Is Your Salt Real? + Giveaway!

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Boy, have I got a treat for you today. First, I’m going to introduce you to salt and clay (the real stuff), and then we’re going to have a giveaway!

First, Real Salt

Last spring, I spoke with someone who had a passing interest in my book on fermentation. She said, “Can I ferment without salt? Because my doctor says I can’t have salt.” Her question stunned me and I didn’t know what to say.

You see, I’ve been enjoying — and craving and indulging — real salt for so long that I’ve developed a sort of tunnel vision. I completely forget there’s another world out there where salt is evil.

About that lady: I think I mumbled something to the effect of unrefined salt is completely different than grocery store table salt. One is a health food, the other is poison. I wasn’t eloquent or strong in my statement, but I guess I got the basics right!

Real Salt — fine and kosher

If I could have a do-over, this is what I’d say.

Grocery store salt — think Morton’s — is:

  • recrystallized and chemically cleaned at excessively high temperatures into something the body doesn’t recognize as food
  • refined and stripped of its God-given balance of minerals
  • combined with chemicals such as anti-caking ingredients and fluoride
  • just tastes “salty” — a chemical salty to me!

Unrefined salt, on the other hand…

    • has color — flecks or hues of pink, brown, black, or grey
    • contains 60+ beneficial minerals and trace minerals
    • tastes amazing — earthy or sweet or a mixture of flavors, depending on the source

Three Kinds of “Real Salt”

In the world, you’ll find three major types of “real salt” — one of them is the Redmond Real Salt, out of Utah.

Check out this infographic. Isn’t it great? You can see the differences between conventional and unrefined salts. Plus, you can see what makes each of the three types of unrefined sea salts unique. (click to enlarge)

I have used all these types of unrefined salt. In fact, I have each kind in my house right now.

The Celtic sea salt I don’t prefer. Mostly I don’t like that it is “wet” and therefore less convenient to use. Also, the coarser grains makes it less of an all-purpose. It takes longer to dissolve in soups, and is just plain too large to sprinkle on anything. It is also pretty pricey. With regard to the wet issue, I have a friend who dries her Celtic sea salt in the dehydrator — I think that is a great idea!

For several years, I have primarily used Himalayan/pink sea salt. I like it very much. It is a dry — a huge benefit for me! I used/use it for pickling, fermenting, cheesemaking, and in all my day to day cooking. However, it is pricey. About $7/pound from my best source.

Real Salt (kosher)

Then earlier this year year, Darryl Bosshard from Redmond Real Salt sent me samples of his unrefined salt. He sent both fine and kosher grains (here’s a video about grain sizes in salt) and I have to tell you, I got hooked! The salt is just as versatile as the Himalayan. It is dry and tastes delicious. I love that it is mined nearer to home (Utah as opposed to Pakistan)… but the real kicker is I can get it for about $2 per pound!

To get that price, I special ordered 25# bags of Redmond Real Salt through the health food department of the grocery store. They gave me 10% off the retail/bulk price, and now we have a good supply of salt in our long-term food storage. They carry it in the bulk bins, too, and even at regular price, it is by far the cheapest real salt option out there. You’ll probably find the same when you shop around.

If you can’t find it locally, you can order online. Use coupon code “gnowfglins” to get 15% off — and orders over $35 get FREE SHIPPING.

Oh, I forgot! We also use the Redmond Animal Salt for our farm animals, too! (That comes through Azure Standard.)

Here’s a really, really good video about how Redmond Salt was discovered, and how it is mined and produced. This is a video that just makes you feel good about real food. Another good video for kids!

So, like I said — hooked. I am.

Redmond Clay

Darryl sent me some Redmond Clay, too — various skin care and internal clay products made from weathered volcanic ash, a bentonite type of clay. Here’s a video about “Redmond Clay.”

And this video shows how great clay is when you have kids around! (And not as a play-doh substitute.)

Lots more videos about Redmond Clay are here. I would have embedded them all if I didn’t think it was overkill. 😉

What does my family think of Redmond Clay? We’ve given it a good shot — and found it is very useful. The clay tablets cleared up an extended bout of diarrhea for a family member within a matter of hours. One of my daughters uses the clay as a nightly mask and it is doing wonders for her skin. And me, I love, love, love the clay toothpaste — Earthpaste!

Save 15%!

If you’re interested in trying out any of Redmond’s products — Real Salt, Redmond Clay, or Earthpaste — you can save 15% at when you use the coupon code “gnowfglins”. Orders over $35 get free shipping; even more savings!

Redmond Giveaway: $73 Value!

Ready for the giveaway? Redmond is giving two GNOWFGLINS readers a $73+ prize package that includes Real Salt, Redmond Clay, and Earthpaste products! This is a very similar collection to what I received earlier in the year. So believe me when I tell you it is awesome and you are going to love it…

What’s included?

See — I told you. Awesome.

How to Enter

This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. only. (I’m really sorry, international friends! :( )

Use the widget below to enter. The giveaway starts today and ends at midnight on Sunday, September 30, 2012.

I’ll select two winners from among the entries, and announce the winners on Monday, October 1, 2012.

Just so you know, I will verify the entries of anyone who is selected, and if I find anything is not true, I will move on and select someone else.

