Amazing Food Preservation Giveaway!

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At our webinar this afternoon, we kicked off a great giveaway for food preservation tools and resources!

The giveaway is open to everyone, but… :)

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Best wishes, everyone! And thanks to Amazing Graze Farm, Homesteader Supply, and my publisher for donating the prizes!

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This giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday, August 12, 2012. I’ll announce the winners on Monday, August 13, 2012. Open to U.S. residents only.

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This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Darlene says

    I like to freeze best for food preservation because I can freeze small amounts at a time. I have never tried dehydration,although I do dry herbs.

  2. Deann says

    I’m so bummed that I couldn’t get the audio to work! The webinar kept freezing and I never heard a sound. Can’t wait for the replay later though :)

  3. Carol L. Guenzel says

    I mostly use the freezer, but I am also learning to use fermentation (Wardee’s book of course) and dehydration as well.

  4. Kim says

    I’m learning so much from everyone! I have tried canning and dehydrating but still consider myself a newbie.

  5. Tina says

    I use all the methods taught today except for fermenting. I was glad to hear how to do that and am looking forward to trying it. I like to dehydrate.

  6. Rose C says

    I really loved listening to all the information on the webinar and can’t wait to get the pdf to store in my independant living folder. Thank you and all of the other wonderful ladies for such a great webinar.

  7. Fibia says

    Because I didn’t really do any of the other ones, I use freezing as a preferred method. I canned a couple of times.

  8. Regina says

    My favorite way to preserve is canning because I grew up doing that more than any other. I also freeze a lot.

  9. Carolyn says

    I have to say, my most favorite method of preserving is fermenting. I enjoy the other ways and do employ them, but fermenting is tops in my book as it has healed my health issues.

  10. Tiffany says

    I like to freeze as much as my freezer will hold…especially with some vegetables and meats, but we do can a lot in our house as well.

  11. Bonnie says

    Great webinar and thanks for the prize chances! I use each type of preservation, but am starting to use dehydrating more and canning less.

  12. Debra says

    I use a variety of methods also- freezing, canning, dehydrating and fermenting. I don’t like to put all of my “eggs” in one bucket.

  13. Kathee VZ says

    I haven’t done ANY of the methods yet, but I think I’d like to try canning and dehydrating. Not sure which one first. Thanks for all the help offered during your webinar – and for all the resources. I have some studying to do.

  14. Ashlee K. says

    Thanks for such a great giveaway! My favorite preserving method is freezing because I’m not strong in kitchen skills :-)

  15. says

    I really like fermenting because it doesn’t make me hot and sweaty or heat up the house, and it increases the nutrition of food. I like dehydrating, too. I do freezing when I’m short on time.

  16. Deb Rice says

    Just attended the Food Preservation 101 free class and it was really helpful. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  17. Robbie Wood says

    What fabulous giveaway, thank you!
    Im super stoked and excited.
    My favorite method of preserving food is fermenting and dehydrating. I love to ferment becasue I LOVE the taste. Make’s my brain and body feel good whenever I eat it because I know the probiotics are getting busy. :)
    I also love to dehydrate because I can make my grain/free gluten free crackers, or anything I desire and it takes up very little space with storing.

  18. says

    Right now freezing is easiest, but I can do both water bath and pressure canning. I want to learn more about fermenting (wasn’t able to log in until after the first hour, so missed a lot), and I’ve only used my basic dehydrator for a few things.

  19. Alexis says

    Loved the webinar. I hope you end up doing a full course on preservation. I would love tours of how people are managing this in their homes.

  20. Deborah says

    I’m so tired, I hardly know my name. No surprise that I put the wrong code for the webinar giveaway. Summer’s bounty! Note to self: don’t plan stuff like this for when I should be sleeping. LOL

  21. Erin says

    Thanks so much guys! I’ve been reading up on fermentation and buying supplies to get started so this webinar is another push to get me started.

  22. Lindsey says

    Right now, my “favorite” food preservation is freezing, because that’s all I’ve done LOL! I’m very excited about dehydrating though, and look forward to learning more. Thanks for hosting the webinar, it was very well laid out and informative.

  23. Amanda R. says

    So far I have only frozen foods, so that is my current favorite means. I’m looking forward to fermenting as my next attempt.

    By the way, the 11th is Saturday, not Sunday, which makes the 12th a Sunday. Sorry if someone else pointed this out already. I only noticed because Saturday is my birthday, and I actually had to double-check my dates to make sure Saturday was the 11th! 😀

    Amanda R., Louisville, KY

  24. Jesilee says

    I love dehydrating (I wish I had a dehydrator!) I think I like the fact that it is light and easy to store, quick to rehydrate and often ready to eat. I think least favorite is freezing because it takes so long to thaw to be ready to eat, especially when one does not own a microwave.

    • Bebe says

      lol… you may enjoy freezing but i’m wishing for some warmth! jk. we freeze so much meat, fish and berries we had to buy a second chest freezer!

  25. Tina says

    Freezing is my favorite for the ease, canning for the taste, and dehydrating for the preserved nutrients. Fermenting is not something I have tried enough to have an opinion of it.

