KYF #003: Raw Dairy and Wholesome Family Farm’s Joe Bray (Part 2)

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What’s dairy farming like in Oregon? Looking for natural remedies and prevention steps for mastitis? Want to know how to find a good herdshare or needing resources to help you raise your own dairy cow?

Today’s podcast, episode #3 of Know Your Food with Wardee, answers all these questions — and more!

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What’s in Episode #3?

(Part 2 of 2) In this episode of Know Your Food with Wardee, I continue visiting with Joseph Bray from Wholesome Family Farm. Joe, with his wife and almost eight children, runs a raw dairy herdshare farm in Cottage Grove, Oregon*.

We talk about raw dairy farming in Oregon, natural handling of mastitis, and resources for those interested in finding or raising raw dairy. See part 1 here.

Be sure to visit Joe’s farm website and like their page on Facebook, too.

*Update: since recording this podcast, Joe shared some very good news. He found a larger property and is moving his herdshare off the 6-acre farm (plus additional leased land) in Cottage Grove to a 67-acre farm in Creswell, Oregon. :) We’re really happy for him, his family, and their cows!

What’s Coming Up…

The raw dairy series continues, and next week I’ll be talking with Nance Sparks from — she moved her homestead from Arizona to Wisconsin so I want to get all the scoop on that!

For past or current episodes, check out the Know Your Food with Wardee podcast archives.

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It’s Your Turn

Got any questions for Joe about mastitis, herdshares, raw milk, or anything else? Please ask away!

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This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


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    Hi Wardee,
    When I hit the “Listen to it!” button I get a very short commercial like video. Is that because I am using my IPad and need to use my PC? I have been unable to hear all three podcasts about Joe, but followed you on your live podcast one time. How do I listen to the podcast? Please advise.
    Carol G

    • says

      Carol — Hmmm…

      You’re the second person who is telling me they can’t listen on the iPad, which is strange because I can listen on my iPhone (at least on the BTR page). Normally they both work or they both don’t. 😉

      Are you saying that when you click “play” on the player above it doesn’t play?

      Try the link just below the player (where it says if you can’t see the player, click here). That will take you to the Blog Talk Radio page. Can you play it there?

      • Carol G. says

        Hi Wardee,
        I was unable to see the player on both my IPad and IPhone, but was able to get the podcast when I clicked the button for not being able to see the player which took me to the talk radio blog. When I tried on my PC laptop I had no issues. It definitely has something to do with the IPad and IPhone and how the player is set up on your blog because I had no problem on the talk radio blog using the IPad and IPhone. I hope this info helps.

        • says

          Carol — Yes, I agree. And I think we’re both in the same situation. I can’t use the player here either, but I can listen from BTR page (on my iPhone). I think the player I can embed here is not compatible, and I can’t do anything about that, unfortunately.

          I’m trying to get my podcast on Stitcher, which has an iPhone/iPad app and seems to be great for listening to podcasts on mobile devices. I have no idea when I’ll hear back from them on being included. That might be an option for you for some day.

          Another option is to subscribe by iTunes and listen that way.

          Thanks for letting me know!

          • Carol G. says

            No problem! I can drag out my dinosaur-laptop to listen until then. My laptop was so streamline when I bought it a few years back, but once I had to travel with it, it felt like a boat anchor! LOL! It is now my “home” computer and I travel with my IPad. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us! As always I enjoy what you have to share!

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