Best wishes, everyone!

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Don’t forget — tell us in the comments below which product(s) interest you and why!

Disclaimer: Redmond gave me a generous box of sample products and is compensating me for hosting this review and giveaway. The samples were given without any obligation for a favorable review, so it is with pleasure I wholeheartedly recommend any or all of Redmond’s fine products to you.

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. says

    What a great giveaway. I buy my unrefined sea salt (it’s grey) at World Market. I also buy their Hawaiian Sea Salt (it’s pinkish). Would love to try the Redmond products! Thanks for sharing this awesome info! :)

  2. Valerie Gray says

    I have been dealing with chronic Lyme Disease for about 15 years, and heavy doses of antibiotics over that long a time have not been kind to my gut. I am on the GAPS intro diet, but have been using mostly standard table salt with some Celtic sea salt. It’s expensive, and I try to use products sourced closer to home, so the Redmond sea salt sounds perfect. I love that it is not from modern (polluted) oceans! (Thanks for the informative blog!) I believe the antibiotics have also dulled my skin, and I would love to try the clay mask. The Earthpaste sounds odd to me–which makes curious me want to try it. : )

  3. Micah says

    Great info! I’m interested in trying the tooth paste and face products. I’m always looking for new ways to bring natural products into our home.

  4. Lisa H. says

    Would love to try this out, especially the clay. I love the taste of real salt too! It gives everything more real flavor, rather than just making it salty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. says

    I am interested in trying the Red Clay products. I purchased Celtic Sea Salt several months ago when I started readidng your blog, but after reading this post, I will be re-stocking with Redmond Real salt. The flavor of the Celtic is good, but I wondered why it was clumpy/wet!

  6. says

    I just tried their toothpaste, and am really liking it so…besides that the clay is really interesting to me and probably the next thing I’d really LOVE to try! :-))

    • says

      I didn’t “like ” the tooth paste of FB because I have not tried it yet. Is there any concern that there is no flouride in it?
      I have read that adding flouride to our water is not healthy, but maybe it shoudl still be in our toothpaste?

  7. says

    WOW! That is so generous!! I switched to pink himalayan sea salt a year ago and never went back to the icky white stuff! I will definitely try Redmond (especially because it’s made in the USA!

  8. says

    We have been using a combo of Real Salt, Himalayan Pink and Celtic Grey for a few years now and LOVE them all. We use Real Salt for every day, Himalayan for special occasions and Celtic for cooking, fermenting, etc. I LOVE that I can salt our food and KNOW that we are enhancing our health. We love to tell people about how salt is actually very good for you and to watch their eyebrows raise and they say ,”Really?!”. There’s just something about salt. I would love to try any of their skin care products for our family.
    Thanks for your offer!
    Be Blessed.

  9. Ouida Lampert says

    I’ve been using the Celtic sea salt, and, frankly, I think it is time to change. The wetness is a deterrent, as you note – but, drying it is brilliant! So, I have been looking for a salt and this giveaway would be a great way to try something different.

  10. Georgia says

    Great products! I recently tried out the Redmond products, and I LOVE them. Thanks for the giveaway, and also for the coupon code for the Redmond site. It might be time to restock.

  11. Natasha says

    I’m almosy through with 1st bag of Redmond real salt. I like it a lot, but sometimes I think it’s a little gritty & didn’t dissolve thoroughly. Sometimes we salt things after we prep them, which would probably mean a very gritty texture in our foods. Is there a way around that? Is the Himalayan salt gritty?

  12. Danielle says

    Yay!!! I LOVE Real Salt, I’ve been blessed to be able to use it for a few years! This stuff is really great, I use it in everything. From my baked goods {breads, muffins} to everyday use in the kitchen.

  13. Heather K. says

    I have used the Redmond realsalt and I love it! I am wanting to try the clay and the toothpaste too, so I am excited that you are offering this giveaway… thank you!

  14. Kimberly says

    I would love to try the salt, we use sea salt already, but I’m positive it’s nothing like this Real Salt. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  15. Diana smith hill says

    I love the clay and salt! Right now i use celtic salt and prefer salt from home too. I would love to try their salts. The clay looks amazing! Who doesnt love a great clay!

  16. Mandy says

    The salt! I have never had real salt..just table and sea salt from the grocery store. I really like salty things and this interests me very much…thank you for the information on what is and isn’t good for you!

  17. AmandaLP says

    I am interested in the clay, as I haven’t used it before. I am currently using some Celtic Sea Salt that I got, and then will probably switch back to Real Salt. :)

  18. ROBIN says

    I have used Redmond salt and love it, but had no idea they had other products! I would love to try the clay products and hope I win!

  19. Jean whitaker says

    I have an interest in real salt as my SO can not have the other kind. Love that I am learning so much from your blog. We just bought 3 acres here in Wisconsin and boy! am I having fun with finally getting back to a garden and am going to try a few chickens and who knows what else?? Anyway—thanks for all the help you have given me.

  20. Mary says

    Real Salt is fantastic.
    My husband likes the Earth Paste toothpaste with his electric toothbrush. The lack of foam limits the spatter for him.
    I like Redmond’s clay better than another I have tried.

