GAPS Date Cookies (and Caroline’s Story)

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Reading Caroline’s story will be a delight! She’s a spunky 18-year old blogging at GUTSY. After a young-lifetime of health hurdles and complications, she took her health into her own hands and is seeing healing through God’s goodness and the GAPS diet. Keep reading all the way to the end for the delicious cookie recipe! –Wardee

Hello, GNOWFGLINS readers! My name is Caroline Lunger. This is my first guest post, so I am really excited about being here. I am also very thankful that Wardee allowed me this opportunity! The GAPS diet is a journey and we can all learn from each other, and I really like her new GAPS series.

I’m going to tell you my story, and then please stick around because at the end of this post, I’m going to share a fantastic GAPS cookie recipe!

Who am I?

I am a creative, spunky 18-year old on the GAPS diet. I live in Minnesota with my two sisters, a brother, mom, dad, cat, and dog. I started the GAPS Diet in October 2011. My healthy journey is a long and complicated one, but I have learned so much from my struggles. I would not be here writing about my journey if it was easy. Actually, my health problems forced me to become the researcher/health nut/person I am today! I really think that the GAPS diet can do a lot for people who have any health issues. Now, you can read about my journey and how I found the GAPS diet and why it was such a perfect match.

My Story

My mom tells me that since birth, I have always been super sensitive. She tells me stories of how I didn’t like to wear snow suits because they were too constrictive and it just “didn’t feel right”. Actually, I didn’t like any clothes because of their texture or feel on my skin, and most of my baby pictures confirm that. I got terrible ear infections and eczema as a baby, too. By age two, I had already been to many doctors because I was such an uneven tempered child. My parents knew something was not right. If you are wondering what my mom ate or did while she was pregnant with me, then you will be surprised to hear that she ate very healthy. She prepared whole foods and used only natural materials. I was even born at home, all naturally.

Me without clothes because the texture bothered me.

A Complicated Health Story

My health story just gets more complicated. By age five doctors thought I had OCD. I had a difficult time being away from my mom, and I had some obsessive quirks, like carrying her old hairbrush around. I wore only fuve simple jumper dresses that my mom made because they were lightweight — even in the winter. I would have random temper tantrums for no reason, and then at other times I could be a super sweet little girl. My sisters and brother and I would only be allowed three sweets a week, otherwise we had to eat healthy. When I say healthy, I mean: whole wheat bread, organic fruit and veggies, and organic cheese and meats. We shopped at our local food co-op for most of our food. When my mom started to get sick with a mental disorder, my temper started to rise. I now know that I am an empath and that her extreme emotions really affected me.

I have since discovered that my uncontrollable emotions and symptoms are related to an unhealthy gut, thus creating unhealthy brain signals. My parents had an inkling that it was food-related, so they tried to put me on an elimination diet when I was about seven years old. Unfortunately they tried it when we were on vacation and I was the only one who had to do it, so I didn’t have much support.


In fourth grade I started getting interested in healthy food. I began cooking and experimenting in the kitchen more. I would look at recipes for inspiration and then create something original. One year later I went the same route as Wardee and started allergy medicine because I was just so miserable. I was allergic to almost everything they tested. I started the prescription medicine right away and it made me feel better, so that was good enough …right?

Wrong! I think that medicine did a lot of harm in the long run. One year later I started getting severe stomach pains and I lost weight. I am already a small person, and I couldn’t afford to be any smaller. Everything I ate made my stomach hurt. I was able to tolerate some chicken, fish, cooked vegetables, and lots of fruit. My mom grew up eating almost no fat so I grew up under the impression that saturated fat is bad! Who knew six years later I would be eating it by the spoonful.

Getting Worse!

