Giveaway: 2 Gallons of Beautiful Olive Oil

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I’m so pleased to share an incredible resource with you today…. olive oil! Further down is a giveaway, but humor me first as I tell you about the olive oil from Chaffin Family Orchards.

Did you know you can’t trust most olive oil out there? However, you can trust the olive oil from our good friends at Chaffin Family Orchards!

Not only that, but you can get it at a very good price — they cut out the middle man and sell directly to good people like you.

What makes Chaffin Orchards olive oil so special?

Our oil is a nutrient dense product that you can always trust is truly cold pressed, 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from olives we grow ourselves and hand-harvest. We leave our oil unfiltered so its full nutrient profile is left intact. Our orchards comprise one of the largest old growth plantings of olive trees in North America. We make our olive oil exclusively from our heirloom Mission olives. Farmed with non-toxic permaculture-style farming practices, these groves of olive trees are on highly mineralized volcanic soil fertilized with rotations of grassfed beef cattle, goats, sheep and pastured chickens.

I love their approach. What they’re doing right now (discounted until Nov 30) is offering olive oil futures. You place your order for mid- or late-season oil and when it is ready in mid-February, they ship it you.

Now, I can hear your thoughts. You’re thinking…  it is probably expensive. Nope! Not a bit of it — $60 per gallon including shipping. That’s an awesome price on a quality product. They say:

Our discounted futures price is $120 for a 2 gallon box with shipping/delivery included. By being involved in discounted reserve program, you not only insure that you get fantastic olive oil, but you’ll be helping us cover the heavy upfront costs of picking and pressing. Nothing about producing olive oil is cheap, especially when you’re dedicated to producing a cold pressed quality product of this caliber. Think of it kind of like a CSA; you pay up front at the beginning of the harvest season and because of that you get a discounted price, and we get some help covering our harvest and pressing costs.

Plus, a bulk buying option:

Get together with your friends and family and place an order of 10 gallons or more (in 2 gallon increments) and save an additional $100, bringing the per gallon price down to $50.

Here’s the order form where you can choose your quantity and variety.

Mid- or Late-Season?

When you order, you get to choose whether you want mid- or late-season olive oil (or one of each). What’s the difference? Here you go:

Mid-Season (Spicy): This oil is from olives harvested about 4 to 6 weeks earlier than our late harvest. These olives produce a sharper oil that has a spicy finish and slightly higher polyphenol levels. This oil is great for salad dressings and savory applications.

Late Harvest (Buttery): This oil is harvested from olives that are fully ripe and they produce very soft mild buttery flavors. It’s an extremely versatile oil and most notable for making mild olive oil mayonnaise.

What’s the catch?

There’s only one. You must place your order on or before November 30 to get these prices! :)

Here’s the order form.

I told you there’s a giveaway and here are the details about that.

Giveaway: 2 gallons olive oil from Chaffin Orchards

Chaffin Orchards is giving 2 gallons of olive oil to one of our readers, to be shipped around February.

This is a fast giveaway; it opens today (Sun 11/25) and ends on Tuesday (11/27) at midnight Pacific. We want you to have plenty of time to order if you don’t win!

It is open to residents of the US (including Alaska and Hawaii).

Use the widget below to enter. I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have fun with this one, everyone!

Disclaimer: Just like the winner of this giveaway, we’re going to receive 2 gallons of olive oil from Chaffin Orchards. I’ll probably choose mid-season. :) Even though we’ve not had their oil before, we love their olives (which I pickled along with you last year in the Lacto-Fermentation eCourse).

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Tiffany says

    I would really like to try the late season olive oil. I have been thinking of trying a different olive oil…maybe this is the one.

  2. Laurie White says

    We would choose Late Harvest because it’s “extremely versatile”. Thank you for sharing this contest Chaffin Orchards.

  3. Cheryl Coder says

    I ordered a box of olives to ferment this last fall and can’t wait to try Chaffing Family olive oil. Thanks for this great giveaway!