  21. Sarah DJ says

    I love all of their products I’ve tried, and they’ve become staples in our family! I have only tried their “normal” salt though, and would love to try the kosher. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. says

    I’m already a RealSalt convert – use it all the time! I am very interested in trying the Redmond Clay, but I’d be most excited about the RealSalt seasoning blends. I haven’t tried any of those yet.

  23. Erin B says

    I’ve been hearing more about these products/brands lately and am getting more interested in trying them. I think I’d like to try the Earthpaste the most because the rest of my morning is pretty natural but I’m still using regular toothpaste.

  24. leah says

    This household is devoted to Real Salt and Earthpaste. Even my two year old brushes with it. I try to get everyone hooked on the salt. So Yummy.

  25. Sara says

    I am most interested in the Real Salt Seasoning Gift set because I’d love to experiement with the different flavors in my cooking.

  26. Heather H says

    Hi!! What an exciting giveaway! I discovered Redmond products a few months ago, and have been wanting to try everything! I am especially interested in the Clay, and all of the benefits I have been reading about. Thank you so much for such a fun giveaway :)

  27. Tina says

    As a nurse, I teach all my patients about using REAL salt versus the junk they sell at the grocery stores. I was able to get my 80 year old mother off of 5 of her blood pressure medications by changing her salt from fake to real- since she wouldn’t stop using salt all together! Now, if I could only change the rest of her diet……. :)

    Love real salt, and I’ve tried their clay as well- great stuff!

  28. says

    I love Real Salt and have been using it for years. I purchase it in 25# bags directly from Redmond and the shipping is free. I haven’t tried the clay yet. They sent me samples of the tooth paste. It reminds me of a powder my dad used for dentures years ago. I wonder if his powder was clay.

  29. says

    I began using Redmond Real Salt about a year ago, when my doctor said I needed to greatly reduce my salt intake. Since I limit processed foods a lot more than I used to do, I can safely use Redmond Real Salt in all of our recipes, and it doesn’t seem to affect me at all. Yeah! :)

    I’d love to try their toothpaste…although I’m a bit hesitant about trying other tastes of toothpaste.

  30. Leah says

    I’ve tried the clay (dissolved in liquid) and it’s kind of difficult to take, but I find sometimes I sort of crave it. I want to try the first aid clay.

  31. Samantha Smith says

    I found some Himalayan Pink salt at TJ Maxx. For $2 a pound!! Score!!!

    I would really like to try this toothpaste.

  32. says

    What a great giveaway – thank you so much! I am very interested in trying the clay facial mask. At 46 I still get blemishes and have very oily skin. Finding a natural product that could bring out the beauty in my face would be awesome!

  33. Kymber says

    I stopped using normal table salt when I was 15 and had a very hard time convincing myself I needed salt at all. A friend had me try the pink hymalian salt…it was ok…but still didn’t want/like it. Then another friend suggested Redmond’s…and I LOVE IT. My family is like stop…that is salt…you don’t use salt. But I love it!! My son came home from college and tried it and loved it too…so he asked me to get him some. Went to the store and bought it and the cashier made a comment about how she wants to try it…and my son starts in on telling her how yummy it is…and he is now using less of it then table salt…and how it is so good for you…

  34. says

    We buy the Redmond’s Animal Salt, too! And I have a secret: I usually pull out half a gallon to a gallon, and that is what I cook with. A simple grinder will make it fine enough for a salt shaker, but I usually salt our foods while cooking–especially now that we’re on GAPS and eating soup all the time. That is the cheapest way I have found to buy Real Salt. Of course, I hadn’t tried purchasing it in bulk bags from a store like you!

    Thank you for this post; it was fun to learn more about Redmond’s. :)

  35. Laurie White says

    I am interested in trying the earth paste in all three flavors; wintergreen, cinnamon and peppermint. The pot of clay to keep in the cabinet for poultices and during winter as a bi-weekly natural detox shampoo for sweaty scalps drawing out collected toxins to keep our scalp and hair clean as well as healthy and shiny would be nice too.

  36. says

    Great giveaway!!! The Redmond Clay items are what interests me the most. I recently started doing research into various clays and have yet to really branch out and try any!

  37. Elizabeth says

    Really love this product – the Real Salt (fine) is sitting on the breakfast table
    as I write! Our whole family loves it and uses it every day.

  38. says

    Thank you Wardeh! I have always wanted to try some of the Redmond clay products. I am now very excited to finally do it! What an informative post! I LOVE Real Salt!

  39. Dianna Annette says

    I use sea salt vs. nasty Table salt. If there is a salt that is better for you and tastier I’m all in. An added bonus is that the salt is from the US and we need to buy from as many US companies as we can to help support the businesses and economy!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  40. says

    I’m so, so, so excited about this giveaway! I’ve heard a little bit about real salt but have yet to delve into the world of real salt (mostly because of the cost). We’re nearly out of our grocery store stuff, so now would be a perfect time to switch over!

  41. chris c. says

    I would love to try the redmond salt and clay products. I have been diagnosed with stage 1 CHF at the age of 48! I have heard about the benefits of real salt vs processed salt. I have been trying to reduce my salt intake, but I LOVE SALT!! I am new to eating healthy. What a great opportunity to try some of the products that will help me turn around my health issues!