  26. Chris says

    I hope Wardee’s post’s more about her deyhdrating experiences. That is currently the path I’m trying to learn for storage and nutrient-retention (dehydrating at lower temperatures to preserve enzymes. I hope she posts videos on her results. Webinar was really informative. Thanks Wardee!

  27. Carolyn Tucker says

    I have used most of these methods for years. I have a dehydrator that I have been using for 30 years–and excalibur that is still going strong. I have done water bath canning for about the same length of time–my first attempt was canning yellow plums on the lone tree in our yard. But I went on to canning applesauce, peaches, tomatoes, plums, and many other things. I have lots of berries in my freezer right now and I usually freeze veggies and meat. But my favorite right now is fermenting because I love learning new things! I have made sauerkraut and I’ve just learned how to make kefir and kombucha! Next I plan to do pickles and kimchee! Fun!

  28. Ceejay says

    Being on the GAPS diet, I definitely utilize fermenting the most. But I’m hoping to get more into dehydrating.

  29. Kassie Welch says

    I have been wanting to dabble in some fermenting. I would love to win the Pickle Pro lids. A food saver would be awesome too. Thanks so much for sharing your collective wisdom with us. It was inspirational!!

  30. AMY says

    Thanks for the great info. I am a newbie to food preservation (just in the last few months have gotten really interested). We got a freezer for our grassfed beef & I’ve been throwing extra produce in there if necessary from our CSA box. I have a dehydrator I got off of Freecycle that I’ve been using, but it’s only got 4 trays, so I’m a bit limited. But, I’m excited to learn more about other ways to preserve.

  31. Kathleen Conradt says

    My favorite method is freezing, because it is the easiest. :) I would like to learn more about canning, dehydrating, and fermenting!

  32. Katherine Roberts says

    Thank you for your Webinar today! It was very informative and I really enjoyed all the guests too!

  33. Bebe says

    enjoyed the webinar and hoping to win some goodies (although i already have your book and am using it nearly daily. today is fermented hummus!)

  34. says

    I really enjoyed today’s webinar. I especially liked hearing the opinions and ideas of several different speakers.
    It was great to hear the different viewpoints.

    Thanks for the great info,

  35. Nina says

    Great webinar! My favorite method right now is freezing and fermenting because that is what I know. I’d like to can tomatoes and learn about dehydrating with a dehydrator. I have a decently stocked pantry with dry goods, though I have never gone to the extent described to store them. I’m gluten free, so I haven’t had the issues with the larva in the pasta and have found my beans and grains to be OK in my glass mason jars. Thanks for the great info!!

  36. Laura says

    I have an older 5 tray dehydrator without a temperature gauge. Would an oven thermometer work if I used it for a temp gauge?

  37. says

    Thanks so much for sharing your collective wisdom with us. It was so inspiring. I have been wanting to dabble in some fermenting so the book or Pickle Pro lids would be so cool to win. Of course a food saver would be awesome too.

  38. Jana says

    I love dehydrating, because it’s easy, takes little actual work from me, I love the smells as it’s dehydrating, and I love the gentle hum of the dehydrator as it works. I think the best thing though, is that it’s an easy snack to grab when you’re on the run- and you don’t have to keep it cold. My favorite is dehydrated cinnamon apples!

  39. Christine blankenship says

    My favorite method right now is freezing because it’s quick and easy. I really want to ferment and dehydrate alot more in the near future.

  40. Jamie (Lisa) Beck says

    My favorite preservation method currently is freezing. I bought a large pressure canner used, but need to get a new regulator. Until then, freezing it is!

  41. says

    Thanks for another great webinar! I’m looking forward to finding out more about non-electric dehydration methods and root cellar options. What fun all this learning is!

  42. Jeanne Tate says

    Enjoyed the webinar! I got in late, but thankfully you went over time!!! :) I was interested in the comment one of the ladies said about people hot water bathing before pressure canning. Why is it that you cannot get info. online about doing this? A friend of mine says that the Amish do hot water bathing instead of pressure canning for many things that normally wouldn’t be hot water bath (ie, the “experts” say not to). Some things I simply ignore their instructions because I know what my mother and grandmother did and it didn’t hurt them a lick! Like pickles, for instance, I just take them from the simmering pot, put in hot jars, seal and they’re done. Same with pear butter. What else do people do this way? How long do people hot water bath riskier items, like green beans or meats?

  43. says

    I look forward to the replay since life was so chaotic in my house during the live webinar. My favorite method of preserving is fermenting, but I use my freezer most frequently.

  44. Nathan B says

    Our favorite preservation method right now is freezing. We’re trying canning, and I’ve tried dehydrating, but the dehydrator I was gifted is pretty poor quality and most things went moldy before they dried.

  45. Robyn says

    My favorite methods of preserving are freezing and dehydrating. I’ve just recently started fermenting. I really dislike canning.

  46. says

    My favorite method is currently fermentation, because it requires absolutely no special equipment and I love the “pickled” taste! Plus it’s good for me.

