KYF #025: They Want to Hide Toxic Sweeteners In Your Child’s School Milk

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Toxic Sweeteners in School Milk

In this episode of Know Your Food with Wardee, you’re in for a round table event as I and three special guests discuss dairy industry breaking news.

The dairy industry petitioned the FDA to add chemical sweeteners to a host of milk products, starting with flavored milks in schools — without adding nutrient content claims such as “reduced calorie” to the front of the carton.

The dairy industry claims that visible nutrient content claims make children less likely to choose the milk products, and that removing the nutrient content claims will lead to more healthful eating practices and promote honest and fair dealings in the market.

Let me ask you…

Does removing the nutrient content claims sound honest to you??

Do you think that hiding toxic artificial sweeteners in flavored milk drinks will lead to more healthful eating practices??

I thought not.

My guests say no as well.

Special Guests

Sally Fallon Morrell

Joining me (!!!) in this episode:

You’re going to love listening to these ladies. They are kind and caring, and best of all — they know their stuff.

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Links Shared

In this episode, Sally, Kimberly, and Cathy shared resources and links. Here they are.

What Can You Do To Stop This Madness?


Sally and Kimberly say: Sign this online petition. Leave a comment for the FDA.

About leaving a comment for the FDA: It’s best to compose your comments before submitting them. Comments 2000 words or less can be copied and pasted into the comment box.  Longer comments can be attached as a letter. For the required field “Organization Name,” please enter “Citizen.” For “Category,” you can use “Individual Consumer”. Remember to hit “submit comment” when you are done. You should be taken to another screen that includes a confirmation number for your comment, which is how you know your comment was successfully submitted. The comment period ends on May 21, 2013

Cathy says: All of the above, plus contact your senators and your representatives to speak out against approval of this petition, and ask them to speak out against it on behalf of their constituents (you!).

Wardee says: All of the above, plus share this podcast with others! Use twitter, Facebook, email — just something. The link is  Like Kimberly said in the show, changes like this happen behind closed doors without our knowledge. That is, unless we spread the information far and wide, and help to fight against it.

And that’s a wrap! I want to publicly express my grateful thanks to Sally, Kimberly, and Cathy for their insights and knowledge of this issue. You’re the best!

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What do YOU think about hidden aspartame or other artificial sweeteners in milk? Please share below.

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This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. says

    I may have misunderstood, but I read earlier this week or last week from a well known whole foods blogger that this was a false statement that someone made and that this isn’t true, about the sweeteners being placed in school milk. I don’t remember if it was Whole New Mom or who it was, but they had jumped on the bandwagon about this issue, and as she did a lot more research, she learned that this was not actually going to be taking place. Hmm…sorry I can’t provide any more information, but the other blogger basically stated that this was a hoax or something. Maybe I should go check

    • says

      It isn’t a hoax, Julieanne.

      Here’s the post you read:

      What Adrienne clarifies (and what we have clarified in the podcast above), is that if this petition is approved, the chemical sweetener will still be listed in the ingredients, but the nutrient claim on the front (the biggest clue to the presence of chemical sweeteners) will be removed.

      Either way (whether totally hidden or hidden on the front), it is deceptive and misleading.

      Also, as Sally pointed out in the podcast, there’s enough doubt about phrasing and similar “standard of identity” changes in the past, that it’s possible some day down the line, the chemical sweetener could be removed from the ingredient list as well.

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