  42. says

    Since we already use the salt, what interests me most is the Clay–my children insist on going barefoot and so we have regular bee stings. I’d love to see if it helps!

  43. says

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try the salt for awhile. They carried it in the stores in my last home town but I haven’t had a chance to look for it here. Thanks for reminding me! I’ve heard wonderful things about the clay too…

  44. says

    I’m probably most interested in the clay mask (because I’m a skin care junkie whose constantly trying to find more natural alternatives to products) and the Earth Paste b/c I am having a hard time finding a natural toothpaste I like.

  45. Debbie (Grammiebear) says

    Wow! This is such an awesome giveaway! I love the real salt and the earthpaste, esp. the cinnamon! It doesn’t burn my mouth and it helps whitten my teeth. It’s great!

  46. Becky says

    I’ve been using Redmond real salt per GNOWFLGINS reccomendation since the fundamentals II course on salt came out and LOVE it. I’m most excited for the pocket shakers because I really want to share this awesome product with my friends and family.

  47. Emilee says

    I have used all of the above salts as well, I found that the celtic gray salt, would not dissolve well, so if I put it in say hamburger meat to make burgers, you would end up eating dry crunchy burgers, like you put sand in them! UGH!!!

    I have bought some Himalayan salt, I enjoyed the one I have gotten from Swanson but the recent 5lb bulk bag I bought from amazon is so/so. It does shake/pour as well as real salt, and occasionally I get pieces that feel like glass or sand.

    I feel like the Redmond Real Salt is much more user friendly and predictable as to what I’m getting and how it will work in my food and my body loves it.

    Also for anyone who hasn’t used anything other than “refined salt” or “sodium chloride” salt from the grocery store or what is typically in any of your packaged or prepared foods, you do not get that “bloated” feeling or that nasty metallic flavor, or that stark “saltiness”. Also a little goes a long way but even if you get “too much” it’s still not as overpowering. But I find that I rarely ever “salt” my foods except a dash on top of steamed veggies if they didn’t get salted during steaming, because I adequately salt/season my dishes/foods when cooking. I remember before I used to eat “real foods” I was constantly adding more and more salt to dishes, now I rarely have to salt things, but they taste just perfect to me. Just enough saltiness.

    Also most “sea salts” out there on the shelf are just salt from the sea that are refined just the same as the other refined salts, so don’t be deceived there either, again just tasting them you can tell.

  48. Shannon D. says

    I’m most interested in the Earthpaste because I haven’t found a natural toothpaste that my family likes and I really want to quit buying the regular unhealthy pastes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. says

    i am new to canning & beginging a healthy lifestyle for my family. i am looking into all alternatives and salt is something my hubby uses too much of so we need a better chioce!

  50. Penny Simmons says

    Oh! I’m SOOOO excited to learn about Real Salt!! I’ve got high blood pressure so am anxious to see if using Real Salt will make any difference at all. I have changed to a much more healthy, real food based diet and have been able to get off one medication so far and am working toward health through nutrition alone. Also I am very interested in the Redmond clay for a grandson with eczema and daughter with acne.And for me? I’m most excited about the toothpaste! Thanks so much for the intro to the Redmond line of products, Wardeh!

  51. Andrea In SLC says

    I love Redmond Salt! I was introduced several years ago and we’ve recently switched to using just that. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  52. Brenda says

    Wardeh, I’m am seriously troubled by the fact that real foodies advocate Redmond’s Real Salt. Why? Because of their self-imposed pollution of their pristine source! In their marketing they denigrate Celtic (exposed to ocean, air and water, but hand mined) and Himalayan (possibly exposed to the air, but not water, and is hand mined) salts because of their pollution potential while they demonstrate their mining with heavy-haul diesel engines polluting the inside of their mine throughout their collection process. Do they expect us to believe that the insidious diesel exhaust just magically dissipates, and doesn’t settle down on the salt in that cave, and that buyers magically then, are not ingesting it? We all know that can’t be the reality of the matter. In the video you embedded above, Redmond’s barely shows the diesel equipment that they use, but here is another video resource that reveals more:

    Please watch it and give your honest opinion afterwards. I believe that their claims to superior purity are totally hypocritical, and when I used Real Salt a couple of times (prior to seeing how it was produced), I didn’t appreciate the grit that I kept running into, and quit buying it.

    Now as for Redmond’s clay, it sounds good the way they tell it, but they need to be more transparent by posting their testing results online like and do. Otherwise, they could be practicing the same hypocrisy with their clay as they are with their salt. Also, as I understand it, calcium bentonite clay has more healing properties than sodium bentonite clay, and therefore, I must presume, more than an equal blend of sodium/calcium bentonite clay, and if that is the case, it will take more of their clay to equal the healing effects of straight calcium bentonite clay, and may, therefore, cost more in the long run. I only recently learned about the healing uses of clay myself, but have been researching it ever since. Any company that has their own profits on the line cannot automatically be trusted, IMO. (Would it surprise you to know that it is more difficult to find unbiased information online about the healing properties of bentonite clay than it is to find unbiased information about real food?)

    As you can tell, Wardeh, I feel very strongly about these issues, and I certainly want you to know that I am not against you personally! And, I am sorry to rain on your parade, Wardeh, but I felt that I had to reveal what Redmond’s doesn’t. It is never my intention to offend anyone!