  47. Jeanne Tate says

    I should get a prize for the most confused participant. :) In the email you say, “The giveaway will be live on my blog right after the webinar. ” Did that mean where I registered and got the points for different things I did, like subscribing to the newsletter? Also, did you mean the giving would start right then or just the entry? The giveaway is Monday right? I hope I didn’t mess it up, but I could have sent that entry twice, because when I came back to it, it didn’t look like it went anywhere after I’d clicked the button to enter. Hope this isn’t as confusing as I am confused. sorry. and thanks! ~ Jeanne

  48. Julie says

    I don’t have a favorite method, yet. We just froze the majority of the 45 gallons of blueberries we picked, but I also canned a bit of bluebarb jam and blueberry syrup. We dehydrated the pulp leftover from juicing the berries for syrup, but the kids devoured that before we could store any.
    I’m looking forward to doing more fermenting for the health benefits. :)

  49. says

    After thinking things through a bit more I think I like all forms of preservation the same, each for different reasons . . . freezing because it’s fast and easy, dehydrating because it can preserve nutrients/enzymes, packs small, and stores easy, canning because it gives ready to eat meals and stores well, and fermenting because it not only preserves the nutrients, but adds more nutrients and beneficial probiotics which our family greatly needs as we work toward healing our guts.

  50. Rayna Fritcher says

    Is there a way to re-enter for the bonus giveaway, I accidently put the wrong password on one of them. Thanks for the wonderful webinar! Very informative and interesting!

  51. Nina says

    I replied to the giveaway earlier and am trying to get rid of the comment notification. It is not very easy to understand. I am re-commenting and unchecking the box at the bottom. Maybe it should be an opt-in box instead of an opt out? Am I the only one having trouble with this?

  52. Angela says

    Hey Wardee, The webinar was great, very inspiring.
    Currently my favorite method is Freezing.
    It is easy and I like to freeze entire meals or entrees (not just meal components) in the freezer.

  53. Sarah DJ says

    My favorite to DO is freezing because it’s so easy.

    My favorite to use AFTER the fact is canning – because it’s all ready to just dump out of a can – no defrosting required!

  54. Trisha says

    I’ve tried dehydrating, canning, freezing and fermenting – though I’m far from expert on either one. I lean more towards canning, because that’s what I’m most familiar with and grew up with it. Dehydrating and fermenting are close seconds. Freezing takes up so much room, and I tend to forget that I have stuff in the freezer, and by the time I find it, it just tastes gross!

  55. Lori Ambrose says

    I like fermenting the best….just got into it…I take the whey from the Kefir and use it. It’s a learning process but I love the benefits of it!

  56. Ronaldo says

    Leave a blog post comment answering this question: What’s your favorite method of preserving food and why? (dehydrating, fermenting, canning, or freezing)

    I really don’t have any particular favorite since I’m still learning and hope to apply what I learn on my food preparation practice. Thanks a lot for putting together this website.

  57. Margaret Ford says

    I am relatively new to any kind of food preservation. I have canned a couple of times in my life and I have used freezing. I am excited to learn about fermenting and dehydrating. I believe that I will like dehydrating best, yet enjoy the food from fermenting the most. Dehydrating, because it will be easier to store and move. Fermenting because I love the taste fermenting gives food.

  58. IthacaNancy says

    I recommend taking the Master Food Preserver training at the local cooperative extension if you can arrange it. It is really comprehensive!

    I use the Pickl-it jars, similar to the Pickler Pro, and I really love the more hygienic process, rather than skimming off scum.

    I love my Food Saver and use it regularly; I love the Mason jar sealing accessories too. But be careful, they don’t always hold the seal. I have to got through and check them sometimes. Using a ring seems to help.

  59. Janine says

    Well, I have entered every way possible so I am leaving a blog comment too! I am brand new to this Gmowfglins world and feel like I have finally found a bit of the home I have been looking for. I need all the free help I can get!


    • Janine says

      I forgot to put my favorite method! Right now I am saying freezing because I am just starting and haven’t done anything else yet (tried my dehydrator once but none of the fruit lasted more than 5 minutes out of the dehydrator!)

  60. M Bloom says

    It’s hard to pick a favorite because each method has its advantages. I like freezing because it has the best flavor, but if you lose your power, as we did for a week a month ago (thank God for a generator) you risk losing everything. Canning is great because it stores easily as does dehydration which takes up the least space.

  61. says

    Oops! I forgot to leave my favorite way to preserve. I guess that would have to be dehydrating because it takes up so little space. It’s amazing how little space is needed, and I’m always amazed to see how tiny everything becomes when dried.

  62. says

    Thanks for another great webinar! My favourite way of preserving is fermenting because it boosts the nutritional value of the food. Much easier than canning, in my opinion. I’m still new at it, but looking forward to learning more!

  63. Brenda says

    My favorite food preservation method so far is freezing, because that’s what I know best. After today’s webinar I’ll be trying others. Thanks!

  64. says

    I just read that the giveaway is for U.S. residents only, but I’m in Canada. I was filling out the widget to enter the giveaway when I discovered this…too bad for me! Please just disregard my entries.

