6 Delicious Dishes with Cucumbers

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For today’s Seasonal Recipe Round-Up featuring cucumbers, I’m pleased to look back in time and pull out a set of delicious recipes using fresh, seasonal, summer cucumbers. You’ll probably notice that most of these recipes have a Mediterranean bent. That’s because I grew up eating these foods, and cucumbers are a large part of the cuisine.

When you have cucumbers coming out your ears, these recipes will help you use them up without being bored.

Mediterranean Cucumber-Tomato-Mint Salad. I make this a lot during the summer when tomatoes are in season, too!

Cucumber-Tomato Salad with Kefir (or Yogurt). Same idea as above, but toss the salad in yogurt or kefir instead of olive oil and lemon juice. Season with dill or basil, sea salt and pepper.

Cucumber-Yogurt (or Kefir) Salad. Mmmm… garlicky, salty, and tangy.

Quinoa Garden Salad. Using the dump method (dump all ingredients in bowl and toss), this salad lets you use everything your garden (or market) produces!

Cucumber Sandwiches! My sourdough pocket bread comes from the Sourdough eCourse or Sourdough A to Z eBook. Load the halves up with hummus or kefir/yogurt cheese and cucumbers and tomatoes. Or what about my mom’s award-winning falafel, tahini sauce, and cucumbers? Any way you fill them, they’re delicious!

Garlic-Dill Pickles. You can find these crispy, flavorful, old-fashioned pickles in my online Lacto-Fermentation eCourse or inside my book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods. The best pickles — ever. Two weeks ago, I ate the last one saved over from last summer’s fermenting. It was crisp, cold, garlicky delish. I’m still salivating over it and long to make more. Come on, pickling cucumbers!

Well, now I’ve made myself hungry for cucumbers. How about you? But my cucumber plants are still babies, though they have a few blossoms. How are yours doing? :)

Head on over to the Cucumber Seasonal Recipe Round-Up to share your favorite cucumber dishes or tips. The linky won’t close — come back any time to share.

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Michelle Anderson says

    Strangest thing. Our cukes are not growing well this year. I’m not sure what the problem is…they are just tiny. I planted from seed in the middle of May, but the plants are only about 2 inches tall. We’ve still got a couple months of growing season here, hopefully they’ll get going to I can do some pickling, too! :o)

    Love your quinoa salad recipe…looks delicious! I have a dd that won’t eat meat so this would be perfect for her!


    Michelle in ID

    • Malinda says

      Michelle, I’m in northern Montana, and my cucumber plants are the same way! Crazy, though, as I just bought a bunch of lovely pickling cucumbers from one of our nearby Hutterite colonies.

  2. Raylene Gordon says

    Wardee, I have just found your website and I’m so glad I did. I was raised by a non-cooking mother and I’m
    learning so much from your website. Plus, you are such a beautiful Christian that I’m blessed just getting
    your emails. Keep up your good work, I’m sure there are many others out there that are learning from you
    as well.



  3. Jessica says

    Getting nice long cucumbers from our garden. Eating cold slices of mine now with homemade chicken salad on top. And my mom is lacto-fermenting a batch now too!

  4. Jaleah Morgan says

    Having a father from Iran I have definitely seen some of these dishes before….or at least variations of them. I encourage all to try them!! Enjoy!

  5. CBB says

    Love the recipes and conversation on cucumbers.
    I am a newbie growing them. I grew them from
    seeds and they are thriving. Blows me away
    what a little seed can produce. And they are
    doing beautifully.
    Thanks to all who have given recipes because
    I sure need them.
    Love this website.
    CBB in Utah :)

  6. Amy says

    So are you saying you fermented a bunch of cukes (for pickles) last year and are still eating them now? Wouldn’t they get really salty/tangy after that long? And you’d have to keep in fridge. I don’t have that kind of room. Just curious.

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