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GNOWFGLINS friends in Arizona!

Edit: I was picked!!!! Yippeee!!!!

You may remember that last June I took a trip to Arizona to get help with a software implementation (and I got to meet many Arizona readers at dinner one evening!).

I didn’t mention at the time but the software that we were putting in place and switching “on” was Infusionsoft.

The Back Story

A little back story here, if you don’t mind.

Prior to June we had …. *insert pause so I can count on my fingers* … let’s see…. at least six separate piece of software to keep up the blog, the member area, the shopping cart, the partner program, the email list, the forums, and so on.

It was a pretty smooth sailing ship because we integrated it pretty tightly, but there were three big annoyances:

1) It annoyed you. Sometimes you got duplicate emails — this happened if you were in more than one of the software systems. I couldn’t do anything about it.

2) It annoyed me. I had too many back-ends to administrate. When you came to me with an issue, I had to log in to several different administration areas to get an accurate picture of your particular situation in order to help you. I wanted to help you more easily! Sometimes I couldn’t help at all (refer to #1 with the duplicate emails).

3) It annoyed my husband. πŸ˜‰ The lack of one central back-end meant we didn’t have very good (easily accessible) statistics about this site and its usage to help with future decision making, planning, etc.

Plus there were other issues… like how much money we were paying for the software pieces that gave us these significant annoyances!

The Solution

I searched for a solution and heard from my friend Debbie Hanchey at Automatic Methods that Infusionsoft might just be able to help.


Infusionsoft promised to solve all the annoyances, while combining everything into *one* piece of software (in addition to keeping WordPress that runs the site).

We took the plunge in June, and the result? We’ve gotten what we wanted and more.

No more duplicate emails. No more multiple systems. Helpful data. Added functionality to improve things for you even more.

Of course, there have been glitches β€” as can be expected — but you have been so good and patient as we work out the kinks. Thank you for that.

That big switch happened back in June, so why am I now telling you this? Two reasons.

#1 — Your Feedback

First, I want to get your feedback on what, if anything, you’ve noticed, good or bad, since the switch. What can we do to help you?

Infusionsoft is so incredibly powerful that there’s almost nothing we can’t do with it β€” though sometimes I have to ask for help. πŸ˜‰

I made it do everything we did before — but better — and as time goes by, I’ve implemented new things to improve our service.

So, please share in the comments below (or privately if you wish) — how can I help you? What can we improve? What do you like about things around here?

#2 — I Want To Be Inspired

And here’s the second purpose of this post.

I love to be inspired, and personal experiences and stories are especially moving. In my free time, I read business development blogs and listen to productivity podcasts. Does that surprise you? I’m immersed in food all the time, so I take my “breaks” on different topics.

To that end, this Spring I want to attend Infusionsoft’s annual small business conference — InfusionCon 2013. Thousands of small business people will gather to be inspired, to share, and to learn more about Infusionsoft.


I want to go to learn how to better serve you.

I want to go to be inspired by others who are using Infusionsoft in extraordinary ways to better meet the needs of their customers.

I want to ask questions of Infusionsoft experts. I want to share what I’ve learned.

I want to meet the people who are on the other end of the support line. πŸ˜‰

I have hope that I’ll be able to do this!

You see, Infusionsoft is looking for three Social Media VIPs — Infusionsoft users who are active in social media — to attend InfusionCon 2013 all expenses paid. These three individuals will work for them throughout the conference by updating social media channels (blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).

Here’s the thing: I think I’m perfect for any of these jobs and I want to be picked!

I’d be happy with any of the three positions, but I’m writing this particular post to fill the requirements of the “The Blogger” position. The job would be similar to what I did voluntarily at the 2011 Wise Traditions conference (here, here, here, and here) — except I’m pretty sure I’ll be live blogging.


Now this is a food blog, and a traditional food blog at that, so I know most of you are probably not interested in Infusionsoft. πŸ˜‰

However, I think you are as interested in me as I am in you. We’ve gotten to know each other over the years, and we’re special to each other.

If you agree that I’m perfect for the job, would leave a comment telling Infusionsoft they should pick me?

I don’t need you to do this in order to be selected, but I think it will be a nice touch to show Infusionsoft that GNOWFGLINS is a supportive community!

If I’m chosen and I get to go, I make you this promise: I will use what I learn there to help you with your traditional cooking and the traditional arts of raising, saving, and preparing healthy foods.

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Louise says

    That sounds like a really exciting opportunity! I hope you get the job, Infusionsoft would be lucky to have you blog for them!

  2. JeriP says

    Infusionsoft would be well served to include you on their team. You have always met my expectations and provided more in sharing information and inspiration in a clear and positive way. I appreciate your friendly help as my husband and I find productivity on our two acres, prepare nourishing meals and store food for a rainy day. Your ability to teach new skills and share your experiences with others so they can also find success is truly appreciated.

  3. Kristie says

    I know you are a popular blogger, and a helpful blogger, and sincere, and obviously a hard worker. What else could they want? :)

    • says

      Kristie — Thank you! When you put it that way, they just have to pick me, don’t they? πŸ˜‰ Truthfully, I would be honored to be chosen. Thank you for your support!

  4. says

    You have a clear passion for what you do, and a very strong way you use a variety of technology together to reach people in various learning modes–blogs, videos, e-courses, and I can’t think of anyone who would be more deserving or do a better job at the conference!

  5. Jonni says

    I know you are a popular blogger, and a helpful blogger, and sincere, and obviously a hard worker. What else could they want?

    I copied and pasted the previous post….couldn’t say any better. You would be the best.