  65. says

    Thanks for this giveaway!
    I try to preserve things in several different ways, just in case. But fermenting is so much better than heating up my already hot kitchen by canning in the summer.

  66. Sarah says

    My favorite method is freezing, mostly because it is what I know best. I would like to do more dehydrating, though.

  67. Elizabeth says

    My favorite is now lactofermentation. I love how easy it is, and that it makes my food more nutritious instead of less.

  68. pei says

    I like freezing because it’s easy…until I run out of room. Would like to learn other methods of preserving food.

  69. Katherine Meier says

    Right now my favorite way of preserving food is canning because I have finally gotten up the courage to try it, especially the pressure canner, and I am excited to have another method of storing our food. Other than that, I would say fermenting because of the traditional foods I try to incorporate into our diet.

  70. Natalie G says

    Freezing is my favorite and is really the only method I do so far but I’m hoping to start fermenting soon.

  71. Kay says

    I am new to food preservation but want to learn more. I recently purchased a Exclaibur dehydrator and want to learn more. I want to learn more about all methods of preservation.

  72. Reed Marbury says

    Well, I really haven’t done much drying, though I would like to since I live in a dry and warm area. Anyways, fermenting foods is my favorite way to preserve at this point because it is so simple and kinda fun to burp jars and check on them periodically. There is also nice variance between it all… you never quite know what you’re going to get.

  73. deb pal says

    My favorite way is Fermenting but after listening to the webinar I want to try to dehydrate more!! Didn’t realize you could dehydrate veggies & fruit!! Thanks for such a great lesson!!

  74. says

    Currently my favorite is freezing – it’s so easy. I have canned our garden produce, but we had no garden this year :( too dry. I am trying to work up the courage to ferment – something. 😀

  75. Bethany says

    Excited about the giveaway! So much fun stuff! My favorite right now is fermenting, because it’s quick and easy. Just wish I had more cold storage for it!

  76. carrie s says

    I just love canning so I would have to say it is my favorite but I have discover dehydrating this year and love it almost as much

  77. carrie s says

    I missed the live feed yesterday as my hubby had a dr apt that longer then we thought bummer I would have like those codes

  78. Knocked Up and Nursing says

    We just got a dehydrator and I love it! It’s super easy to use and with a lot of kiddos running around this house, It’s something I can turn on and forget about until the beep!

  79. Peg Miller says

    What’s your favorite method of preserving food and why? For me, it depends on WHAT I am preserving. I prefer to decide based on how good the food will taste when finally used. For example, dehydrated green beans are just too tough and chewy when reconstituted, but when frozen, they can be almost as good as fresh. Herbs? They almost always get dehydrated. Tomatoes & fruit … canned. It just depends on what it is.

    • Amy says

      I dehydrated tomatoes for the first time last year and they really worked great to thicken up sauce, plus they are kind of good to just eat. I added some spices to the tomatoes before dehydrating. So I had Basil, tyhme and garlic flavored tomatoes.

    • says

      My husband and I were just discussing this aspect yesterday. I think we’ll be deciding on what method to use based on what the food is and how we want to use it. I dislike fresh green beans, so I’d probably can them, but I love dried fruit! I love that I could personalize this for how it works best for me. So freeing.

  80. Sherry says

    I’m new to preserving–other than freezing–so I’m looking forward to learning & experimenting with different methods.

  81. Chelsea Wipf says

    I really enjoy fermenting certain items, but if i dont want the pickle-ish taste of that, canning is my go-to method that way my freezer is clear for bulk meat purchases :)

  82. Tina Bradley says

    I enjoy canning food in the fall and using my foodsaver..already from over 17 grt of Strawberrys for the winter..and will be canning over 50grts of peachs. Last year I canned around 400 grts of food.

  83. Letitia Heil says

    Done them all, it’s difficult to choose a favorite, Hmm –dehydrating, fermenting, canning, and freezing.
    Here’s a dehydrating suggestion: Cover 2 frames with nylon screening (or cheesecloth) and fasten together with food pieces in between. Then plce them outdoors on your upward blowing airconditioner unit. The hot air will dehydrate them quickly.

  84. says

    My favorite methods for food preservation are canning and dehydrating. I need items that are shelf stable! I can’t depend on refrigeration, even in the middle of the city here.

  85. Lisa says

    Right now it is freezing. I just started working full-time out of the home and that’s about all the time I want to take. Plus we are having trouble with heat…it’s too hot! and I don’t want to heat my kitchen more than it already is.

  86. Vi says

    My favorite way to preserve food is by canning and fermenting. I want to have items available
    that do not need refrigeration.

  87. Tricia says

    I guess I would have to say freezing only because that is what I do most often because it is easiest for me. Canning is the next one I do most often. Then dehydrating and fermenting from time to time. However, I would like to do more fermenting because it is so nutritious!

  88. Lora says

    I really like freezing (because its easy and we like the flavor and versatility of frozen foods) but I am starting to get into dehydrating to free up more space in the freezer.