  53. jennifer says

    I am just learning about the dangers of using processed foods of all types. I thought if it is sold to eat it is safe. we have federal guidelines right? Boy was I wrong. I am working to change over our diets and eating habits. I really enjoyed the information from this post and am looking forward to getting rid of the tasteless salty substance we have grown to know as salt.

  54. Amy says

    I recently bought me first bag of Real Salt and love it!. I’m interested in their other products and would love to give them a try!

  55. Dawn P. says

    Thanks so much for this post. I already LOVE Redmond’s RealSalt, but I had no idea about their other products and I’ve been looking for a toothpaste alternative.

  56. Michelle says

    I am thankful for this information…..natural salt is the bomb! I hope awareness of this ingredient is increased to help folks with their health and natural food choices.

  57. Simona says

    Yes, it is true, it is important what quality of salt one consumes, there are salts and salts and commercial ones that are refined and have ( as here mentioned) the lowest mineral values. I’m a fan of sea salt, I used “blue wale” I think it’s a brand from France in past, then the Himalayan pink and this year I found Real Salt in my store, read the label and purchased it but not as cheap as you mention when purchased in bulk. Love the salt, I have the fine and coarse grains but I would definately want to try the clay for face, I have a complicated skin and use as much natural resources as possible.
    Btw I do kimchi so to me it is also important to make quality food with natural healthy ingredients and that counts also for real salt – I would be very happy to win a giveaway and share it with my daughter :)
    PS Sorry I don’t have twitter:(

  58. Kristina S says

    We’ve been using this product, as well as their RealSalt garlic and onion salts for years and just love them! Would love to try the clay products and Earthpaste, though!

  59. Julie says

    We got Real Salt in our CSA this winter. I’d used it before, but that was when I realized it was a local food! I’d love to try the clay and earthpaste too.

  60. Alicia says

    I love Real Salt. I have never tried their clay products. I just last week received my first order of bentonite clay and am just starting trying out the many ways to use it (face, orally, tooth powder). What a cool giveaway, thanks!

  61. says

    I love this informative post. However, I think it means that I am using refined sea salt:( I would love to try the Redmond Real Salt and taste the difference. My mom swears by the Himalyan Pink Sea Salt, but I’ve never had it myself.

  62. Veornica Thomas says

    I recently tried RealSalt and you are right – there is a real difference! from this gift basket – it all looks amazing!

  63. says

    Ha! I was JUST shopping online for real salt this morning! Labels can be so misleading, so it’s great to see everything laid out (including taste/ease of use!) for us newbies!

    • says

      heh, silly me, I didn’t read the details of the “add a comment” giveaway entry. I would love to try Real Salt because a) it sounds so user friendly, and b) I think I know a store near(ish) me that carries it (in case I don’t win). :) However, I am intrigued by Himalayan salt because it’s PINK! Colors make everything fun!

  64. Lori Houston Pewsey says

    I am very interested in the Redmond Salt. I watch my intake of artificial or processed foods very carefully, and use the Sea Salt that I find in bulk bins at the grocery store…. I was enlightened by your blog post… and really must check these products out! Thank you for the giveaway!

  65. says

    A few years ago i suffered terrible back back pain , went to a chiropracter and he put me on a celtic sea salt reg. this was to remove heavy metals from the body ( aluiminum in my case ) but as someone else said its wet and not user freindly at all . Real salt is great :)

  66. Sherri says

    I knew regular table salt was horrible, but I thought I was doing good by using regular sea salt. I had no idea! Thanks for sharing, Wardeh. I can’t wait to see if my local natural foods market carries Redmond salt!

  67. Tammy R. says

    I love Real Salt! I haven’t tried any of their other products though so I am interested in both the Salt Seasoning Gift Set and the little Real Salt shakers… how cute! I could carry them and use them at places that use the nasty bad salt :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  68. Kylie says

    I don’t know what I’m more excited about, the salt or the Earthpaste! I am just about out of my Earthpaste samples I scored on Facebook a few weeks ago and I love it!

  69. Tracy Petitjean says

    I’ve just recently found out about this site and am learning about healthier products and I’m trying to change everything in our home to be healthy and without chemicals, hormones and antibiotics added. I wish I had known about all these things sooner but this natural salt sounds great. I don’t care for iodized salt and have stopped using it for the most part and don’t use any at all. I’d really love to try this and the clay products since I’ve never heard of them until today. All natural is always better.

  70. Kathleen says

    all these products look awesome. I would love to try any and all the salts, clay is something I would definitely like to try and also the toothpaste since now I am using baking soda and think this would be a good change.

  71. Jessica Colvin says

    Wow. I have been wanting to try redmond clay, but havent taken the plunge yet. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway.

  72. Mallory S says

    The Peppermint Earthpaste interests me most because I haven’t been able to find a good natural toothpaste that works and doesn’t make me want to throw up!

  73. Ann Marie Vitello says

    I’ve been wanting to try Redmond products for a few months now. Just waiting till we have a little more wiggle room in our budget. There stuff seems simply amazing.

  74. April says

    I think the salt I’m using right now is celtic, and I love it! The taste is strong so I only need a bit at a time as well.