This cycle of eating left me very weak and I think all of the sugars in the fruit created some candida in my body. I was turning into one of those kids who are allergic to everything. I felt like a nuisance to my family because they were always concerned about me. By this time I couldn’t go to movies because they were too loud. I didn’t like perfume or lotion because I got migraines and daily activities became exhausting. We decided to go to the Allergy Associates of Lacrosse in Wisconsin. I received extensive allergy testing and again came back with a huge list of environmental and food allergies to be treated with sublingual drops. What else was left for me to eat? I wish I had found the GAPS diet at this time, but I did not find it until years later.

High School Hardships

I started high school and things got worse! The school was under construction, and I didn’t know until later that the new materials made me sick almost every other week of the whole school year. I was always healthy in the summers and I felt so good! In the summer I could run 5 to 13 miles a day and swim easily for an hour. Once school started, I got very sick again. I would get eczema really badly on my face. It was so bad that I was embarrassed to go out in public. Stress from school and friends only made my situation worse. I started to do some online classes, which allowed me more time to concentrate on my health.

Taking Control of My Health

At this point I was determined to heal myself. I started to read and read and read. I dove into the natural medicine field and found an auricular medicine doctor, who examines the ear to “see” inside your body. He told me that my organs were functioning like those of a 50-year old! I went to a naturopath, too, who started me on a several different supplements. To an extent, these helped a lot. She helped me get off my allergy medications as she switched me to natural supplements.

I started to change foods because I knew all that fruit was not good for me, especially since it was cross-reacting with my seasonal allergies. I started to eat more low mercury fish and vegetables. One day I picked up the Body Ecology book and felt that I needed to do just that. This seemed to help a lot, though I was definitely not eating enough fat. So again, I lost more weight. I started to get self conscious about my body and I didn’t like the boney girl I would see in the mirror. It made me sad to think that I could have so much energy and life, but I was stuck inside a sick body.

My stomach would burn every day and my stomach looked bloated every time I put any food in my mouth. My naturopath was worried I was on my way to IBS or something like that. This scared me so much so I started to research even more. I would go to the library and check out a dozen 3-inch books about healthy food and the human body.

How I Found GAPS

One special day I came across a blog post (I don’t remember which one) that explained the GAPS diet. Hmm…I thought, “This is it! This is what is going to heal me!” I knew it from the bottom of my heart and I am blessed that I was led to this information. The very next day I went to my farmers market, picked up a bag of turkey legs and boiled them with some veggies. My mom watched me as I started to eat the soft cartilage and skin off the turkey leg. My mom will eat almost anything, but she did not want to try turkey cartilage or skin (she was taught that saturated fat was suppose to be bad for you).

In no time, I got into beef hearts and pureed soups. I ate loads of coconut oil and beef fat. To my family’s surprise and mine, I started to get better. Within a few days my family stared to comment on how I had my glow back. I was not fuzzy headed any more and I had enough energy to even take a run or a swim in the lake. My life was improving and I thank God and the GAPS diet for that.

Family Support

I have to admit, it was difficult being the only one in my family who was on the GAPS diet. Though, a few months after I started, I asked my mom if she wanted to go to a GAPS class at a local chiropractor with me. She came, immediately started to ask questions, and decided that she should do it, too. See, my mom has struggled with bipolar most of her life. She got pretty bad after having my youngest brother and was told by her doctors that she would need to be on strong medicine the rest of her life. I guess they were wrong, because today she is medicine-free and feeling better than she has in her whole life! I am so thankful that God led my family and me to the GAPS diet. Our journey is still continuing and I am learning new things every day.

Life Today

Right now I am helping the rest of my family eat traditional food. Slowly in the last five months we have switched to real food (fermented veggies, bone broth, fresh milk, etc.), although they still like their treats once in a while. My mom and I are currently on the GAPS diet and we are helping my sister with the GAPS diet while she is home from college. I think she is improving a lot, too. It is so much easier when the GAPS diet is a family thing, because support is part of what makes it manageable.

