Dehydrating Zucchini and Summer Squash (Chips and Shredded)


For today’s seasonal recipe round-up on squash (and zucchini), I’d like to show you how to dehdyrate it. A single zucchini or squash plant is quite productive and can easily overwhelm a good sized family. So preserving it for the future is a good and frugal idea. Not to mention that your family may be pretty sick of it, if you’re eating a lot fresh. The two best ways I’ve found to dehydrate zucchini are: shredded and thinly sliced. The thinly sliced become zucchini chips and they’re really good!

KYF #001: Traditional Food and Preparedness


In this first episode of Know Your Food with Wardee, you’ll get to know me and my family and my homestead. I’ll share why I started a podcast and what you can expect in the weeks to come. Plus, I’ll talk about how my family is merging both traditional foods and preparedness to come up with a long-term food storage plan, including some nitty gritty details. Check out the sneak peek video, or dive right in by pressing play.

GAPS Slow Cooker Apple Pie Filling (+ Lauren’s Story)


I’m just tickled to introduce you to Lauren. Below you’ll read her blessed GAPS healing story, and then she shares an easy slow cooker apple pie filling made without sugar or starch. Here in Oregon, it is beginning to feel like fall already and the apples are coming on. I think you can guess what I’ll be making soon. :)

New Podcast! Know Your Food with Wardee


I’m so excited to tell you what’s next at! My new free podcast, Know Your Food with Wardee, airs Friday mornings — beginning next week on August 31, 2012 — on My goal is to help you raise, prep, and save food for good times and bad. Plus, we’re going to have a lot of fun! Every Friday morning at or after 6am Central, visit to listen or download the most recent podcast or any from the archives.

Probiotics — Taking It Slowly


Probiotics are an essential part of the GAPS diet (a gut-healing protocol). This is how we repopulate our guts with all of the good stuff that we’ve been missing. However, as we introduce them, our bodies can experience difficulty. I hope that by sharing my story, you’ll avoid making the same mistakes I did!

August Urban Farm Handbook Challenge — Fermentation!


This whole year, The Urban Farm Handbook authors Annette Cottrell and Joshua McNicholls are hosting a month by month challenge to turn urban (and rural) farmers everywhere into farmlettes (or more…)! August’s theme is preserving, and I’m here to encourage you to explore fermentation as part of your preservation strategy. By the way, you could win a prize for participating…