4 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaccines

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In lieu of a podcast today, I want you to tune in to another broadcast: a recording of a two-hour lecture by chiropractic doctor R. E. Tent of Diverse Health Services in Novi, Michigan.

It will blow your mind — it did mine.

Please, please watch this video.

However, I do know that a two-hour video is quite a time commitment and you might not be able to do that.

So, I’m covering Plan B for you. This morning, I spent three of hours of my own time rewatching it — hitting pause frequently — in order to capture the most important points for you.

And now I’ll probably spend another three hours writing it out! :)

But, hey, this is good for me, too. I’m still getting my head around this!

In case you want to skip ahead or skip around, here are the four points I’ll cover. But, they do build upon one another, so I recommend you take them in order.

  1. Vaccine Inoculated An Entire Generation with Cancer-Causing Virus
  2. Auto-Immune Diseases Caused by Vaccines
  3. Some Vaccines Are Grown on Aborted Fetal Tissue (and Fetal Tissue Is Injected with Each One)
  4. Vaccinations and Immunizations Are NOT the Same Thing

1. Vaccine Inoculated An Entire Generation with Cancer-Causing Virus

That sounds dramatic — it is dramatic.

The polio epidemic of the 1940s and 1950s was made worse by antibiotics, so health officials had a choice: restrict antibiotics or develop a vaccine. They decided to develop a vaccine. (Of course.)

The Salk polio vaccine was developed and then administered in 1955, despite urgings of delay by bacteriologist Dr. Bernice Eddy. (Dr. Bernice Eddy had discovered faulty batches and active viruses which caused paralysis in monkeys.)

The inoculation proceeded, causing death and crippling in the children who received it.

Follow the disaster through Dr. Tent’s slides…

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.08.20 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.08.49 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.09.28 AM

To make matters worse, further investigation by Dr. Eddy and Dr. Sarah Stewart (another bacteriologist) revealed that the monkey kidney cell cultures on which the polio vaccine was grown carried an unknown number of monkey viruses — including one they called “polyoma” — that caused cancer.

These cancer-causing viruses had just been injected in an entire generation of Americans!

Here are Dr. Tent’s slides to tell the story.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.12.20 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.11.11 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.11.50 AM

In 1959, the government health officials (I presume), gave polyoma, the monkey virus carried in the polio vaccine, a less dramatic name: SV-40. It was the 40th such virus discovered. It is now widespread within the human population and is repeatedly extracted from several types of tumors. Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.14.42 AM

This virus is linked to soft tissue cancers: lung, breast, prostate, lymphoma, brain, and melanoma.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.20.14 AM

1961, government regulations went into effect that new batches of polio vaccine be free of SV-40. Yet, the old batches were still administrated until they were used up in 1963…  Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.19.47 AM

Timing is everything.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.23.41 AM

And now for the final kicker, SV-40 is passed from person to person through the usual channels — blood transfusions, sexual contact, etc. In other words, those who never received the polio vaccine may carry SV-40, too.Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.25.43 AM

Dr. Tent covered more history after this. How in 1971 Richard Nixon inherited the “cancer problem”. Shortly after taking office, he declared “war” on cancer. So the government health officials and scientists attempted to create a vaccine to stop the virus that came into play from the polio vaccine. They had trouble with this — the tumors got bigger instead of smaller, and the viruses more virulent.

(Oh, the webs we weave…)

Here’s where Dr. Tent’s story took an even worse turn.

Castro entered the scene and the Nuclear Missile Crisis arose. Government officials convinced the researchers to shift their focus from stopping cancer to creating it as fast and furiously as they could. They wanted to give Castro cancer in order to kill him. (They got the scientists on board by asking them: you don’t want World War III, do you?)

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.38.27 AM

I’m really going to skip a lot here… basically, they developed and then tested the bio-weapon on an unwitting prisoner, and he died of cancer in 28 days. They did this without the knowledge of Judyth Vary Baker, the bio-weapon developer. She wrote a letter of protest; word was about to leak out, and the whole plan kind of fell apart.


(In 1999, Judyth Vary Baker wrote her story in the book Me & Lee.)

Politics aside (there’s a lot more in the video), the result of all this meddling with bio-weapons and vaccines is: we now have 1000s of bio-weaponized viruses floating around.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.51.03 AM

Scientists believe that AIDS and ebola are man-made!

2. Auto-Immune Diseases Caused by Vaccines

Vaccines are cultured on living tissues of animals and aborted fetal tissue. Chick embryos, sheep red blood cells, calf skins… human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissues

(Yes, aborted fetal tissue — we’ll talk about that in #3.)

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.04.22 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.05.01 AM
When the vaccine is injected in a person, the tissue culture on which it was grown comes along, too.

Did you think the tissue culture was sterile? I don’t know what I thought — I didn’t really think about it.

The truth is, the animal or human tissue carries what the animal or person carried. Including viruses.

We and our children not only get injected with the inactive viruses of polio, measles, mumps, rubella, flu, etc… we get other viruses, like:

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.58.23 AM

In other words, vaccinations inoculate us with much more than anyone ever says!

And then they get passed from mother to baby, from husband to wife, through hospital blood transfusions, etc.

(Note to self: give my own blood if I ever need a hospital procedure!)

Dr. Tent pointed out that when we get vaccines, we’re injecting foreign DNA into the bloodstream, so it is no wonder our bodies will attack it. That’s what auto-immune disease is.

The result? We are life-long carriers of these viruses. When our immune systems are depressed — from radiation, cat scans, blood transfusions, steroids, antibiotic use, frequent ibuprofen usage —  these viruses “activate” from their dormant state. If we’re in bad shape, they may stay on and eventually lead to great suffering and/or death.

This slide shows what weakens the immune system. Notice the usual suspects as well as prolonged stress, toxic family members, cosmetics, and fear.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.21.08 AM

Here’s the damage these viruses can do. If you don’t want to read through all of them, select the ones with which you have experience. Perhaps you know you carry the Epstein Barr virus or one of the herpes viruses.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.00.22 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.18.57 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.20.16 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.00.44 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.01.59 AM

I have carried Herpes 1 as long as I can remember (see slide below).

During the years that my immune system was depressed, I could expect two major eruptions. And I’m talking major — more than a dozen sores going from my lip up to my nose. I would get one in the summer after my first sunburn, and in the winter after a particularly strong cold or flu.

Since traditional foods, my eruptions have gone down to once a winter, or every other winter, and they’re much lighter. My last one was two winters ago and it was very light. However, my upper lip still has a slight scar from that one.Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.02.20 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.02.41 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.02.55 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.03.44 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.04.00 AM

Wonder if there’s scientific literature to back up the claims between the auto-immune diseases and the vaccines? Yes!

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.07.28 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.09.05 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.10.07 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.10.35 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.12.53 AM

3. Some Vaccines Are Grown on Aborted Fetal Tissue (and Fetal Tissue Is Injected with Each One)

Some vaccines are grown on animal tissue. Some are grown on aborted fetal tissue. The vaccine label tells you what’s in a vaccine and how it was grown. It is hidden right there in plain sight.