  89. Julie says

    I love dehydrating. I don’t have a dehydrator (yet!), but my oven turns on at a very low temperature. It’s great for dehydrating soaked nuts, making kale chips, and various other things!

  90. Maureen says

    so far freezing has been my favourite preserving method ’cause it’s so easy. But fermenting fever has hit so I’m anxious to do a lot of that this summer

  91. says

    Can’t really say I have one favorite…I like to can and dehydrate. Garden produce and fruits are great canned. I love to pull them out and enjoy them “out of season”. I like to dehydrate fruits and herbs. Especially apples.

  92. Dinika says

    Freezing. It is so easy! Takes no prep work or constant watching. Just place in container and pop in the freezer.

  93. says

    Great giveaway! My favorite preserving method is canning, as I’m so limited on cold storage and don’t really want to be tied to it. Tastes fresh, keeps for a long time, and doesn’t need soaking out of the jar.

  94. Jennifer says

    I do a lot of freezing but I also ferment some things. I am hoping to do more fermenting as we are going to start GAPS intro this fall.

  95. BlessedCP says

    WE use traditional methods of canning with the water bath canner as that is what we know about the most. We are learning some lacto-fermented methods and also use the dehydrator and freezer for preserving foods. Thanks for the giveaway!

  96. Beka N says

    I usually preserve by freezing and dehydrating but I’ve had some trouble with dehydrating because my food grew mold on it even after I thought it was completely dry.

  97. RG says

    The only one I was familiar with in the least was freezing. Now, after the webinar, I am intrigued to learn more about dehydrating and fermenting.

  98. Leesa says

    Thanks for the great seminar ladies! My favorite food preservation method is fermenting. I love the taste of pickled foods, but want the wonderful probiotic benefits that come with fermenting…and it’s faster and easier than canning. I started my first batch of fermented pickles just this past Wednesday and we were able to open and enjoy then yesterday ( only 3 days later)…they were really good, too!

  99. says

    I am most familiar with canning and freezing, but really want to start dehydrating a lot more. I like that foods could be maintained raw and stored compactly with the option of rehydrating and fermenting. I want to play with fermenting as well and see if there are foods my family will eat that are fermented. I think I am also going to learn how to use my pressure canner so that I can preserve meat and beans on my own.

  100. Esther says

    I like the idea of fermenting (for the nutritional benefits) and I have recently started trying to dehydrate some things (for storage and how little space it takes up). :)

  101. says

    My husband and I are going to be starting to make fermented foods, so we can feed our 5 month year old at about 7/8 months nutritious foods. These would be great starters.

  102. Natalie says

    I love to freeze a lot better because it’s faster…but it takes up tons of space. So that’s the bummer side of it. Canning heats up my house so much I tend to not like it as well. Fermenting I love, but only have 1 frig. Wishing I had a cellar for that one! If I did, that would be by far my choice of preserving food. Much healthier for my growing family. Plus, my kids would get a huge lesson in what traditional cooking was like for generations before. HOMESCHOOL 101 right there! :)

    • Anthony Duncan says

      Whoops, I forgot to answer the question! I like fermenting best, because it is kind of magical, turning food into something healthier using little critters. (I think nixtamalization is cool too).

  103. Jenny says

    I’ve mainly done jams & jellies, so have a lot to learn.
    I do freeze some but just squeeze the air out of the baggies
    by hand, so room for inprovement there too.
    Liked all the ideas from the webinar.
    Think I would like to do more freezing and try
    dehyderating. Also want to can meat.
    Thanks for all the information.

  104. Tina says

    Living in Oregon, I feel fortunate to be able to can our wonderful Albacore tuna every fall! I pick the fish up direct from the cannery and can it at home in my pressure canner. Not only is it healthy, but it’s the best tasting fish ever! I never have to worry about BPA from store bought cans, and I am eating a wonderful, nutrient dense food full of healthy omega’s.

    I also love my Pickle Pro airlock lids from Homesteading Supply! They make fermenting foods so easy. I have a half gallon of wonderful dill carrots sitting on my counter, fermenting as we speak!

    Thanks for your great blog- I already do a ton of food preserving, but I’m still learning new techniques from you all the time, and I’m loving it!

  105. says

    well let’s see- freezing is easiest for me, the beginner, but i am using my dehydrator too. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t lol i am learning to can and that is what i wish i was great at!

  106. says

    I LOVE to can…I know it’s not as good for you as some other things, but it’s really fun! I also love to dehydrate some things, just don’t do as much of that as canning. Freezing some things taste better than canning them, so I do that some too. All in all, I do LOVE this time of the year…cause I love putting up the harvest, in one way or another! :-))

  107. Dona says

    I loved the webinar at least the portion I was able to attend. I’m looking into buying a dehydrator this fall. It will be past harvesting my garden, but I’ll use it for nuts and a few fruits. I have a hot water bath to tend to, will check back in later. Fingers crossed for the fermenting book or jar toppers for fermenting.

  108. Leah Balzer says

    I’m most familiar with freezing, so this is my go to! I’m trying to get a handle on canning, though, in order to free up some space. Fermentation is used occasionally, but only for things that stay in the house for short periods of time, due to our constant eating of them- sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir soda, etc.