  75. Ghada says

    I would love to try the clay, since I heard a lot about it’s benefits for the body! Thanks for the post, I recently changed the salt to the pink or gray whatever I will find but didn’t think of the pollution!

  76. Nancy Jane says

    The real salt interest me the most, my husband has high blood pressure and does not eat salt anymore, sometimes he really misses it. I would love to find a healthy, really good tasting alternative to fulfill that need.

  77. Deborah says

    I have the same complaint about Celtic sea salt. It’s too wet to be used easily. I’d really love to try the Redmond salt.

  78. Trezlen says

    I’m most interested in the toothpaste because I am on the search for an all-natural toothpaste that I’m not allergic to.

  79. Emily says

    I would really like to get the Earthpaste, because I used up all my samples and can’t really afford to buy it. Going from $1.00 toothpaste to $8.00 toothpaste is a big jump!
    I also want to try the facial mud and see if it helps with my acne.
    Great giveaway guys, thanks for doing this!

  80. Lori Mayberry says

    I am interested in all of the Redmond products, but especially the Real Salt , the toothpaste and the clay!. I recently read something about clay and wondered where I’d get something like that! Thank you for the information and for opportunity to enter the giveaway!

  81. Michelle W. says

    I have used Redmond Real Salt before and loved it. I’ve never tried the clay products, but they sure sound promising. And I’ve been looking for a toothpaste alternative to what we are currently using, so that would be good too! :-)

  82. Brittany Ardito says

    I didn’t know there was such a big difference between sea salts. Thanks for the information. I want to try some of that awesome Redmond Sea Salt after reading your article!

  83. Joy says

    This is really interesting! I’m learning new things all the time. I’m definitely going to go to the cabinet and search out that container of salt with pink specks that I got from the food co-op a while back. I’m also going to look into Redmond Real Salt.

    I think I’ll check with my granddaughter and she if she would be interested in trying the clay mask.

    Lots of good things to check into.

  84. Hannah R says

    I just tried the eathpaste the other day and I really like it. I also love using my real salt and clay too. I probably like the salt the best.

  85. Sharon says

    Oh my gosh, I am excited about all of them! I guess if I had to pick one it would be the Earthpaste….no, wait, the Clay…, wait, the Real Salt! LOL

  86. Erika Burnett says

    I am interested in the pocket shakers, since I have several family members and friends who also believe salt is evil!

    While I am a foreign resident, I have also kept an American residence going, with a MI shipping address. But no problem if that doesn’t qualify!

    Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  87. Rebecca says

    All of these products sound wonderful! I’d love to get more minerals into my diet, and I’m interested in learning more about healing with clay!

  88. Fran Kozicki says

    awesome giveaway! I too, use Himalayan salt, and never knew Redmond had salt also. Would love to win and try all these great products!!

  89. ellens says

    sounds terrific. i’ve been using himilayan pink and have been looking for similar products. so the salt sounds good. the earthpaste sounds very interesting too. hope i win

  90. Ruth says

    All of the products interest me because I try to only use good salts. The pocket shakers would be great for eating good salt when traveling!

  91. says

    I currently use REAL SALT and am almost out. I have just introduced a friend of mine to the REAL SALT and have had several converstaions with people who for health reasons don’t use salt and I have had opportunities to explain the difference of store bought salt and REAL SALT – I would absolutely LOVE to win some REAL SALT – I use it for everything!

  92. trish says

    I would be beside myself with simple excitement to taste and experiment with REAL salt. Oh and the tooth paste and mask how fun. This clean living I’ve been doing now for 11 months is so interesting!

  93. Mary N. says

    I have used Redmond’s products for quite a few years now. I use the salt in canning, fermenting, etc. Works great. Haven’t tried the clay yet, but would love to do so. Thanks.

  94. Sonja says

    I am interested in trying the Real Salt seasoning gift set. I’ve been intrigued by this stuff for a while but just haven’t actually bought it yet. Very curious to try cooking with it!

  95. says

    We use (and love!) Redmond Real Salt because it’s tasty, healthy and not too expensive! (All the reasons you’ve already listed here :) ) I’m intrigued by the Earthpaste and might have to give it a try sometime.

  96. says

    Would love to try all these products! Curious to know if
    Iodine is added to salt that has been processed, or is it
    natural? Do these natural salts have iodine? I know thyroid
    problems are supposed to be due to lack of iodine, and we
    have been told for so long not to eat salt due to high blood
    pressure! Maybe all the processing in table salt is what is
    causing blood pressure and thyroid issues. I also mine for
    gems and minerals, and it is neat that I could actually be
    mining for a mineral that was edible!

  97. Billie Yates says

    I would love to try their earthpaste! My youngest has had dental problems which we’ve kept in check with diet. In the process of learning about proper eating and tooth care we’ve stopped using toothpaste. I’d love to try this and see if it’s something we’d like.

  98. Jennifer J says

    I’ve been using RealSalt for 20 years. I love it!! Right now, besides the bulk Real Salt, we have onion, salt, garlic salt (yummy on popcorn), and seasoned salt, which I like on everything. We also use their bath salt. Wonderful company, wonderful products.