I am having a little trouble — even with some GAPS foods — because my sensitivities are still very high, but I am not giving up. The GAPS diet gives your body a clean slate, so even if you did not react to something before, you might not on the GAPS diet because your body’s signals are much more clear. It can get frustrating at times. But at the end of the day, if your health is not well enough where you can enjoy life, then you need a change. The GAPS diet can heal your body in ways that only nourishing foods have the power to do; that is why God made food the way He did.


I started my blog GUTSY several months ago (and I am still very new to the whole blogging thing). My passion is to help people become more aware of their health and eating traditional foods, which is why I started blogging at GUTSY. I call it that because the GAPS diet focuses on healing the gut, but also because — if you think about it — traditional food is very different and even “gutsy” at times. Think about all the chicken feet, liver, kombucha, and raw egg yolks you eat!

Because I am still not well enough to live in a college dorm, and I don’t want to learn conventional nutrition, this coming September I am starting NTA courses. I have already read and researched beyond the required reading (more than 20 books!) and my brain is just bursting with information!

Please follow mine and my family’s journey on the GAPS/traditional food diet at GUTSY. I love to experiment in the kitchen and create new recipes that are GAPS legal but very yummy!

And now, I will leave you with a GAPS legal recipe for GAPsters or anyone who wants to try something new and delicious! Thanks again, Wardee, for this amazing opportunity and to all GNOWFGLINS readers who took time to read my journey! Enjoy and stay gutsy!

GAPS Date Cookies

  • by Caroline Lunger
  • 1/2 cup room temperature coconut oil or ghee or butter
  • 1-1/2 cups blanched almond flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • Few shakes of cinnamon
  • 1 egg or (1 tablespoon flax seed meal + 3 tablespoons hot water — let sit for 10 min. to gel)
  • 10 pureed dates
  • (optional) 1/2 cup GAPS chocolate drops or raisins

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line baking sheet with parchment paper or silpat mat or coat well with coconut oil. De-pit dates and puree in a Cuisinart until smooth.
Add egg, coconut oil/butter and vanilla and blend until smooth. In a separate bowl mix almond flour, salt, and cinnamon. Pour dry ingredients into the wet and blend until all incorporated. Mix in GAPS chocolate drops or raisins with a spoon (optional). Form 1″ balls with your hands and spread out on prepared cookie sheet. Bake in the oven for 15 to 20 min. Don’t overcook, as you want them soft! Let cool for 10 minutes before taking off the cookie sheet. Eat and enjoy! (At my house, we like to eat these for a quick breakfast.)

Thanks, Caroline! Everyone — be sure to tell Caroline hi and thanks in the comments. :)

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This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Alexis says

    Love your story!! Got me teary eyed…Im sensitive after having kids lol Im looking your blog up now!

  2. says

    Caroline, thanks so much for sharing your story — it is so heartening to see a young woman take charge of her own health, do the research, and be blessed with results!

    I will remember you and your GUTSY-ness the next time I’m feeling overwhelmed by GAPS ; )

    • says

      GAPS can be overwhelming at times, but once you get into a good grove it becomes a way of life! It helps to dedicate at least 1 day to prepare stuff!

  3. Audra says

    Thank you for sharing, Caroline. I know what you mean about health issues turning you into a so-called reasearcher/health nut! That’s just what happened to me :o) It’s always encouraging to see others take the time and effort to do GAPS (and go against the popular flow, so to speak), and to see their health improve.

    • Carol says

      Caroline you are an inspiration…..I love how you are turning your health challenges into something that not only helps you but others. Sooooo I’m confused, I thought there wasn’t any chocolate or stevia allowed with the GAPS diet? I noticed that you used dark chocolate unsweetened….I’ve read about the great health benefits about dark chocolate. So I hope this means I’m wrong and that chocolate…dark unsweetened chocolate is allowed? Stevia too?