  109. a8ala says

    I only got to hear some of the webinar. Waiting for the replay to hear the rest. It’s been a tough summer for creating the excess garden produce to preserve. The bugs and rats have eaten their fill w/o leaving the bounty for us. Although we are doing ok with tomatoes–so here comes the frozen sauce. Hopefully the second half of the season will let me put up the dilly beans and ferment the chinese cabbage.

  110. Lynne Heitmann says

    My favorite method of preserving food at this time is freezing. We live in a very small cottage and have very hot summers. For us, freezing keeps away much of the heat that other methods of preservation produce.

    • Lynne Heitmann says

      OOPS! I did want to add something to my comment….I haven’t yet tried fermentation as a method of food preservation but hope to try it soon. Space is sort of an issue right now but from what I understand, this would be another less heat-producing method to use.

  111. jessica says

    I like canning, simply because I’m more familiar with it than other food preservation methods. But I’m learning more about fermentation and dehydrating.

  112. Kate says

    As far as favorite method goes, I’d have to say in theory dehydrating because of all I’ve learned about it. It makes a lot more sense to me in terms of food quality, safety (not going to be breaking glass jars!), and space. What do I actually practice though? Freezing mainly because it’s fastest. I don’t like that I could lose all of my food to a power outage though! I’m really excited to see what comes of Wardee’s experimentation with dehydrated meat. That’s something I’d go buy a dehydrator for!!

  113. Erin S says

    Canning is definitely my favorite but I do freeze a lot and occasionally dehydrate. I love having canned meat and beans in the pantry for quick meals.

  114. Jo-Anne says

    I enjoy dehydrating fruits for trail mixes. I am also trying to do more lactofermenting, mostly for the health benefits. I have been getting more comfortable with pressure canning, so that I can can my chicken broth adn not use up my freezer space with that, which is what I had done in the past.

  115. Pat Cullison says

    I have only scratched the surface of food preserving and am anxious to learn so much more. I’ve done some canning and freezing. At this point, freezing has been my favorite because I’ve had consistently good results and it’s so easy!

  116. says

    I’m only just dipping my toes into the waters of food preservation; at the moment, I’d say my favorite method is freezing, because it’s easy and I know how to do it and I don’t need any special equipment. But I’ve experimented a little with fermentation, as well, and that’s really exciting!

  117. Donna Hagerty says

    I love canning and now my younger daughter wants to learn! By the way, many thanks to my precious mother-in-law who taught me things like canning and breadmaking.


  118. Trish Townsend says

    I tend to freeze most things because it’s so easy and lasts a long time. I do dry all my herbs, and I am learning to ferment things and love it! Thanks!

  119. Robin says

    I have been freezing veggies for a while but have just recently gotten into a little canning and dehydrating. I’m very interested in learning more!!!!!

  120. Elizabeth says

    I love to freeze food. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive (I pay to keep my freezer cold whether there is food in there or not). I dehydrate some things (mostly tomatoes and fruits) and I’m hoping to start canning soon.

  121. Julie Rossberg says

    My favorite method of preserving food is by lacto-fermenting. I am in love with pickles of all kinds!

  122. says

    I can’t wait to watch the replay. Thanks for making that available.

    My favorite method so far is freezing, just because its easy. I have canned, but funny enough, its always been in the hot summer while very pregnant. I really like the jam but the process is not my favorite.

  123. Michelle Dunne says

    Fermenting is my favorite, though I need a lot more practice! I have made pickles, saurkraut, ginger carrots and kefir with good results. On to sourdough and beets!

  124. Tami says

    We mostly freeze, can some tomatoes and applesauce, and am JUST starting to ferment. I could definitely use your book to give me a leg-up!

  125. Penny Simmons says

    So far I like canning the best, but that is probably because I’ve been doing it for years and am newer to the others. Dehydrating is very intriguing to me and I’m anxious to start down that road now. I have started fermenting, but have far to go with it – although I did make the BEST sauerkraut we’ve ever had!! And it was FUN! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! I’m looking forward to a time when I can take your classes – hopefully within a few months.

  126. Meghan W. says

    I don’t have one favourite over the other. I really like fermenting and have become quite the artisan fermenter to the point people keep telling me I should start selling my items. But I like all forms of preserving – I like freezer as it’s easy, but freezer space is limited most times so I can’t freeze everything, fridge space is also limited at times, so I can’t always have tonnes of ferments stored in the fridge, would love to have place in time where I can also have a cold storage. I don’t have a dehydrator at the moment so that’s out and I love canning to have items for later on during the winter when they are not in season and for my limits on what I can or can’t put into the freezer.

  127. says

    My favorite way of preserving at this time is dehydrating because I love to take ready made food on trips and vacations. Especially nuts and nut bars! Thank to you Wardee, I have been able to learn how to do so much. :) Maureen

  128. Morgan W. says

    I am so excited to watch the webinar when I get it in my email! I just started canning this year and have borrowed a dehydrator from a friend. I am excited to learn more!