Here’s the label for Merck’s MMR II — just one example of a vaccine using fetal tissue.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.15.11 AM

human diploid cells = aborted fetal tissue

Did you know this? I sure didn’t. And I’m shocked.

I mentioned this to my friends who are active abolitionists — they didn’t know either.

I suspect that most people who are against abortion get vaccines without a second thought. I wonder what they would think if they knew what they were injecting? Arguments against healthy and safety aside, I would hope it would affront their morality enough to consider refusal on those grounds. (I’m not trying to debate here — these are my thoughts.)

Shockingly, Dr. Tent made the claim that Roe v. Wade was not about women’s rights, it was about providing home-grown fetal tissue for the vaccine industry. Previously they were importing fetal tissue from Sweden.

There’s more information in this YouTube video: The Story of Vaccination by Clint Richardson. I’ll be watching that one soon.

4. Vaccinations and Immunizations Are NOT the Same Thing

Once again, I’m shocked!

Vaccinations are used to prevent a host of serious diseases, and utilize dead or weakened bacteria or viruses to create immunity in the body. This is NOT a natural process and can be dangerous.

Immunizations refers to the natural process by which a person is exposed to a disease or illness through daily life and therefore builds up immunity to it.

Seems to me that the health industry’s confusion of these terms has helped the public accept vaccinations as good, right, and the healthy choice. If people really understood that one process is dangerous and unnatural and the other natural, they might not be so willing to go the route of vaccination.

What Do YOU Think?

If you made it this far, thank you and good work! :)

I hope you’ll take the time to listen to Dr. Tent. He’s knowledgeable and funny, and there’s much more information in the video.

At the end, he spends time going over actual patients he’s treated who carry the mentioned viruses and are suffering with cancer and auto-immune diseases. He talks about the important of supporting the immune system — our only real hope at this point.

Here’s what I’d like to hear from you:

  • Do you think there’s truth to this?
  • Is any of this a surprise to you? If so, which points?
  • What resources would you recommend for building up the immune system?

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: let’s have an open, friendly discussion and refrain from aggressive or rude comments.

Image credits: Top image credit to Time Magazine. The remaining images are screenshots of this video on YouTube.

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. says

    I’ve known that some vaccines are manufactured from aborted cell tissue since about 1994. Catholics are usually much more up on these kinds of things. My sister was friends with a gal who is Catholic, and she gave my sister a bunch of literature about the whole process. My sister still chose to have her children vaccinated, but she contacted her doctor ahead of time and had them order vaccines that were not manufactured from aborted human tissues. For people who are still going to vaccinate, there are other options besides the aborted human cell lines. But it generally involves talking to the doctor ahead of time and having them order different products that aren’t manufactured from aborted human tissues.

    I’m still on the fence about vaccines. I think they’re awful – and yet I’ve known several people who almost died from whooping cough in the last several years. One man was in intensive care for over a month, had to give up his long-standing insurance business, and retire. He has not been the same since. His co-workers said that the whooping cough caused great mental and emotional changes in his personality when he came back to work.

    I have two other friends whose young babies came down with whooping cough. Those two precious babies came a thread away from dying. It was very, very serious.

    So while I don’t like vaccines at all, I’m just not sure how to work with the whole situation. I’ve heard bloggers (not you!) who have said that whooping cough is just a minor inconvenience. And yet, I’ve known three people recently who almost died of it. And it has affected them in the last couple of years after becoming well from it.

    I had a minor form of whooping cough about 6 years ago; apparently, my vaccinations wore off from my college years – another problem with getting vaccinated. My symptoms lasted for four months, the typical length of illness from whooping cough. And yet, to this day, I still always have a funny, wet cough that happens every day. It’s not a huge hindrance, but I do wonder about it, and I’m sure it’s leftover from the whooping cough I had, even though it was a mild case.

    Very interesting! Thank you so much for sharing a summary of this video. I don’t have time right now to watch it all, so I appreciate you sharing it with us. I hope to watch it maybe in the next month or so.

    • Donna says

      Thanks saying your concerns Julieanne. I have 6 children and all 8 of us had whooping cough 2 years ago. It really isn’t pleasant. Our children were not vaccinated because our second child had very weak bronchial tubes and through months of intense study to both sides of vaccines, we discovered that the whooping cough vaccines is the one that mostly responsible for ‘Cot Death’. Our son would have died because his bronchial tubes were not strong enough to stand up against the onslaught of the poison. He was 8 when he naturally go the virus and has had no repercussions. I have a few friends whose children died from Cot Death very soon after their shots. I truly don’t know how these pharmaceutical companies sleep at night. They are accountable for all of their actions. Yes, some people die from diseases without being vaccinated but the likelihood is incredibly less. I am devastated for any death or maiming of a child – no matter the cause.

    • Anna says

      If you look at homeopathic prophilactic use (prophilaxis) for these diseases that are vaccinated for, you will find homeopathy is highly successful. Many times in the 90 to 98% success rate.

      Hospitals had a hugely significantly higher mortality rate (practically 30 times or more) in the influenza of 1917 than the homeopathics, which had way less, at about 1% mortality rate.

      (“Homeopathic hospitals had a less than 1% mortality rate during the last major real pandemic -1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, while conventional hospitals had between 30 and 60% mortality rates. For additional statistics on homeopathic treatment and the 1918 epidemic visit:
      http://www.naturalnews.com/026148.html “)

      Studies have been done where homeopathics protected 100% of children treated from whooping cough in a town (exept of the one child where the parents antidoted the homeopathic).



    • Billie says

      Whooping cough: is a very complex disease/there is not natural immunity, vaccinations don’t last. The at risk population are infants and young children. Adults are the carriers.
      In the 70s and 80s we were told it provided a life time immunity. It does not. The vaccine does not work on some people. Young mothers are more likely to give it to their newborns. Chronic cough in adults can be pertussis. Once the disease is well established on it’s host the high nasal swab will come back negative. The vaccine has been linked to autism in children in the 70s and 80s. The CDC is the best site for information because it does not slant either way. Researching on the CDC site takes time to get all the information provided. Whooping cough is a horrible death for small children. There are many products that are available to us to keep our children healthy and to use if they do become ill. Any good health food store has them. Whooping cough occurs in pockets and and reoccurs in the same areas. I became very interested in whooping cough when my 3 year granddaughter had it. It didn’t follow any of the rules I knew about it. I did a 2 years research paper on it and the vaccines used to prevent it. I don’t believe with our current system for vaccine prevention we will eradicate this disease and the vaccine carries harmful properties.

      • Melissa says

        I would have to disagree with you about the CDC website. The CDC is not the best place to get information about vaccines, as it is very one sided. They promote vaccines. Recently, a former CDC scientist came forward stating that the CDC had him falsify research data and studies to show the MMR vaccine did not have a link to autism, when in fact, the actual research/studies showed that it did. This scientist has received immunity from the government as he will be testifying. I do not trust anything the CDC says on the their website. If you want factual information and access to studies that are not falsified, go to http://www.vaxtruth.com.