  99. says

    The RealSalt interests me the most…I had never seen a comparison between the different types of unrefined salts, so the graphic was helpful. I also had wondered about how healthy “sea salt” from the grocery store was, but it sounds like it is likely just as refined as regular iodized/Morton’s salt. I’d lie to try the Redmond’s!

  100. Shauna says

    I currently use Celtic Salt and completely agree about it being “wet” and the fine ground is so expensive! I would be very excited to try all of these products. Thanks Wardeh!

  101. Leize Day says

    Very interested in this type of salt. I have been told by a local distributor of the Pickl-It products that the H. pink salt is the best salt to use for fermenting. It is so expensive ( but what a deal through her company! ) I would just like to have the real truth about a product without being obligated.

  102. Robin says

    I would love to try these products! I’m new to the whole traditional foods “movement” and get very excited when I find out about something else new!

  103. Betty Lumsden says

    I am very interested in the real salt. I don’t use a lot of salt because of high blood pressure and would love to have something that I don’t need to worry about.

  104. Joe W. says

    VERY interested in this salt, and will be purchasing it.

    Good videos, and everything feels honest. Foolish thing to say, but I’m young and gullible (60).


  105. Rhonda Schlachter says

    Due to several health problems,I have had to give up salt. I would be very grateful to get to try Redmond Real Salt.

  106. Patty D. says

    Quite interested and anxious to try the ‘Real Salt’ product …. wondering if you are at all concerned about getting enough iodine? This is ignorance speaking, but I take a thyroid med. due to hypo-thyroidism and want to have a healthy thyroid… wondering what you do for your family Wardeh? We use raw cow milk — just wondering! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  107. Carol says

    We’ve happily used Celtic salt for years now, but I’m really interested in trying Redmond after reading this and watching some of the videos. I’d never considered before that the oceans are subject to pollution and that perhaps salt from an ancient sea bed might be purer. I like the fact that it’s a US product as well.

  108. Rose C says

    I am very interested in the clay and the toothpaste. I have heard so much about the benifits of the clay and would love to win this package so I can try it. Thank you for the giveaway. Good luck to all who enter.

  109. Susan says

    I LOVE their salt…I can get it in bulk at our food coop, but to win this is fantastic! I’ve converted my husband do it and working on the rest of the family. We are stocking up on salt so I will be moving the regular stuff out of the kitchen and into the pantry and the only thing available will be the Redmond. But I would LOVE to try their other products!

  110. says

    I’m glad you’ve developed this relationship with Redmond salt. I wish you had given more information about where this salt comes from.
    Meanwhile, you mentioned you didn’t like sea salt because it is “wet” — If you put it in a non-porous container (i.e., glass), and you add in 4 or 5 grains of rice, you eliminate the problem. This is an old-fashioned method — I remember my grandmothers’ salt shakers with about 1/8 rice to 7/8 salt.

  111. Beth Keck says

    What a wonderful package that is being given away! I would love to have the powdered clay for preparedness reasons. It seems like a great product to have on hand in case of emergencies. We have lost the art of taking care of ourselves and I think the clay would be a great way for anyone to start doing that.

  112. sarah kobeski says

    i am interested in the toothpaste mainly because the “natural” brands all seem to use either SLS or hydrated silica, which are harsh and i try to avoid.

  113. Ann says

    20 years ago I received a bulk shipment of blocks for the horses on my organic Thoroughbred training farm in New Jersey. Loved them! At that point I do not believe there were many other products. Slowly I have watched as the company became more mainstream and the salt started showing up in health food stores. I can’t wait to try the “new” to me products. What a great way to help educate and give goodies at Christmas. My animals, (there are only 2 left and we are now in California somewhat retired but an ardent spokes person for good health.) and I have used various internal clays for health and parasite control forever. i would really like to try and use all the Redmond products.

  114. says

    A really like the idea of having a real salt that’s from the USA, a great way to support the economy and local food. I usually use Himalayan pink sea salt, but I like finding new salts. If you’re ever up in Portland you should check out a store called The Meadow, they carry real salt from 29 different countries ( It a little pricey but a fun treat.

  115. says

    Hey there!! My sister-in-law sent me the link to your site. My husband was just diagnosed with high blood pressure and so I am most definitely interested in the salt. The toothpaste sounds intriguing as well.
    Thanks for the generous offer!

  116. says

    I’m very excited about this giveaway! I would love to try all of the products being given away! And although I’ve been using “Sea Salt” from the bulk bins at my co-op it is completely white and I’ve always wondered where it is from/how it is derived. I guess I should probably find out more info about it!

  117. Melody says

    I would like to try Earthpaste because we’ve been trying different recipes for homemade toothpaste and haven’t found exactly what we’re looking for.

  118. Tracy S says

    I already use (and LOVE) REALsalt! I’ve been interested in learning more about clay and all of it’s fabulous uses and benefits. What can I say, I like to try new things. A trip to the grocery store and/or the health food store is an adventure! You never know what I’ll come home with!

  119. Joe Rubin says

    I use Real Salt & am interested in the 9 oz shaker plus the pocket shakers for friends & family. I’d also like to try the clay.

    Thanks for a great blog, newsletter & giveaway.

    Take care. Be well.