  129. Liza kosinski says

    HI I have been preserving food for a long time and I am always interested in new methods– I love your other webinars too!! I have been doing real food for a while but I love your tips and your Godly attitude!
    Thanks Liza

  130. says

    I currently can food to preserve it because it is the only method that I am familiar with. I want to learn the correct method of fermenting food as well as the art of Charcuterie. There is just so much to learn in a lifetime there simply is not enough time to be bored! Thanks for the wonderful webinar.

  131. Kirsten says

    As a busy mama of 4 kiddos combined with living in the great Northwest…my current favorite method of food preserving is freezing. Whole berries, salmon and cod are what we’re currently putting away. In this season of life, I need a method that is quick without a lot of fuss. My kids can help (no boiling pots of water or tedious tasks required) and it’s just simply hard to mess up! We would absolutely LOVE to put a Food Saver to good use around here :) Thanks Wardee for hosting this amazing giveaway!!

  132. says

    I like fermentation the best because it transforms your food in something elevated and healthier than you began with! Thank you, God, for such a cool technique!

  133. Melissa Mailly says

    So far I’ve only tried freezing and dehydrating, so I guess those are my favorites, but I can’t wait to try canning and fermenting!!

  134. Roberta says

    I’ve been canning and freezing for years. Lately I’ve been trying my hand at fermenting, and oh my goodness, what fun! (and how tasty)

  135. says

    I like to dehydrate w/ the abundance of heat. I stick my product on a cooling rack covered w/ a single layer diaper & put it on the dashboard, windows rolled up in direct sun. Works great!

  136. NW Homesteader says

    freezing is all I have any experience in, but now that we have property I would love to learn as many kinds of preservation techniques as I can!

  137. Sarah M says

    I would love to really figure out fermenting and dehydrating! I keep tinkering with it but am always excited to learn more! Thanks for having this webinar.

  138. says

    Hi, Wardee!

    My very favorite method of preserving food is FERMENTING! I just recently got into this my making homemade, fermented sauerkraut in glass jars. I also make a fermented hot garlicky chili sauce in glass jars. I am saving my money for a fermentation crock. I am fascinated by this food preservation method and am so eager to learn more and more and more!


    Patti :)

  139. Jessica N says

    I have always liked to canning, because it brings back memories from my childhood, when my grandma’s and my mom would do their fall canning.

    • says

      OOpps…wasn’t finished!

      I actually like to do all four because although we have enough freezer space I worry about long electrical outages and losing a bunch of stuff. Plus, there are different ways of using different things and some ways of preserving are better for various cooking/meals. For example, some of our salmon we freeze for later grilling, etc. and some we can so that we have it to quickly add to chowders. We even make salmon jerky. It’s all good! :-)

  140. Tammy R. says

    So far my favorite method of preservation is freezing. Probably because it seems faster and easier in most cases.

  141. Vicki Barnes says

    So far I’ve only canned a couple of things and use the freezer often. I want to try fermenting as soon as we move and would love a dehydrator but cannot afford one now.

  142. Christina Poetzl says

    At the moment I prefer to can, but mostly because I don’t have freezer space. From the webinar I became more interested in dehydrating, but I do not have proper storage containers for that either. Canning seems to take forever, and I forget that until I do it again although for applesauce it has become a family bonding time for my mother-in-law, my neice and myself where we have a nice assembly line going. I would like to start canning more things, right now I do mostly fruits and dilly beans, I would like to venture into soups and more stuff. I wish I had a root cellar, I wish I had a freezer dedicated to storage (we make our own beer so I do have a chest freezer but it is used for controlled temp fermenting part of the time and then storage of the beer)

  143. dawn says

    I have only frozen, dehydrated , oven canned (dry goods only) and some jellies…wanna try more! This is addicting!

  144. says

    I really enjoy jarring, canning and dehydrating and more than anything I enjoy learning as much as I can about everything else that is available to me…. Blessings to you all….

  145. Jennifer says

    Only had time to listen to the first half so can’t wait for the pdf! I am new to preserving so I would have to say that all I know how to do is freeze. I would love to learn how to ferment.

  146. says

    I forget to mention that my favorite is canning, because I can store food at room temp! I’ve managed to find a local producer who ferments foods traditionally, so I’ve been purchase my fermented foods until now – I’m excited to try it myself!

  147. says

    I love to ferment and dehydrate. Those seem to be the easiest methods to me, and have the added benefit of not destroying nutrients with heat. I can a few things also, but it is so much more time consuming!

  148. says

    Freezing is easiest for me, followed by fermenting. Canning is next on my to-learn list! This is a cool giveaway – hope I win something :)

  149. says

    My favorite method is freezing, but I would really like to learn more about fermenting. I do can some things, like jam, but usually I prefer to keep most of the nutrients. I love to make fermented salsa.

  150. Remy says

    I’d love to learn more about preserving food! Just started doing pressure canning, but I need some more hands-on experience..!

  151. says

    What an awesome giveaway! We mostly freeze to preserve, but I received an Excalibur dehydrator for Christmas and I’m just learning how to use it. All of the prizes listed would continue my education in my “preservation” journey!