    • Annick says

      I had whooping cough for a whole 3 months when I was in 6th grade (11-12 years old, yes, I had it for my birthday). It was not fun, but I wasn’t changed too much. I can still sing, and I’m a barefoot runner. I had 1 vaccination when I had a needle go through my foot (tetanus shot). Thats pretty much it. I’m healthy, and glad that I wasn’t poked and injected with poison as a baby. A brand new immune system doesn’t need to be dealing with illnesses right off the bat.

      • chomps says

        If vaccines were poison, all of those who have been vaccinated would be dead, no? If vaccines themselves were dangerous, wouldn’t we hear more deaths and near-deaths in the news? I want to see some rigorous scientific information for these claims (that isn’t 60 years old).

        • Cindy says

          Pesticides are poison, yet people ingest them daily without dying, so no, we shouldn’t all be dead just because vaccines are poisonous.

        • Herbwifemama says

          Lots of things that should be in the news aren’t. And just because they aren’t reported doesn’t mean that they aren’t happening. If you’re interested in the harmful effects on individuals, you can read here: https://vaers.hhs.gov/index

        • Michael says

          You are actually asking if mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde(to name only a few toxins in vaccines) are poison? You actually believe that the media reports things that society needs to know and doesn’t censor? You ask for updated scientific data after reading info straight from Dr Tent, who gives you enormous amounts of the data. I am a registered nurse and avid science investigator on health. The information is out there, people just don’t take the time to investigate it for themselves OR use God given common sense. Even the medical community that is suppose to be knowledgeable is ignorant; I see it all the time in my workplace. Its very concerning.They tend to just go along with slanted and fraudulent studies from pharmaceutical companies and the federal government. Who do you think is profiting? Wake up and start thinking people!!

          • Marilyn says

            I immunized 5 of my children until the 6th had complications. She had her first immunizations at the age of 2 and was in serious pain for over one and a half months. She was making retarded motions and could not sleep at night because of the pain. My doctor gave her antibiotics and said it must be due to another cause. The county nurses called continually badgering me to finish the child’s immunizations even though I told them she was having major issues. Thats compassion for you. Thank God I finally went to a natural Doctor for help. The help was immediate. her immune system took years to build up. There are many more stories like this. No more immunizations for me. Just because you haven’t know someone with the problem does not mean they do not exist. We don’t advertise.

          • Robyn Nelson says

            Well said! Most people just do not want to know, period. The pharmaceutical and medical industries use fear tactics under the guise of medical knowledge. People are blindly trusting our government and doctors to filter and keep us from harm and do not realize the government agencies who were put in place to protect us have been sold out to the highest bidder for quite some time. We and our children are guinnea pigs on all fronts. Americans are sick, riddled with cancers, and autoimmune diseases among many other illnesses. And are children are no longer being born innocent, but rather into a world where their health is a battlefront.

        • Michlle says

          You certainly won’t be hearing about it on the news. Don’t you know how biased the news is? That’s why, as a parent, I do my own research. When my child began eating solids, I looked into WHAT I was feeding him and went organic. (Was exclusively breastfed, so no worries until real food. Don’t get me started on formula. GROSS. Again, don’t take my word for it. Look into it. ) Have you ever even looked into the ingredients in a vaccine? With the internet so available there is no excuse not to do a little research on what you’re injecting into your child. Vaccines, cancer, it all goes hand in hand and it’s a BILLION dollar industry. If you think you’ll hear about it on the news, you should wake up and do a little research.

          • jhaley says

            first off it is not a billion dollar industry, it is a trillion dollar industry. Secondly, if anyone actually watches the news, how many commercials are for medications that can “get rid of” said symptoms? at least one every 15 minutes. the news corporations do not supply news, they are a business supplying filler to boost there coffers. so please please please research for your family’s sake!

    • Tina says

      I wanted to add my personal experience with whooping cough.
      Last September my 6 year old daughter started with a cold, and then my 18 month old got it, after 2 weeks it turned into a cough. Not the typical “whooping” sound yet though. But in my gut I knew it was whooping cough. It spread to my oldest daughter who was 9. Then my son who was 3 and finally my husband.
      I was 9 month pregnant with our 5th child at the time. After a month of going back and forth to the doctor with the two daughters who first came down with it, and being told that it wasn’t whooping cough. The traditional whoop finally reared its ugly head.
      Let me share that the two older girls were vaccinated for pertussis and the two younger were not. Plus my husband received the vaccine several times as he was a soldier in the army.
      I was not vaccinated and have not been since a baby.
      I did not come down with the cough, although I did have the cold symptoms.
      My baby was born 5 weeks into the disease. She was born at home, all the children and husband had contact with her. I breastfed her, against the advice of the CDC and pediatrician.
      She did not get pertussis. I fully believe that my natural immunity was passed to her.
      Whooping cough was awful, I’m not sure how many towels and sheets we went through since almost every time the little ones coughed they also vomited.
      It sucked to put it mildly. But we all survived, my baby was not at risk. In fact God in his great love made it so she was born AFTER the peak time for transmission for this sickness.
      Although we did not depend on vaccines for the protection or healing, we did use other natural helpers.
      Vit. C therapy, essential oils, homeopathic drops, garlic and lots of teas.
      After 5 months everyone finally was healed and now has a lengthy immunity towards pertussis, one that would not have happened from a shot.
      Here are some great articles to read-




    • Kim says

      I find it hard to believe that anyone would actually receive a variant form of a vaccination. Is there any way she can prove that this strain of vaccine is different (ie – does not use aborted fetal cells) than the one she would’ve gotten otherwise?

      The honesty factor is very low when it comes to our government & government medical field. Even if it is fetal cell free, it isn’t free of the dangerous chemicals.

    • Leslie says

      With regards to whooping cough. Before I stopped vax-ing altogether, the Pertussis was the one vaccine that I felt my children needed to have. We live in a rural Amish area and the rate of whopping cough here is very high. Well, at the time I had 10 children, all completely up to date on their vaccinations for Pertussis. All TEN came down with whooping cough when it went around. It was ZERO percent effective for our family. With that I lost all respect for vaccinations and stopped completely.

    • Laurel says

      FYI, even the FDA has admitted that the pertussis vaccine doesn’t prevent infection and transmission of the virus. What it does is make it less likely that you will have symptoms of pertussis if you are infected, and if you have symptoms they will be milder. But you can still infect others.

  2. says

    The two anti-vaccine authories I have paid attention to over the years are Dr. Tim O’shea and Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Leonard’s DVD titled “In Lies We Trust” has very incriminating video of lead scientists knowing about the scary factor the viruses they were creating and releasing. Our population is God playing scientists guinea pigs, our soldiers are the first text control group (gulf war syndrome). INSANE connections of how Nixon’s so called “dismantled” bio-weapons/chemical weapons programs were simply continued under the renamed “Center for Disease Control”. So much insane and apparent corruption in the disease profiting world. He has written a book on emerging viruses, mentioning how AIDS and Ebola were both engineered in laboratories and knowingly released on the public. This is one scary rabbit whole to go down, and yet just one aspect of the fiasco of vaccines.