  120. Charlotte Oliver says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the salt. I really like redmons real salt. I have ordered online for years. We are always looking for ways to be more healthy. Thanks

  121. Michele Cais says

    We have a hard time finding low salt entry’s for my husband. I’m thinking if we used Real Salt maybe it wouldn’t be as much of an issue and we would all be better off for it. After all its the salt of the earth that god intended us to use, right! I have been wanting to try the EarthPaste for the longest. I’m just having a hard time getting samples for some reason. I sure would love to win this for the health of my family. Thanks!

  122. Gwen B. says

    Thank you so much for making helathy products so accessable. I think the price of Celtic sea salt is outrageous and I don’t want my dollars going to Pakistan. Real Salt makes me happy! Mined here, affordable, delicious and I know I’m a better mom when I use it. I REALLY thank you and want the chance to try all of the products in this giveaway!

  123. Jan says

    I’ve been looking for a natural toothpaste that doesn’t contain glycerin. And I’ve heard clay is wonderful for skin, so I’m hoping to try these.

  124. Farmer Brown says

    I like Himalayan salt so I would like to try Redmond’s…and their other products.

    I raise grass fed cattle, goats, pigs etc. I love my farm.

  125. Laura says

    i did the taste test between real salt and table salt. wow! table salt was gross! i would love to see what the other Redmond products are like and what surprises they might bring.

  126. Jennifer says

    I use Redmond salt and just ran out! I make my own tooth powder but would love to try the Earthpaste. I’ve also been wanting to try the clay for various things. Winning this giveaway would be perfect.

  127. says

    We’re already RealSalt lovers in this house. I am interested as well in the clay and Earthpaste. I keep hearing about benefits of clay. Very interesting.

  128. Heather Russell says

    I am fascinated to hear about all of these products! I am a firm believer in eating natural foods and using natural products whenever possible. I hate giving myself or my kids medicine, and usually try to ride out whatever ailment we have without medicating. I hate the amount of fluoride in all the toothpastes, and have looked for a long time for a healthier alternative. I would love to try any and all of these products!

  129. Vicky says

    I just discovered it and I love Redmond Real Salt. The flavor is far superior to the grocery store brand I was using. I mix it with a bit of pepper and a bit of garlic to make an all purpose seasoning which my family loves.

  130. Rebecca Mosher says

    I would love to win this because it sounds like a great selection of products to try. I particularly would like to try the Salt Seasoning because I am not supposed to have salt. I don’t use a lot of salt but it would be nice to use something less detrimental to my health.

  131. Rebecca Mosher says

    I would love to win this because it sounds like a great selection of products to try. I particularly would like to try the Salt Seasoning because I am not supposed to have salt. I don’t use a lot of salt but it would be nice to use something less detrimental to my health.

  132. Susan says

    I have been a Real Salt fan for a long time and love, love, love it. I remember being pregnant and my midwife “prescribed” me Real Salt to reduce water retention (counter to all I had previously heard about AVOIDING sodium to reduce water retention). Worked like a charm.

    I’ve always been curious about their clay products, but have yet to try them. The Earthpaste sounds pretty intriguing and I’d love to try that, in particular.

  133. Leesa says

    This is a great giveaway! I would love to try all of these products. I currently use the Celtic sea salt, both fine and large grain, and really like it. I have purchased the Real Salt product a couple of times and really like it, too. I do like that it is made in USA and the price is so reasonable. If I win and try all these great products I’m sure it would make a believer out of me, too!

  134. Micah says

    I have been using Earthpaste for a few weeks now and absolutely LOVE it! My children, ages 8 down to 19 months, all enjoy the wintergreen flavor. Real Salt is the only salt used in our home, too.

  135. Sarah D says

    I recently tried Real Salt and loved it! I also got a sample of Earthpaste and would love to switch our toothpaste. I love that it’s so natural and has no glycerin or flouride in it. It’s wonderful!

  136. says

    There are so many fancy salts these days but the only real salt comes from only three places? I had no idea What about the designer salts – are they also poison? Or are some of them natural but just so expensive not worth mentioning?

    • says

      There are three major kinds of sea salt. There are others, too. You would have to find out from them if they process the salt with heat or chemicals, etc. Usually, salt that still has flecks of color is fairy real. I hope this helps!

  137. Sarah says

    I am really interested in both the salt and the clay products. I have Redmonds real salt at home and love it but I didn’t know they had an animal salt. I am going to have to look into that for our animals.

  138. says

    I’m not sure if I did the tweet correctly, but I think I did all the rest of them =) I’ve been using a bulk salt that looks like Redmond at my grocery store and really like it! Never tried the clay, but am very interested in that as well as the toothpaste!

  139. Michele Cais says

    I have now tried EarthPaste and it is fantastic! It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Would love to win this Real Salt package so that our whole body will feel as fresh as our teeth :-).

  140. Shelli says

    I’ve used Redmonds real salt for years. I really love it. I am excited to try the clay. I’ve used other clays for multiple skin. Haven’t taken it internally yet. Looking forward to trying it…

  141. Jennifer says

    Okay, now I’m seeing that I needed to actually talk about what interests me in the giveaway- really, all of the products look amazing, but its the SALT that stands out to me. So much of what’s out there is just regular old white salt that’s called “sea salt” and I’d like to try something that is real to get the benefits of salt. So, thanks again to Wardeh and Real Salt for hosting this giveaway.

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