  152. Debora says

    My favorite and and i think the easiest way of preserving foods is freezing, but i would love to learn to ferment.

  153. Caryn says

    Freezing is really easy and my most used food preservation technique, but fermenting is by far my favorite. I like to be able to make foods that are expensive or impossible to buy. Fermented foods are inexpensive relative to food value, very nutritious, and delicious. They also make unusual and much-appreciated gifts for my friends.

  154. lexee says

    right now, my favorite ways are freezing and dehydrating… i haven’t ventured enough into the canning world to feel confident in that area yet, but that is my next goal!

  155. says

    Canning is my favorite because I can store foods for a long period and don’t have to use up all my freezer space. I pressure can and water bath can. My second favorite would be freezing – it’s quick and easy, but for some reason I tend to forget about things I have frozen….

  156. Angela Lierman says

    Fermenting scares me!!! I need to get your book! :). I regularly can, preserve, freeze and dehydrate. LOVE being in charge of what my family eats!! But have never done meats – also scares me!! :)

  157. Rebecca says

    Canning and freezing are my favorite food preservation methods because those are the methods of preserving I know the best. I am interested in studying up on and learning how to use the other methods of food preservation talked about in the webinar. I like the idea of knowing all possible ways of preserving food, because you never know when that information will come in handy.

  158. Kristin Barrett says

    I have tried all options except dehydrating, and I have failed at all except freezing. I am hoping that this will help me get my rear in gear and gain the needed skills to preserve TASTY food for my wonderful family!

  159. Laura says

    Currently it would be freezing as that is the “fool-proof” method of choice, but I would love to start canning and fermenting as I have read much about both of those methods. They are just more time-consuming.

  160. MIchele Hood says

    Freezing. It’s the easiest for me, working outside the home 5 days a week. I would love to do some canning though!

  161. Julie Hudgens says

    I’ve always frozen foods, but recently I’ve started learning to can from my mom mother and her mother (my grandmother, she’s 95!) I haven’t opened any of my canned stuff yet, so I can’t say how the taste compares yet, but I’ll let ya know! I guess I don’t really have a true favorite yet, but I’m definitely liking being able to put away the jars and have free space in my freezer!

  162. Katherine Roberts says

    I use the freezer, dehydrating and vacuum sealing but would like to start using pickling and canning.

  163. Laura says

    Freezing is my favorite way to preserve food at this point. I have done a little canning and would love to try other methods. Love your newsletter.

  164. sarah tudor says

    I loved the webinar! I am excited for the next one. I wrote lots of new little tidbits to remember, I do Dehydrating, canning, Freezing, fermenting and use vacuum sealing for almost everything that I can.

  165. Joanna Gasser says

    LOVE the webinar..missed the live one but had the chance to listen on the replay. So much good info :) Ty for sharing your knowledge.

  166. Karry says

    Into freezing right now and would like to get into canning or fermenting once we have room to do that. Only have a small fridge/freezer so the freezing is on a small scale.

  167. Catherine L says

    My favorite to this point has been canning. Last year was my first time fermenting cucumbers (pickles). Those were so delicious. Making more this year.

  168. says

    I would. Have to say dehydrating. It seems like there is alot fro me to discover about this form of preservation and I am very excited for that! Great webinar!

  169. Rina Myers says

    I like freezing the best right now because it is the easiest, but I am researching and learning about fermenting and dehydrating so I can do more of that. Loved the webinar, thanks!

  170. bilee says

    so far freezing…just had my first go at canning (sour cherries from csa) and burnt a hole in my stove with the overhang from the canner…ugh

    having my first try at dehydrating today (cherry mango apple fruit leather for the kids) it has been in 10 hrs and still does not seem dry? I am using the instructions that came with my american harvistor

    so this webinar is timely :)

  171. JeriP says


  172. Jennifer says

    Thanks for this webinar! Right now, canning is my favorite method, mainly because our electricity is sketchy out here in the “sticks” when the weather is bad. Drying would next, then freezing. I haven’t really done much fermenting yet…still learning.

  173. Dona says

    I’ve just found this site and was happy to find there are more things I can preserve. I like to dehydrate,freeze, I was ready to learn to can and ferment but my garden wasnt as prosperous as I’d hoped. Cant do a fall garden as Im doing a knee replacement . So I’ll gather all I the good stuff I can find & read up & be prepared for next year!

  174. says

    I like to dehydrate but I freeze too. I wanted to learn to can and ferment this summer & fall but my garden did not produce enough. In addition to that I wanted to make a outside dehydrater to try incase the power went out.

  175. says

    Wardee – This was a WONDERFULLY informative webinar! Thank you sooo much! I am just starting my journey – haven’t even taken the first step in long term food storage but this webinar helped me understand where to start! It was a brilliant approach and I can’t thank you enough for this information. I loved hearing of your guests’ experiences and cautions as I begin to contemplate the best way for me to start. I am going to look into dehydrating a bit more now since the one thing I do have right now is a dehydrator that has been mostly used so far for food for trips and preparing nuts for better digestion. Thank you again! Maureen

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