  6. Ann says

    Your blog is wonderful. I enjoy the newsletters by email! You should know that you are a very considerate blogger!
    I pray you get the job. It sounds like you’ll have fun!

  7. says

    In all seriousness, I don’t think they could find anyone better suited for the job. You are an excellent communicator and thoughtful instructor. And you have an incredible knack for helping others to both see the big picture and sort out the details. Your sphere of influence reaches far and wide, and you’ve empowered many people to make healthful choices and changes in the ways that they prepare the foods they eat. You have a lot of fans β€” and a lot of friends, too. :-)

  8. Theresa says

    I can’t imagine this whole food journey without your expertise and answers available. You are so conscientious and handle the details wonderfully while having excellent people skills. That is a rare mix! I hope you get to go and I know you will serve them well as you do us!!

  9. Holly & The Dog says

    Wardeh, they could not find a better representative than you–you are so hard working, first doing all the food research, experimentation and testing and THEN writing it all up for the blog in such a concise, informative and entertaining way.

    Plus, you have such a gracious spirit; you generously give praise where it’s due without fawning, but can also present a viewpoint on topics of debate in a way that is both respectful of those who initially might disagree and illuminating as to why you choose to butter the other side of the (whole grain sourdough) pancake.

    To top it all off, even with the full range of online classes, eBooks, menu plans, podcasts etc. you offer, you respond so quickly whenever I contact you with a question or request for help. Though I’d like to think it’s because I’m your favorite GNOWFGLINS member, I suspect it’s rather that your commitment and enthusiasm makes all of us here feel like your favorite.

    Hey smart people at Infusionsoft, choose Wardeh and you too can be this satisfied!

    • says

      Holly — Of COURSE you are my favorite GNOWFGLINS member! You’re right that everyone else is, too! πŸ˜‰ But really, YOU are special to me. :) Thanks for your support!

  10. says

    Oh, yes! I remember when I would get double emails from you. I didn’t realize you switched over but I do have to say that I salivate at all that Infusionsoft offers your website, and I remember asking you what you were using. Since I read your content both as a reader absorbing the content, and a business owner always on the lookout for a better “system”, I have to say that all your behind-the-scenes’ emails all seem so well-connected. You have always done a wonderful job representing my company and I know you’ll do the same for Infusionsoft.

    • says

      Renee — Ah, so you were one of those annoyed people. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for bearing with me, then. Thanks for your kind feedback about how things are running now. I’m much happier and I really enjoy working with you, both as a friend and with your exceptional business. :)

  11. Charity says

    Infusionsoft would be selecting the perfect person if they chose you. I recommend your web site frequently. You have a high-quality site with a wealth of information and resources. There are numerous places on the web I could go for some of this information, but I chose you because the information you provide is always of the highest quality, all in one location, very easy to follow and understand, and extremely user friendly (and this includes not only the information you provide, but the web site as well). Since you chose Infusionsoft, I know you researched and did it for the quality and I think Infusionsoft should do the same for you. They will not find anyone more qualified for what they need.

    Thank you Wardeh for your dedication in all that you provide. GNOWFGLINS has truly changed my entire life, my health, and that of my families as well. You make this “overwhelming” change to real food easy and very doable with well-written information that is easy to follow and a superior in quality web site!

  12. says

    You truly would be the best fit for the position at Infusionsoft, be it a short term or long term position.

    Let’s start with your brain. 1.) You think quickly on your feet, under stress or in a relaxed setting. 2.) You are very analytical and thorough in data gathering (your research), with a talent for prioritizing ideas, from the most valuable to the least. 3.) Your technical ability with the computer as a tool enables you to produce quickly, just awesomely!

    Your communication skills: As stated above many times, you put your readers first, with kindness, compassion and a helpful heart. You present your educational food program in an artful, thorough and easy-to-understand way, a step-by-step simplified presentation. And you share it all with enthusiasm, proving that you just love what you do!

  13. Carol says

    Wardeh you are soooo good at blogging. But even more importantly you are trustworthy, hardworking and care about getting out the right information and helping others. You explain everything so clearly and you are a wonderful teacher. Infusionsoft would get excellance and dedication.

    • says

      Carol — Thank you for your kind words! I’m touched especially that you know I care — because I do — and thankfully, our little community here can overlook little glitches because we love and support each other. That makes me happy. I appreciate your support!

  14. says

    I’m behind on my blog reading (seems I can’t keep up with my computer stuff this year…even now that things have finally slowed down a little for winter LOL) but I do hope you win!! I think you would do a wonderful job, and I’m sure you would learn alot that will help you continue teaching us all the interesting things you can!

  15. says

    Wardeh, you would be the perfect candidate for Infusionsoft. You’re detail oriented, responsible, a great communicator and teacher. I’m personally looking forward to hearing more about this conference and how infusionsoft has helped your blog business. I’m sure many other bloggers can say the same!

    Best wishes!!

  16. Dianne says

    Sorry I’m a bit late commenting… I’ve read the comments and I agree with ALL of them! I’m so glad I found your blog. I think you’d be an asset to their efforts and I hope they choose you for the position.

  17. Janine says

    Congratulations Wardee! I was just coming to write a recommendation but looks like you don’t need it anymore! I’m excited for you. They are lucky to have you and made a great choice. I hope you will be incredibly inspired and challenged in every good way!


    • Janine says

      Okay, my computer is going nuts and not posting and going off line while I am writing. Apparently it actually posted before it went off but didn’t show me till I posted again! It did that to me in the forum the other day too. Sorry for the double post!


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