      • says

        Well, when we first started GAPS and were on intro, we did not eat chocolate. But my family loved it so much that we tried to add it in slowly and there were no reactions for us. Some GAPS people are ok with chocolate. Also I cannot eat honey because my body does not like it, so i use stevia. Stevia can make some people have an upset stomach or a reaction, but for me it was ok. I have learned that sometimes you need to compromise and just do what is best for your body, as long as it is not harming it. Chocolate and stevia seem to like my family :)

  4. says

    Hi Caroline! Thank you so much for sharing your sweet and inspiring story! I can’t wait to start following your blog! I just started GAPS in the fall of 2011 also, but am currently taking a break because we are living away from home for the summer (we work at a summer camp). I am excited to get back to it and try your recipes!

  5. says


    I loved your story, thank you for sharing it! I have my family of 6 on GAPS and I recently graduated as an NTP and will be going on to be trained as a GAPS Practitioner this fall. I really think the GAPS is the most broad based helpful diet out there. Best of luck to you in your studies!

    • says

      Melanie! I too want to do the GAPS practitioner training after my NTA class! You will have so much fun..i’m jealous that you get to do it so soon! :)

  6. says

    good on you for taking responsibility for your own body! so many children are made to feel there is something wrong with their personality, when it’s actually a physical problem. Good luck on your healing journey.

    • says

      I had a hard time during a few years of my life. I felt like i never fit in and i didn’t belong in my own skin. It took time to realize that it is my life and i have to do what is comfortable for me! No body should be afraid to do what if best for them- even if it means stepping WAY out of the “normal zone”! I don’t consider myself normal anymore and i am PROUD of it!!

  7. says

    Wow! What an inspiring story. You are so blessed, that although your brain has been “fuzzy” at times, that you are very wise at such a young age. Most people never make the connections you have, and the ones that do are usually much older. And what a blessing to turn your pain into your passion.

    I, too, have my own story that led me to natural nutrition, and am looking forward to going to school for it as well. I have been praying about this for the last month, that God would show me if this is what I am called to do, and I’ve been researching schools, and nothing has quite fit what I want to do. I am going to look at the NTA link you provided, and see if it might be the answer to prayer I have been searching for!

    May God bless you on your journey, and provide you with the strength and courage to continue to share and educate. I can’t tell you how excited and inspired I am now that I read this post!! :)

    • says


      NTA was a answer from God too. I met with a friend and i was all set and ready to go to a nutrition school out in Colorado. She told me about NTA, and it made me think…hmm I would probably save money and be healthier if I lived at home. I LOVE my family and I have good space to do my schooling here.

      With only 1 week after meeting with my friend, I had already written my application (the submit date was 3 months away, I was just very excited!) I ordered like..umm WAY too many books. But i am reading all of them! I LOVE my little library- I will have to do a post about all my books and what i am learning as I go through the courses! I am doing the San diego venue and am very excited because i live in Minnesota!

      I will pray that you find the right school that is meant for you at this time :) Thanks so much for all your sweet comments! I truly appreciate them!

      • says

        I know the feeling about the books. My pleasure reading is nutrition or health books! I’m reading Wheat Belly right now which is awesome. I’d LOVE to see your book list! I’ll be eagerly awaiting a post! :)

  8. says

    Thanks so much for this post! I am definitely going to try the cookie recipe. Winding up week 2 of GAPS and going through some healing crisis but staying strong! A nice cookie might help me get over the migraine more quickly dont you think? Also following your blog! Great job.

    • says

      Thanks Amanda! Yes I do think good food can help reduce migraines…especially if you put the magnesium GAPS chocolate drops in it! Thanks again :) Did you look into magnesium oil on my blog for migraines? It has helped me tremendously!!

      • says

        I did and entered the drawing too! I need to go get some more epsom salts. Those baths helped a lot. Thanks! Ill check out the magnesium GAPS chocolate drops too!

  9. Cindy L. says

    Great article, Caroline. You’re so fortunate to have found the right path at such a young age.
    From hearing about your childhood issues, I wanted to direct you to Karyn Purvis, a psychologist / therapist who has been working with ‘troubled’ children for years. She knows there is a mind-body connection.