  3. Dianna annette says

    Very interesting! I knew some of these facts, but am now wondering should we get our children vaccinated? I know all about the problems supposinly with too many children not vaccinated and causing epidemics. But I don’t get the flu shot because there is no guarantee you will not get the flu, so is it the same with vaccinations? I mean many children are vaccinated so what is the % of non vaccinated children when compared to those who are and truthfully what can happen if I do or don’t vaccinate my new born child? These are questions I have because our first child is very healthy and vaccinated now should I do our second child when they come? More and more things are
    Coming out and it causes questions, and not all the answers we are given are the truth who and what should we believe in? Sigh this is a very hard area to discuss, ask ?’s about and such…

    • Sheila says

      As a suggestion, in order to get better input on this question you have, get involved in the Homeschool culture…some of them chose homeschooling in order to avoid vaccinations (among other reasons). I know one large family that actually wants their children to be exposed to active chicken pox infections so they can contract the disease and develop natural immunity. Homeschoolers have lots of info on this topic.

      • jhaley says

        you do not have to get vaccinated to go to public schools, as long as it is your religious belief of not having it done.

    • Rebecca says

      I don’t think that children should have shots, especially babies! I have not given my son any vaccines, and he is SUPER healthy. The very idea that he would cause an epidemic or an “outbreak” is ridiculous. His health is my priority, not someone else’s. Most adults aren’t “fully vaccinated” and up to date….why should babies bear the load? THe very idea that children not “fully vaccinated” are at fault for disease is a ridiculous and unfounded idea that bullies parents shooting their children up with poison.

  4. Leah G says

    First…it is great that you post this info. Thank you. I was diagnosed with MS in ’07. I am symptom free through diet. Yes diet. Medications were killing me and I figured there had to be another way. I received 2 rounds of Hep B immunizations as the first 3 shot cycle did not take..coincidence …maybe. maybe not. My babies were home birthed and not vaccinated because I read this info years ago in researching my MS. Here is a new one from today for you. GMO insect flu shots…http://www.naturalnews.com/039013_flu_vaccine_insect_virus_GMOs.html

  5. says

    I am a scientist – but I will admit science doesn’t explain everything. I believe in most vaccinations. I get the flu shot because my senior mother lives with us and I don’t want to carry it home to her. I look at situations from a statistical standpoint. How many people used to die from certain diseases? The amount of whooping cough deaths is very high in areas of California – and the amount of unvaccinated children is also very high in the same areas. Some people’s immune systems are more sensitive than others to vaccinations and may warrant being excluded from getting the vaccine. The nurses that were fired for not getting a vaccine – I agree with that decision, that is the world we live in and unfortunately, you need to work in a different industry than conventional medicine if you want to take a stand. I have not had my children get the HPV vaccine because I am not convinced that it will save their lives.
    Thanks for the information Wardee – I do think there are some factual inaccuracies though and it is at times one sided.

    • Coral Nigolian says

      I would highly recommend that you find some charts that show the decline of diseases BEFORE the vaccines were introduced.

    • Barbara says

      Just curious when you say you look at the situations from a statistical standpoint, do you also look at the actual vaccine study and compare absolute risk versus relative risk of taking the vaccine compared to not taking it?

    • Sabine says

      “I am a scientist … I look at situations from a statistical standpoint. …..The amount of whooping cough deaths is very high in areas of California – and the amount of unvaccinated children is also very high in the same areas.”

      You say you look at things from a statistical standpoint yet you believe 10 deaths is a high rate from over 9,000 cases? Moreover, many cases of whooping cough – scientifically called Pertussis – are in the vaccinated. Of course every death is a tragedy but we need to be honest about these cases.

  6. Heather Moore says

    Guess this is another case where the info is helpful, but I can’t live my life completely scared all the time of every wind of research that’s out there. It seems that so much research points to causing cancer and tons of other diseases…GMO, environmental problems, pollutants, eating meat and drinking milk (China Study), and now vaccines…you name it, it causes cancer. I’m so confused about it all that I really don’t know what to think. I’ve vaccinated my kids because at the time it seemed like that was the right thing to do. I didn’t know any of this info and it’s too late to do anything about it now. I realize that all of us are certainly not meant to live forever. I pray every day that my family and I might live the measure of our creation and that God will spare our lives when He needs us to be around to help others in need and do His work. I do what I can, but refuse to be scared about everything that research may or may not say. Guess it’s all a matter of faith and prayer for me :) Thanks for sharing.

    • Emily says

      You took the words out of my mouth! There will always be evidence for both sides of this argument, but I pray that The Lord does with my family as he sees fit. He knows our hearts and intentions, and He is the giver of life. Thank you for your comment!

  7. says

    There is a lot of misleading information here. In terms of fetal tissue: varicella, rubella, hep a and rabies vaccine are made in fetal fibroblast cells that were initially obtained (in 1960) from cells from 2 elective abortions. Since then, the same cells were propagated in the lab and no new fetal tissue has been used. Also in terms of the “monkey virus” it is true that this virus was in a vaccine batch used in 1960’s. however, according to epidemiological studies (done well with good methods) cancer rates are no higher in those who received the polio vaccine than those who didn’t. Also, monkey virus is present in cancers in those who received the vaccine and those who didn’t. For autoimmune illnesses, there is also good study that shows these are more common in people who have been vaccinated. Adverse events do happen with vaccines, such as transverse myelitis, but this also happens unrelated to vaccination and is rare. Vaccines are responsible for the eradication of smallpox and polio (although polio is not quite eradicated). Lots of good scientific studies have been done around the vaccination issue. We eat healthy and vaccinate our children. It seems to be a good way to avoid serious illness and to protect those who are more vulnerable among us, who can’t be vaccinated.

    • Janna says

      Thank you. This post has so much old and out of context information it is so frustrating. Some of these people think they will save the world with coconut and essential oils. I love how you responded. This video and the author of this post are so out of date and propogated by their funding that it is sickening that there are people taking him/her as a credible writer.

    • Michael says

      I don’t know where you get your information from, but you are way off in your claims. Vaccines, by the way, had NOTHING to do with “the eradication of childhood diseases.” That would be the advancement of proper hygiene, sanitation, decent heating systems, and better nutrition. Please stop presenting nonsense disguised as facts…..it tends to lower society’s general i.q.

      • Dellaina says

        Amen, Michael. Scientists at large don’t want to hear the statistics regarding proper sanitation and hand-washing relative to the eradication of disease. It’s maddening.

  8. Amanda S says

    If there is any grain of truth to this, I am horrified, mortified, completely disgusted and sick to my stomach! (Not that I don’t trust you Wardee, but extreme thoughts presented from anyone always make me think it through fully before just believing). So what do we do now? Live as healthy a lifestyle as we can, knowing we have these horrible things injected into us, and pray for the best?

