY, pregnancy and baby care, frugal living, health and fitness, and even work-from-home and financial tools.

When you purchase The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle, you will get instant access to all of the 97 eBooks and eCourses shown in this picture.

(This is the loooonnnnngggg graphic I mentioned was coming.)

Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle collage

(Go here to read the complete list of titles.)

Please note: This collection is only available from 9 a.m. EST on April 29th to 11:59 p.m. EST on May 4th. There will be no late sales offered.

And to sweeten the pot, we’ve also teamed up with 10 companies to bring you over $140 in bonus offers, giving you an affordable opportunity to get products you’ll use and love for only the cost of shipping, or in some cases, entirely for free! Go here for info on the bonuses.

Ready? Of course you are. :)

P.S. Did you meet Jane last week?

If not, you can now. :)

Disclaimer: GNOWFGLINS will make a portion of every bundle sale that originates here. Thank you for your support!

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


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      S — No, it isn’t. All the authors have consented (without exception) to pool their products together in this bundle. It is a win-win for everyone. :)

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