    Cheryl Coder

  4. Marcella Morales says

    Sounds wonderful. I’ve never gotten large quantities of olive oil from anywhere but Sams Club so i’ll admit i’m a bit naive when it comes to choosing olive oil. I would like to know more!

  5. Cheryl Coder says

    Oh, forgot to say I would probably prefer late harvest..but haven’t tried Chaffing Family olive yet..very excited about giveaway! Thanks, Cheryl Coder

  6. lindsey says

    We love Chaffin Orchards! I’ve got a couple gallons of their green olives going through their initial process in my food storage room right now. I would most like to try their late season oil :-)

  7. Claudine Jones says

    I have never tried Chaffin Family Orchards Olive oils but they both sound wonderful! The late season sounds the most versatile and would more than likely be best for my family. Thank you!

  8. Sherry M says

    If I had to choose just one it would probably be the late season for the versatility of it. I would also love to have the early season as well for the spicy notes….but I probably wouldn’t use as much of it.

  9. Rebekah De La Cruz says

    I LOVE olive oil I would use both Mid-season and late-season for many things. I enjoy the smell, feel, and taste of olive oil.

  10. Laura S says

    Oh my, I’d love to have either of those olive oils! Both varieties sound amazing, and I’d be grateful for either. I love the idea of a spicier oil since I’m a spice lover, but I could use the more versatile one for so many things. Yummmm!

  11. Teresa R says

    Glad your offering this giveaway Wardeh!!
    I missed Cheeseslave’s LOL!
    I hope to try the late season esp. to make mayo. I’m signed up to your newletter/feed. Signed up for Chaffin’s newsletter too.

  12. Brittany Ardito says

    I would absolutely love to win either flavor of the olive oil. It is hard to find good quality olive oil at a good price. Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  13. Steph says

    We have purchased the mid-season 2x and love it–it can be overwhelming in some dishes though, so maybe the late season this time!

  14. Kathy says

    I’m not sure. I’m not a spicy person but I’m sure olive oil can’t be seriously spicy. Maybe just enough to give salad some zing. And the buttery late season sounds good too. So I’d probably get one of each to try them. Wish I could try samples. :)

  15. Brenna says

    I would probably like the late season because it has broader application possibilities. However, it would wonderful to have one of each! :)

  16. Donna says

    Wow! What a decision–which harvest? We love spicy for salads, but we’ve also been looking for a very mild for our mayo.

  17. Jen B. says

    I tried the mid-season a couple years ago and it was delicious. So this time I’d like to try the late season. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Teri Gelseth says

    I better get late season! Maybe o a coop of late season ans share one mid season around the coop. I just don’t know what it tastes like and dont make that much dressing…

  19. Micah says

    I would love to try the mid-season, spicier olive oil. Sounds like a wonderful salad dressing. We are purchasing olive oil from California through a local store in Baton Rouge (and it tastes great!) but would save money purchasing in bulk directly from the farmer. Plus, their mindset on growing olives is wonderful!!

  20. says

    I would love to win any olive oil. I am on a very small fixed income and have a hard time with food purchases that will fit into my budget. If I had a choice I would choose late season olive oil.

  21. says

    I don’t think I’ve experienced real quality Olive oil so I have no idea. But from reading the other comments I guess late season if it’s milder. I really want to try my hand at making mayonnaise.

  22. rachel says

    Anything that is real olive oil.

    With this knowledge, my (unadmitted) I only use EVOO ego has been deflated (sadly on both counts).

  23. AmandaLP says

    I would pick late, because I can find spicy good olive oil,must I am more afraid of buying non spicy oil due to adulterants :)

  24. Angel says

    I would love to try the late season oil. I try to cook only with olive oil and coconut oil since my son is sensitive to dairy! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  25. Charis says

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!! I don’t know if I’ve ever had this quality of olive oil but would LOVE to start using it. I’d probably chose one gallon of each (mid and late) so I could compare them :)

  26. says

    I’d love the late season one! I use a LOT of olive oil in cooking and I have an herbal business making many different types of salves as well as bar and liquid soap and I use olive oil for all of them. :)

  27. Diana says

    I’m not sure what the difference is betrween mid- and late-season…. so I’d say late-season………. thanks for the great job you do on your blog!