    • Wendy says

      I have been researching vaccinations for going on 9 years now and there are many researches that suggest that what you just read in the article is true. My suggestions is now that you have heard this side of the story, please do your own research. With that being said, there are ways to detox your body from the vaccinations. You can research these things also. One of the most important detoxes would be a heavy metal detox, as vaccine ingredients carry a lot of heavy metals ( thimerosal -aka. mercury & aluminum). Homeopathy can be used in detoxing the body from vaccinations, magnetic clay baths, and diet can all play into helping also. I know this can be scary and overwhelming at first, but you can do things to help your body heal. Best wishes and stay healthy :)

      • Leah says

        Thank you Wendy,

        Do your research, that means on both sides of the story and figure out from there what makes sense. It’s not about hope its about taking action to live a healthy lifestyle. And believe you can prevent and reverse through detox because you can!

  9. says

    Thanks for posting this. I admit, it’s hard not to get all conspiracy theorist on stuff like this, but I do believe we are responsible to search out as much as we can and know what we are plugging into our bodies. I haven’t taken the time to watch the video yet, but I would be interested to see some follow up on what we can do? herbs that help? lifestyle changes (other than not getting vaccinated)?

    • vw says

      I had a pro-homeopathic (for alergies, minor ailments) doctor/scientist tell me that “it is criminal NOT TO vaccinate a child or animal against pathogens like tetenus”

      I would not have guessed this doctors outrage and disgust for the anti-vac camp. HE DID say that he thinks there is “something” to not over-taxing the “system” with 3 or 4 shots in a day. He otherwise knows NO REASON not to take measures with the science and medical advances of the past century.

      He went on at length also saying “at least when a dog is dying and suffering terribly from tetanus we have the mercy to euthenize it”

      You do not EVER want to suffer “lockjaw” or tetanus.

  10. Noahla says

    I was cautioned by a friend of mine to have the vaccines separated and given slowly to my twins. While I trusted my friend, I also trusted my doctor. He told me that there was no need to do such a thing and that vaccines were perfectly safe. Being a first time mum and wanting the best for my children, I followed his advice. Oh how I wish I knew then what I know now. My daughter developed autism and my son had a severe gross motor delay (probably dispraxia). I can’t prove that the vaccines caused these things, but I can tell you that I did not have my third child vaccinated and he is doing fine. Something about seeing those needles plunged into the tiny thighs of my babies was heart wrenching and felt so wrong. Now, I know why. I beg any parents to be out there to please do your research and pray hard and long before making the choice to vaccinate your baby!! How I wish I had done this!!! Maybe my beautiful little girl would not have autism!!

    • says

      I have two learning-disabled children. Neither of them were vaccinated when they developed the disability. I am thankful that they weren’t vaccinated so that I don’t have to wonder if it was somehow my fault.

      • PJ says

        We have looked at the possibility that the disability was already there, but the vaccines tend to exasperate the severity of them.

        • Beth says

          I had the same experience with my son. As an infant he was quiet and happy, but had some little quirks (later I learned he was self stimulating). After his shots he developed sensory issues that caused him to act out (biting other 3 year olds). From birth until he was 3 he became more unhappy with each round of shots. So we stopped and focused on diet. He now is a reasonably happy 15 year old with straight As and loyal friends. He has Aspergers.

    • R says

      She would still be beautifully autistic just as God made her, and now she has the benefit of not having to struggle with those illnesses she has been vaccinated against.

      Vaccines do not give children autism, Christ in HIS infinite wisdom does! Praise HIM for his wonderful creation of your unique and beautifully different child.

      • Kadee says

        Why then did Jesus heal?

        thank you Wardee. It terrifies me, but hiding our eyes from these possibilities is not going to help us or others. Neither of my children was vaccinated when young, but had tetanus injection recently due to injury. I’m glad they weren’t vaccinated, but I was, and so was their father in the fifties, the Salk vaccine. I hope we haven’t passed anything to our children, but if we have we must bear it and live with love and care as we have always tried to do.

      • Helen says

        Christ does NOT give children autism.

        Please read the Bible to see that God is our healer – He does not inflict us with disabilities and diseases.

        • Shell says

          Actually Helen, you are misinformed. Nothing happens that first doesn’t pass through God. He allows everything. Sometimes it is our bad choices that bring about the things in our life. Other times it is because He plans to use us with others who are suffering from the same condition but are unsaved. For example, there was a woman who was plagued with one illness after another. She had wanted to be a missionary in other countries but God uses her illness while she is in the hospital to help those that are lost. Look at Job, the most righteous man on earth at the time. God allowed Satan to torment him to test him. I believe God does many things with one situation and we Christians may not know all the reasons He allows things to happen to us. American Christians say this all the time. They use “free will” as the excuse. We all have free will but their is always Divine Intervention. Sometimes God instructs His child to go left instead of right and that person saves another person. Other times, a guardian angel appears.

      • concerned says


        Abba Father doling out ‘beautiful autism’ … I can’t go there. I can say that life is a daily event full of moments of decisions that each of us make in our own life and yes, some of those/many of those decisions come with negative manifestations… Ie: the drunk who Decides to drive his vehicle down the road and happens to kill beautiful children. … Did God CAuse that drunk to go drive SO THAT those children could die AND a nurse in the hospital is touched and gets saved? … I don’t think so. But I do believe that Because … All things work together for good … tHAT those deaths COULD be the working together for that nurse. Abba Father isn’t the evil puppet master causing things to happen so that He can then manipulate the Free Will that He gave us. Our choices have great consequence to our life and those around us. ..much of the SO That situations are dependent on how WE react to situations and circumstances… Eben I. The bad times, BE the LIGHT and show LOVE and LOVE will spread..,

    • Cheryl says

      There are natural ways to treat autism. Go to Dr. Mercola’s website and find the video from Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. She has a son who was autistic and is well today. She explains everything and all her research. This is something you can do yourself. It’s called the GAPS diet. I have worked with autistic kids and the earlier you catch it the better off your daughter will be.

  11. Richard says

    Wardee, I’ve known about some of this and suspected a lot more of it for a number of years,which may be why I’m still here at age 84 and why for some time I have refused to go to a M.D. for any reason…I have studied Dr. Hulda Clark, as well as Dr. Richard Schultz and Dr. Bruce West, who, by the way is a student of Dr. Royal Lee and Dr. Weston Price, and I use products recommend and sold by them !!!
    I want to thank you for this presentation which I will book mark for future use !!!

  12. Jennifer says

    Fascinating! I’ve watched about 30 minutes of the video and hope to get through the rest tonight. I’m feeling a bit horrified about the idea of aborted tissue being used and injected into my family and I. Thank you for posting and giving the overview.

  13. says

    Thanks for taking the time to summarize this – very interesting. We choose to selectively vaccinate. It took quite a while to find a pediatrician who was okay with this, but interestingly enough, once we did find one, he actually suggested we not get one (rotavirus) that we were on the fence about. It was really nice to feel like we didn’t have to fight him and could even trust him to take our approach seriously!

    As for the aborted fetal cell issue, I have only looked into it briefly. I have heard that it is the same cells from the 1960s being reused, as a previous commentor mentioned, so it’s not like they need to have more and more abortions just to harvest more cells or anything. However, I have read some very interesting research linking vaccines with aborted fetal cells to higher rates of autism. I had kind of blown off the whole autism issue before, but I thought this was really interesting:


  14. Julie says

    I am curious how me being vaccinated keeps others from getting sick? Can’t we still be a carrier of something and not get sick ourselves?

