Wardeh or Wardee?

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You may have noticed that I’m now-more-often-than-not spelling my name as Wardee. Since I’ve gotten more than a few questions about it, I’d like to share with everyone what’s behind the change.

It’s simple. I’m trying to help you out by spelling my name phonetically.

This way whether you’re reading it, seeing it, or hearing it, it matches. Wardee.

I’ve been offering the phonetic spelling to you for quite some time — noticed the Wardeh (‘Wardee’) in almost everything I’ve put out?

I decided to simplify even further by just offering my name as Wardee.

I think it is easier all around, and I hope you do, too.

However, I’m still Wardeh and always will be. I answer to both.

If you’ve known me as Wardeh all these years, keep using and thinking Wardeh. As someone recently wrote in an email, “you have a funny screenname that everyone seems to be able to spell.” :)

On the other hand, if you’ve just met me as Wardee, the new spelling prevents confusion in knowing how to pronounce or spell my name.

P.S. Now… what about GNOWFGLINS? Can I help you with spelling and saying that? Yes — keep on watching my videos and listening to my podcasts and you’ll get it. 😉

P.P.S. My t-shirt in the pictures above came from the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Maureen Valdivia via Facebook says

    My daughter said “Mom, you spelled Wardeh’s name wrong”…for a minute I thought I had been imagining things for a couple years! I couldn’t understand why I automatically spelled your name Wardeh when it was Wardee! :) I think I’ll reserve the right to the privilege of keeping it Wardeh now. :) Either way, you are a special person with a special name any way it’s spelled.

  2. Suzy says

    Your name is so lovely as it is. I wouldn’t change it at all. I’m not a big suporter of dumbing down anything. Stay true to who you are. If someone doesn’t know the proper pronunciation, they’ll ask. Otherwise, I think occasionally putting the phonetic spelling in parentheses next to your real name would be helpful to some folks.


    • says

      Suzy — Ahh, thank you. :) I appreciate what you said. Truly, I don’t feel like I’m dumbing it down or not being true to myself. I’m still Wardeh no matter how my name is spelled.

  3. says

    Dear WARDEH:

    I”m glad to hear that we can still use your original name, “Wardeh”. It’s kind of you to offer the phonetic spelling, but I always think it’s sad when people have to change their given names to accommodate the new culture, or whatever. With either spelling, it’s a beautiful name!

    Thumbs up for your tee-shirt message!

    • says

      Brenda — You’re sweet! Don’t be sad, though! This doesn’t feel like accommodating to me, at least not negatively. And actually, the Arabic pronounciation matches Wardeh, while the English pronounciation matches Wardee. So it is all good. And by all means, keep using Wardeh. :)

  4. Karen Laurvick via Facebook says

    Ditto, Maureen! In my note below, I spelled it ‘correctly’ then noticed here it was spelled differently and I wondered how I’d gotten it ‘so wrong’? :-)

  5. Lilliemarie Gore says

    Love Wardeh! Both spellings are unique but only one is you! :) Unfortunately I have similar issues with my name as well.

    • says

      Jessica — I got four at the WAPF conference last year, one for each of the kids and one for my husband. He doesn’t wear t-shirts much though so his became mine. :)

      The kids each got a funny slogan too. We love them!

  6. says

    I was born Julie-Anne, but everyone kept calling me Julie. Well, my mom’s name is Julie – so obviously THAT wasn’t working all that well! :)

    I changed it to Julieanne (with my parents’ encouragement), so hopefully the banks would stop mixing up our bank accounts. Things still get mixed up, even in my 40s, but it is at least a little bit better.



  7. says

    Wardeh, Wardee, tomato, tomahto, doesn’t matter. You’re awesome and amazing either way. (Just as long as nobody ever calls you “Warty.”) :)
    And by the way, I couldn’t tell at first if those pictures were you or your beautiful daughters…you’re all beginning to look like sisters!

    • says

      Wendy — Ah, thank you, you’re a sweetheart!

      About Warty…. oh, I don’t even want to say what my nickname was during grade school. During the stage where boys loved teasing girls. Just imagine and it was that bad. 😉

      • says

        Ohhhhh, nooooooooo. I can only imagine. Unfortunately, when I was in middle school, the ad campaign for Wendy’s restaurant was “Wendy’s Hot & Juicy.” So you can imagine the teasing I got. Good times!

    • says

      I never considered Warty! That’s horrible :(

      I get called LEE a lot even though Lea is pronounced like LEAH. I haven’t considered changing it, though :)

  8. Emilee Wholehealthmama via Facebook says

    You know what’s funny, people STILL don’t spell my name right? What’s so hard about Emil EE ?? I get the craziest things, like LL or II or IE or IEY, crazy stuff. It’s just like Emily without the y, just two EEs just like it sounds and they just go crazy. O_o LOL! Funniest thing is that it was usually my teachers who misspelled it!

    Now I feel for all the names like Lindsay, Lindsey, Lyndsey, Lyndsay, Linsey, Lynsey, Linsay …ah so many different spellings, who is who? LOL!

    I’ll still write Wardeh though! cause I’m compulsive like that as you can see. 😉

  9. Angelia says

    I totally get it:)

    Angelia = Angela as far as pronunciation goes – but I answer to Angie, and Ang – and of course Mom, Mother, Mommy………and the list goes on:)

  10. Jamie says

    Dear Wardeh,
    Don’t even THINK about changing GNOWFGLINS. Give us time and we’ll get it. I promise. I like the t-shirt but was distracted by the setting. Were you all camping?

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