Free Printable: Real Food Substitutions

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Real Food Substitutions

Got recipes that call for cream of… soups, dry onion soup mix, Miracle Whip, meat marinades, stuffing mix, Velveeta or some other Frankenfood? Want to know what real foods you can substitute without losing any fans?

Here’s a FREE printable to help you do just that!

Click here to download the FREE real food substitution chart from Kitchen Stewardship.

No strings attached, except that’s it got a one-week-only deadline. Although I don’t know the exact expiration date or time, I’m figuring you’ve got through the coming weekend and that’s it.

So, go now and download. There’s a free recipe waiting for you, too. :)

By the way, I’m more than a little excited about what the release of this printable means. It means something good is very close….. Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship is about to launch her long-awaited Better Than a Box cookbook. (I got to peek and it is fabulous!)

And… she’s going to be a guest on my podcast next week to tell you all about it — plus we’ll have an exclusive coupon code for you.

After you download the Real Food Substitutions printable (because you will, right?) come back here and tell me what you think of it.

Oh, and also — do you have questions for Katie? Let me know below and I’ll ask her when I’ve got her ear. :)

This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting GNOWFGLINS with your purchases.

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  1. Jamie says

    Well, I’m crying because I really like my boxed macaroni and cheese! Do I HAVE to give it up? I know you’re not going to wrench the boxes right out of my arms. Perhaps you’ll just sigh at me and look a little sad. Ding Dongs and, yes, Twinkies to some extent just can’t be duplicated. Perhaps Katie could suggest something. Therapy? : j

  2. says

    Amazing! This will come in so handy in my kitchen – I usually don’t have everything for a recipe but this will help so I don’t have to make another trip to the store.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kristin H says

    This looks great. Thank you. I am wondering if there is a way to make a GAPS legal Cream of Chicken/Mushroom soup?

    • says

      Amy — I’m sorry but it has been a week. I posted this early last week. :(

      The good news is the printable is included with Katie’s new eBook. It is available now and just $1.99 through Friday 1/25 (normal price is $16.95). All the info is here:

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