The Re-Treat Farm

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We’re heading down home… to your farms! Urban, suburban, or rural — whatever you’re growing and doing, we want to see it.

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Welcome, The Re-Treat Farm!

Today, you get to meet The Re-Treat Farm. Lisa is enjoying learning more about the ‘old ways’ on her little farm with the support of her husband Ron.

What is your name and the names of your family members?
We are Ron and Lisa Treat. We have two grown children.

What is the name of your farm/homestead?
The Re-Treat Farm.

How long have you been farming/homesteading?
I have always had an interest in farming/homesteading and have gathered up knowledge over the years for ‘someday’. We finished our summer home about four years ago and have been putting the farm together for the last two years. ‘Someday’  is finally here! We have always had horses but the dairy cow was new territory for me.  A lot to learn, but I do love (!) my sweet cow. :)

Share a brief description of your farm/homestead.
We have four acres in a rural, small town.

What are you raising, growing, and doing?
I bought my jersey cow, Mimi, about two years ago. She is the hub of our little farm. She has raised two foster calves and one of her own in that time. I am learning to make dairy products of all types, but I am especially enjoying learning about and making aged cheeses at this time. Any extra milk is used in the form of clabber as a supplement feed for my hens, meat chickens, turkeys, and last summer, two pigs. The cow dog, Pete, and the cats get a little, too. That extra milk comes in handy!

I have my horse, Rex, and my husband has two mules, Josh and Zeke. He likes to pack the mules and hunt. I like to take my horse and go with him sometimes. 

I also have a garden and am sharpening my skills in that area each year. 

How did you get into farming/homesteading?
After selling our business about five years ago, I found the time to pursue my interests and it has just kind of evolved. As I get comfortable with something new, I add something new. Last year was the pigs, this year the turkeys.

I traveled a lot when I was younger and now I really enjoy staying home to tend to my little farm. I say ‘my farm’ because my husband’s interests lies more in hunting, fishing, and golf.  He is very supportive of my farm, though, which I appreciate immensely.

Any future plans?
Just continue to learn and grow in the ‘old ways’. I love the self sufficient lifestyle and am working on getting more so each year.

Let’s Tour The Re-Treat Farm!

(Wardee: In the captions below, you’re hearing from Lisa as she tells you what is in each picture.)

My sweet Mimi and her bull calf.

Our dream homestead.

The girls quarters.

The barn.


Rex is ready for a drive.

The piggies enjoying some cool mud.

The perennial garden.

2011 garden with compost pile in back.

Working on weeds for our pasture improvement project.

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This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. christi says

    So glad to see this farm! We just bought 7 acres in a rural small town and we are so excited to get going on all these same things! I grew up on a farm but have lived in Portland for several years and can finally get back to my roots. Your farm looks well loved!

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