  28. says

    If I had to choose only one, I would choose the late season so I could have a larger variety of uses. If I win, which I hope I do, I would love to be able to get one of each. I am new to the whole foods/traditional way of eating and have only known conventional olive oils available from the supermarket. Actually the olive oil scams of late are what brought traditional food to my attention. Thanks for the giveaway and for being a great source of support and information on my food transformation!

  29. Brenda says

    I have a large family of olive oil lovers! We’ve never tried “delicious” “knew where it came from” olive oil, so I’m very excited about your giveaway and your offer for pre-buy. I think I would choose a gallon of each! The only thing better than winning this would be visiting your orchards and learning how to make olive oil. Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  30. sue heumann says

    We use caesar salad dressing nearly daily and always use Good nutritious XVOO! Would definately use it!!
    This is fun to enter a drawing and possibly win something useful and healthy!
    thank you for the opportunity. :)

  31. sue heumann says

    We use XVOO nearly daily in this home. Our caesar salad dressing needs it to be ‘what it is’ ~ wonderful!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win more Olive Oil that is GOOD!

  32. says

    Late season – I want to try my hand at homemade mayonnaise again! This time I will remember to have everything room temp first. Argh!

  33. Tiffany says

    Rarely, do I enter for freebies but this one is so intriguing I just had too. The olive farm sounds lovely.
    We just finished a 2-gal container of organic olive oil.
    We’d love another late season.

  34. Michelle CLark says

    Well, we all know how Jesus felt about olives, right? A GOOD olive oil would from a trusted source would be wonderful.

  35. Holly & The Dog says

    Wardeh, you are going to *love* their olive oil! We got a gallon of each last year, and have truly enjoyed both, so that’s what I’d recommend to the lucky winner.

    That reminds me, I need to make a fresh batch of mayonnaise this week . . . maybe I’ll do a batch of each for a side-by-side taste test!

  36. says

    What a generous giveaway! Thank you for hosting it, and to the folks at Chaffin Orchards for the opportunity!

    I think I would choose the late season, as I’m still learning how to use olive oil in cooking, etc. It sounds like that would be the more versatile one for a beginner like me. :)

    Thank you again for the opportunity!

  37. Ann Schultz says

    I would probably want late season as we are kind of wimpy healthy eaters and mild would go over more easily here. I have sold my family on water kefir, kombucha tea and this crispy sourdough bread that is like English muffin bread… far :).

  38. says

    It would really depend on what I’m using the olive oil for.

    One of my favorite things is fresh baked bread dipped in olive oil, though… so I think I would have to choose the late season.

  39. Jennifer says

    This is the best olive oil! I would choose the late harvest. We prefer a less spicy flavor. Thank you for this opportunity!

    I am already signed up for your newsletter and the Chaffin Orchards newsletter.

  40. Emily S. says

    Our family loves the Late Harvest Olive Oil. Since we are not used to the pure taste of fresh olive oil, the Mid-season is a bit strong. I have grown to like the unique flavor of both oils and enjoy the flavor it adds to food.

  41. says

    Great giveaway, Wardeh! We love the spicy finish of a strong olive oil for our salads, but find that a smooth buttery oil is delicious with baked goods. So I’d buy some of each! :)

  42. Wendy W, says

    I just ordered 2 gallons of the late season from them, but would love to have more that I could give to friends not able to buy it!

  43. Debbie says

    I order from Chaffin Family Orchards and LOVE their olive oil. I prefer the early one with salads and the later harvest for breads and such.

  44. Angie says

    Hard to choose… I would love to have some late season for making mayo, and some early harvest for homemade salad dressings.

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