    • Megan Walker says

      Each antibody has to be specifically created for each virus or even each strain of a virus. Then, once your body figures out the coding, it is able to reproduce them and keep them on hand, so to speak. Once the antibodies are there, they can haul the viruses into the kidney and out through the bladder. With mild exposure, such as through vaccinations, your body gets rid of them while learning the key to producing more. It doesn’t recognize whether the virus is alive or dead, it just knows it doesn’t belong and will get rid of it. The virus being dead in vaccines just ensures that your body has all the time it needs to figure out the code – when you get live viruses your body might not be able to figure it out in time, which can result in various severe issues depending on the disease. A dead virus can’t reproduce, so it can’t spread from person to person. If you are exposed to a virus which you are already immunized against, your body can in the vast majority of cases make short work of getting rid of it. So if you are a carrier at all – carriers being sick without symptoms – it is for a very, very short time, as opposed to a much longer time when your body has to start from scratch with a live virus and you may or may not be exhibiting or aware of symptoms. Having antibodies against a virus is very different from having the virus itself, and live vs dead is also a big distinction.

  15. Fran says

    There are many, many grains of truth. Get yourself healthy and get your immune system cranked. Read, research, be proactive. There are lots and lots of natural spices, oils, and foods that rebuild our systems. Lactofermented foods will clean out your bodies and rebuild the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Forget about buying any vitamins or supplements off the shelf. Reset your minds, start digging and reading and think outside the “medical” box. Try to find the “Sweet Misery” film on the Documentary channel which illustrates how Splenda got approved by the FDA after several years of many types of blockades used by the company trying to get it on the market. Also go to truthaboutsplenda.com and see a recent study from Duke University.

  16. says

    Thankfully I became aware about the issues with vaccines about 16 years ago..As result, none of my children by birth, have been vaccinated. However, I have two adopted daughters (from Haiti) who were in the orphanage. They “insisted” that we get them vaccinated AGAIN when we returned to the US. as they declared the Haitian vaccines could not be trusted and the US required it. Well…we didn’t and have no intention of it.

    This was A LOT of information. I would like to come back and watch the video sometime – when I can….I am sure there is much to learn from it- The summery was very informative and I appreciated it.

    I do agree however, that we should not live in fear…especially of we are Believers in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob! The enemy likes to “kill steal and destroy” but The Messiah has come so that we can have life more abundantly. (John 10:10) The enemy will handicap or even paralyze us with it if he can. However, it is good to be informed and make wise choices…I believe that it Wardeh is trying to do here. It can’t be undone if it has been. I was vaccinated! But..we can always move forward and encourage better alternatives for those who follow. It is very important to learn from the mistakes.

  17. Jay Clark says

    I come from a family heavily involved in the medical world…mother was a nurse, two sisters were nurses, one of them became a child psychologist who marrried an internal specialist (can you say “drug specialist”?). My mother has chastised me for not subjecting my children to the normal battery of vaccinations, saying I would not have that luxury if the entire population was not vaccinated. I cannot dispute this, but the fact is that if most people are “unaffected” by getting vaccinated, it is also true that most people are “unaffected” if they don’t get vaccinated. Neither argument is persausive. I know that the government and large corporations producing these “remedies” are not sharing all the information they have. I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them.

  18. Cheryl Adkins says

    One thing I know about vaccines: they have completely eliminated smallpox, and virtually eliminated polio, diptheria, whooping cough, tetanus, and now measles, and german measles which while not bad on the person who has it, can be bad news for a developing fetus. These diseases were bad news and could be fatal or disabling for life. Any person who does not vaccinate their children should move into the mountains and stay away from others. Because while an unvaccinated 5 year old may survive whooping cough a newborn who has not yet been vaccinated could die from it. The point is that if you check death records from days before vaccinations a lot of people and especially children died from these diseases that we now have vaccines for. Smallpox and measles virtually wiped out the entire Native American population when Europeans came over to the new world. But because of vaccines these diseases are virtually unheard of these days. As a result no one takes them seriously and thus want to believe all these horror stories about vaccines. I am sure you would feel differently if your child contracted polio and had to be in wheel chair for the rest of their life because of your refusal to vaccinate.

    • mtmomof5 says

      If you really look at the charts, those vaccines did not wipe out those diseases. Most of the ones we fear were decreasing in numbers way before the vaccines were introduced. There are some diseases (typhoid, scarlet fever) that we do not have vaccines for that are rare or non existent today.http://www.vaclib.org/sites/debate/web1.html Are we really ready to accept trading one disease for another. The US spends more money on health care than any other nation, and the US is far from being on the top of the charts for healthy populations. Point being, we spend too much money on medications/vaccinations when we should be concentrating on healthier lifestyles. It’s hard to believe we have come to be a society that thinks we were created to put pills down our throats and needles in our limbs in order to be healthy. It makes no sense to me at all.

    • Debbie Shambarger says

      Totally agree. Unimmunized children should be quarantined from newborns, children who have organ transplants, HIV or immune deficient for any reason. Why would a country who spends more money on health care than any other nation in the world be conspiring against us with vaccines and immunizations? This is ridiculous propaganda. And if you think your physician, who is recommending the vaccines and immunization is conspiring with your government, why are you still seeing that physician?

  19. Julie says

    Thank you for this post! My husband and I have just recently had our eyes and minds opened to the craziness of vaccinations. Its maddening! Can’t wait to watch the video!

  20. Richard says

    You are a scientist and you don’t understand that your vaccination will not protect your mother from the flu virus that you bring home ???

  21. Rebecca Miller says

    I hate conspiracy theories. I hate living in fear but the information I have found over and over for the last year leads me to no other choice. These claims are true and make since. I have an auto immune disease as well as several other diseases. I want so desperatly to believe that no one and especially not those called to govern over me would trade me health for something as meaningless as the almighty dollar. I have changed my diet. I have done all in my power. I cannot get it to reverse. I cannot care for my children or run my home the way I would like. I live in constant pain. All for a buck. I suspect a chronic virus and am going in for futher testing in a couple of weeks. However there is not much natural or other wise I can do for it. Just looking to understand. I will watch the video with my husband in the next couple of days. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I truely appreciate it!

  22. Sheila says

    Thank you for doing all that work, Wardee. Must have taken quite a while to compile it, and I for one want to thank you for it. May the Lord bless you richly for what you are doing.

  23. Carlotta says

    I don’t see why little babies/small children need 36 vaccinations before they are allowed to enter school. As I recall, my children only needed the DPT shot and small pox vaccination in order to enter school. My brothers and I had whooping cough, chicken pox and measles all in one winter. We were not damaged in any way. It was a rough winter for my mother, but outside of that there was no problem. Can’t see why the chicken pox vaccination is necessary. It only puts the herpes virus into the system for later shingles.

  24. Katie says


    When people started coming down with whooping cough, the medical community was quick to blame the unvaccinated. Now they are studying the cases and finding out that pertussis is mutating. People are getting sick because the current pertussis vaccination does nothing to keep people from getting sick when they encounter the new mutation. This article is fascinating in that it points out that pertussis is actually mutating differently on different continents. I think it is so short sighted when scientists think they can eradicate a disease. Life wants to live and the organisms that cause disease in humans are alive. They find ways to adapt and survive. I also find it interesting that if you dig around you can find these follow up stories, but the news media is not retracting their former accusations or forwardly coming out with these latest research developments. A quote from the article which is quoting the New England Journal of Medicine article : “”The balance between vaccine side effects and effectiveness needs to be considered in developing and implementing recommendations on pertussis vaccination, particularly in light of recent outbreaks of pertussis,” the researchers wrote.” The researchers own conclusions state concern, yet our doctors try to tell us vaccinations are necessary and perfectly safe.

  25. Jenn says

    My son was “vaccinated” for chicken pox in 1999, when he was 1 yr old. He contracted chicken pox when he was 12, in 2011. Now they want me to get my daughter revaccinated for it, even though she had one shot at 1. I’m not going to do it, because I don’t know how well it works, or how long it stays in the system.

    I don’t want to inject her with another vaccination until they prove it is useful. For now, I will just take my chances and maybe she will catch them and build up an immunity, like the rest of us.

    If I have any more children, I may have to take another look at all vaccines.

  26. Richard says

    I had the Whooping Cough and measles when I was about 6 weeks old and
    here I am at 84 and still kicking… My Mom didn’t think I would make it but I
    fooled her !!! I am continuing my studies in health with Sally’s ” Nourishing
    Traditions: and of course your books as well as others … All we can do is what
    our Lord said, “Seek and you will find”!!!

  27. says

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share all this Wardeh! I had not made the time to dig so deep until reading your post and being inspired to watch the video. I am now even more sure of our decision to say no to vaccines. Just as you emphasize eating God’s natural, organic, whole foods . . . it makes since to trust His natural ways of healing in the body. Our family has a long way to go to get back to the “old ways” (Jer. 6:16), but by His grace we are on the way and as we trust Him, I know that He will keep us there. One day He will restore all things . . . what a day that will be!

  28. Krissy says

    Thank you so much, I so encourage everyone to listen to this….you don’t have to sit there just start it and work on other tasks. People really need to hear all this for themselves…it blows me away. We have chosen not to vaccinate; however, here in Oregon they just introduced SB132 to try to take the religious exemption away and trying to force education on parents chosing not to vaccinate. Please take time to listen…..it really is important!

  29. Richard says

    ALERT, I just got my daily Dr. Mercola notes…He talks about fructose, Fruit diets
    and how Steve Jobs died !!! Please, take Dr. Mercola’ free news letter and read this.
    It could keep you out of BIG TROUBLE !!! You could also follow me on Facebook
    and twitter…” richak28″

  30. says

    I agree and am against vaccines 100%. All diseases can be healed naturally through diet and lifestyle change and that means being strict. I do not trust a corporation greedy run government trying to “create a fix it all vaccine”, there is no such thing. No one had the diseases we have today 100s of years ago. It’s insane. Big Pharma doesn’t care about people, they just want their profit. Why would I put, all those toxic ingredients in my body, in a newborn babies body? Crazy. Thanks for posting this. It just helps educate me more about this crazy greedy world we live in. I do appreciate you taking the time to inform us.

  31. B Diner says

    Oh for goodness sakes…

    I can see I don’t have to set the record straight on the aborted fetal cells, thanks to previous comments, so that is nice.

    But come ON. The conspiracy theories are already such a pain to deal with, why are we adding to this crap? Autism can’t be injected from a needle, people. It’s genetic.

    I had all my vaccinations, and boosters as a military member, then more as an older adult. I have three smart, beautiful, perfect daughters, all of whom have had ALL of their vaccinations. My oldest is the only one old enough for the HPV vaccine, so she already got it but the little ones have to wait.

    Stop being so paranoid. The government and medical establishment isn’t out to get you. But those holistic healers can make an awful lot of money off you if they convince you that they are.

    • Ross says

      “autism can’t be injected by a needle. It’s genetic.”
      And you’re absolutely sure, without doubt, about that ? How then do you explain the numerous cases of babies being born perfect like my grandson, who meet all their milestones in development, have vaccinations forced upon them by government, then become autistic ?
      As to it being genetic, what gene/s are the cause of autism. In any case it is not heritable so if there is a genetic variation/ mutation it is a new event. Genetic changes can be brought about by environmental factors of which there are many, including injections of foreign DNA into your body. Have you thought to ask why it is that the rate of autism in the USA is growing to near epidemic proportions ? Could it be at all possible that the one thing that all these new cases have in common is a vaccination ? Of course nobody in government or the pharmagiants would ever want that to be proven as they demonstrated years ago when they spent millions to defend the case put against them. The prospect of billions of damages will cause them to do everything in their power to stop that from happening. As a military man I guess you will no the concept that the best means of defence is attack.
      As to your closing comment, there is no way on earth that the holistic community will ever make as much money as the pharmaceuticals. So if you infer that there is bias because of financial reward, then that bias must apply to both sides, and it is easy to see which is the most biased.

  32. Richard says

    Some people will still believe the “Gummit” and Big Pharma are working hard to protect their health regardless of FACTS that are easy to come by!!! All I can say is ‘good luck’…
    I don’t have the time or energy to argue with those kind…”Truth is eternal”…

  33. says

    Big pharma will prevail for a long time. But the truth about vaccines is slowly coming to light. Parents are starting to delay vaccinating, selectively vax or tell their doctors no all together.

    Even tho the non-vaxers are still in the minority, I believe someday that we will be in the majority & the vaxers will be in the minority.

    • Peggy says

      Enlightenment comes to all people in their own time. The more we are aware of, the better choices we make. Homeoprophylactic immunizations are on the rise and a whole new, healthier species can thrive.

  34. James says

    My only concern with these types of videos (although i do love them very much and agree with most of the comments) there are sometimes contradictions that appear.

    Coconut oil is listed as high in arginine across most sites (although not on his list). Yet he mentions Coconut Oil as the safest oil to cook with (not sure if it is this video or another).
    Brussels Sprouts is listed as bad, but i am told it is an ingredient in one of the supplements he offers.
    Chocolate is listed as bad, but in anther video (may not be this one again), he states he adds chocolate to one of his protein shakes.

    So i worry when you get these inconsistencies appearing! I could be wrong and he may only be using these foods to avoid when discussing viruses, not general health (and that maybe the reason), but never the less these are some of the things i noticed that didn’t match up.

  35. Pat Forrest says

    Seems to me “human or aborted fetal tissue” would be the preferred medium for growing vaccines. I’ll never believe people have abortions just to use the tissue. We experiment on humans & their tissue all the time. Why isolate aborted tissue. I think animal tissue will be detrimental to humans.

  36. Margaret Terrilll says

    Good work! I’m no stranger to the insidious history of vaccines, having had time to watch Dr. Sherry Tenpenny 2 hour video lecture re: how she came to question the validity of vaccines and the CDC itself. Check it out. She is the pioneer in exposing the real history of vaccination of the masses.

  37. Medical Lab Scientist says

    I read through the text but not the video so I may be missing some info. I work in the medical lab field, which means I perform most of those lab tests that people get done when they are in the hospital or go to the doctor. The example of why vaccines are bad is from the 1960s. I know that some of the older lab techs said the regulations for running the labs were much different than they are now. People would eat and smoke in the labs, no gloves, it was not until the HIV that more precautions were taken in the lab. That surprised me. The lab I work in has been around for about 35 years. Hopefully by now there are tighter regulations on how the vaccines are made compared to how they were made back then just like things have changed significantly in my own lab. I know regulations are very strict in our lab now so I imagine that regulations have gotten tighter faster. I’m not sure what to think really. I currently have a newborn who has not been vaccinated but my first son was vaccinated.
    When I decided to vaccinate my first son I could not find any primary research articles on the dangers of vaccinations I don’t know if studies had not been done or they were being hidden but I did a lot of digging in the primary literature and could not find anything.

    Here is a link of studies from the CDC on their research on Immunization Safety and Autism shttp://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/00_pdf/CDCStudiesonVaccinesandAutism.pdf

    Here are some more articles on vaccine safety of the MMR vaccine from the CDC.

    I have also worked in several other types of labs including cancer research and behavioral neuroscience. My lab was looking into a possible genetic links in autism, ADD, and PTSD. I’m curious to see what the final research shows in the next few years however I’m not going to make any false claims or assumptions until the research is complete. I suppose I just want to say that research in independent labs is being performed and that is the kind of research I trust because it’s the kind of research I have been a part of. Sorry for the long rant.

  38. richak28 says

    It amazes me to no end that people will get on one blog or another and rant about this and that but never bothers to do a little research and find what is going wrong… At least they may
    get smart enough to read food labels and leave the Toxic Junk in the stores or in the Drug stores… Some may even learn enough to treat themselves and family with Herbs, “what I call
    God’s Medicine” , and let the M.D.’s and nurses eliminate each other…

  39. says

    I find it interesting how people can pick a side and say its due to something like statistics and then go home and fees their kids crap and outsource their parenting. There’s a lot more to think about for health, not just vaccines. I’ve noticed in myself areas where I have been completely hypocritical and I’m changing that now. I’m looking at the entire picture. The idea of vaccines in general does not sit well with me aside from all of these arguments. What makes us think we are exempt from the cycle of life? Nature is always striving for balance, everything needs a predator. We should not mess with these things.

    • Peggy says

      If we don’t mess with these things, they’ll continue to mess with up and cause us to live a shorter life span. Mess with whatever you’re inclined to mess with.

  40. Cate says

    Great article. I have to say, though, I think we might be confusing autoimmune for allergies. Allergies attack foreign cells, autoimmune disorders attack our own cells with or without a foreign invader.

  41. MN says

    Yes, I researched this twenty five years ago when my kids were little and discovered that the use of monkey kidneys in the polio vaccination is how HIV got into the human population. This doesn’t seem to have been mentioned on the man’s video.

  42. Sandy Manning says

    May I recommend to you the book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” by Edward T. Haslam. It connects to the first point you made. It is fascinating! You can look it up on Amazon and read a description. I had no idea of the content in the book.

    Thank you for recommending the video – I’ll watch it.

  43. Pam says

    all I see is correlation, not causation. Too many variables, diets changed significantly from the fifties to the eighties. Also a total first world problem. Personally I’d rather have herpes on my face once in a while than have to deal with the consequences of small pox,polio, red measles, etc.

  44. says

    I am shocked! and sharing it with everyone I know. I cannot believe that some people are still set in their minds about this topic. I think will be a topic of “conversation” for a long time yet.

  45. Barb says

    Being a product of the generation that was lined up in school and run thru the vaccination lines like cattle to slaughter…I was automatically inclined to “protect my kids” and had them vaccinated (in the pediatrician’s office) per their recommendations. It never occurred to me to look into WHAT was in them, I blindly trusted my government and did what was demanded. Today I have a granddaughter whose mother is against vaccinations and when I first heard this I was horrified…worried…until I began reading up on what exactly vaccinations contain…now I’m horrified of what I did to my kids.

    • Peggy says

      We all did the best we could with what we knew then. If we went ahead and vaccinated our children because we felt at that time it was the best for them, then so be it. Always honor your inclinations. If we weren’t inclined to look into what was in those vaccinations, it was because we were busy looking into other things – nutrition, vegetarianism, alternative health care, or whatever captivated your attention in those days. Now that we know better, we do better. I have a son and daughter-in-law who are heavily into homeoprophylactic immunization for their son and daughter-to-be. And I am 100% supportive. We move forward and still, honor our inclinations now.

  46. Lynn says

    I just want to comment on your website and how annoying it is to have that top half of the page not move. It’s a good 3″ and it seriously makes me feel claustrophobic when I can’t see the rest of the page or read down the half of the screen that’s left. I don’t want to ever click your links because of it. Just my opinion, thanks for listening!


    • says

      Hi Lynn,

      What type of device are you using to view the site? Is it a mobile, net book, etc.? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do to adjust the viewing area. Thanks!

  47. Eric Courtemanche says

    I stopped vaccinating my children, when I made the connection about what was happening to me because of my vaccinations. What has made the difference for my whole family was to stop eating inorganic/GMO food and go totally organic. All the problems I had that were caused by the toxins injected in me through the vaccination programs, have almost completely disappeared. I’m hopeful as we continue to eat right, that the problems caused by previous vaccinations will completely disappear. The body has a marvelous ability to heal itself when given the proper nutrition.

    • Peggy says

      Thank GOD or whoever you choose to call this Amazing Presence that you exist in this world of evolving consciousness. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  48. Daphne says

    FYI, auto-immune disease, by its very definition, is NOT your body attacking something foreign (DNA, or otherwise)…It is when your body attacks ITSELF.

    I think you may have misunderstood something that was said to that regard.

  49. ashley says

    I agree! I do not vaccinate my kids nor myself. Question on #4, are you saying that the immunizations are okay and just not the vaccinations? I agree that naturally becoming immune is ok, as it’s inevitable. But what about immunizing shots?

  50. Heidi says

    I appreciate the concern you have for children, and I share that with you. However what about facts that are relevant today? The information you shared here was either from the 1960’s, or inaccurate. I would enjoy hearing what your opinion would be if you researched vaccinations in the current century. My family has a friend who was crippled from polio when he was an infant. It is sad that all his suffering could have been prevented if those around him had been vaccinated. I believe that vaccination’s should be mandatory in the United States unless their is a medical reason why a child should remain un-vaccinated.

    • Peggy says

      What transpired in the 60’s IS EXACTLY relevant today! It’s the precursor to so many ailments in existence today – truly unbelievable how someone who viewed this video or read this article still asks why a child should remain un-vaccinated. Go homeoprophylactic! Protection without the life-lingering ailments which are caused from these little viruses. Some people will choose the new ways, others will remain in the dark. Your choice.

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