    Their organization can send you a list of Drs. who will do blood tests to see what chemicals and nutrients your brain is missing and then get you on track thru supplements. It’s called functional medicine. This is a very specialized field and not many do this. So I would look into it. Sounds like it clould be helpful for your mom too.

    If you have gone this route, then I apologize. I was thinking that since you still have sensitivities, this might be a way to get to the bottom of it.

    Like you, I realize now that many of our issues begin in our gut. I unfortunately didn’t learn this until the tender age of 52, so I have many years of abuse and neglect to correct and heal.

    Thanks for being an inspiration and encouragement to others out here!

    • says

      Hi Cindy. Yes I am doing functional medicine with my Dr. I did not do well on any supplements because of all the additives. Im allergic to corn/gluten/potato/latex and most vitamins have those in them at trace amours. Though, these small amours still affect me. I do neurological work to help heal my brain and strengthen my immune system. Its amazing stuff! Thanks for the recommendation, I will be sure to look them up! I hope you keep reading my blog :)

  10. Lauren says

    Thanks for sharing your story and your knowledge, Caroline! You are very inspiring! Keep doing what you’re doing and thanks for your encouragement to stay gutsy! :) Blessings to you and your family~

  11. says

    I can relate to so much of what you are saying. I’ve always been sensitive, although not as bad as you are describing. Synthetic smells always bother me and sometimes give me a headache, ect, ect. I’m really highly EMF sensitive – but I don’t know that that’s necessarily a bad thing. I’ve gotten better over the years, probably because I’m getting healthier. But what I can most relate with is your descriptions of your digestive ailments. How you describe the burning in your stomach. I used to have IBS. It was horrible. I had constant burning in my abdomen and chest. Eating made it worse, not eating made it worse…I would be bent over double in pain at work but I had to work to pay my naturopathic doctor who was trying to figure out what was wrong with me. One day my church had a healing service, and I was healed. I walked away pain free. I say this because you mentioned God, so I know you will understand. I now have some other issues I am dealing with, but I know he will heal me of those too. Like you say, sometimes it’s all about the journey of healing so that we can help others with similar issues.

    • says

      Melissa! Wow what an incredible story, God was really watching over you. I have been to a healing mass and I do believe that sicknesses can be cured. I too am getting more EMF sensitive, do you do any earthing mats or EMF protection divices? I was on my way to IBs so I got a glimpse of what It might have been like, GAPS really reversed it! Our issues help other people in the long run! Thanks for using your story and I hope you find some relief for your new ssues!

      • says

        Hey Caroline, I’ve been looking at EMF protection devices, but I guess I’m not really sure what is best. I’ve been looking at the earth calm devices because they have pendants that you can wear and take with you everywhere, but I don’t know how legit they are.

  12. Katie says

    Wow!! Your story is so amazing and inspiring! Keep up the good work!
    I am farmiliar with the GAPS diet and need to be on it myself for differing reasons. I just haven’t gotten up the courage yet. 😉 I’m 20, and am so encouraged by your discovery of real foods this early in our lives. It will be a good thing later in life, yes?? =D


    • says

      Katie, of course we will benefit from doing this so early! You should just do it! your body and mind will love it :) Thanks for reading. The GAPS diet is sooo worth it.

  13. Joyce says

    Hi Caroline, Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am an NTA student! I will be graduating in October. I know that you will really enjoy the classes. My instructors name is Caroline and she is fantastic! Good luck!


    • says

      Joyce! this is AWESOME!! I am thrilled to do to NTA. I am actually staring in February now because they have a venue here in MN. I can’t wait to just learn and learn and learn :)

  14. says

    I really enjoyed these cookies Carolyn, thank you!n imused a chia egg and homemade date syrup. I also had to I increase the flour by 1/2 cup, and I used 6 t coconut oil! Yum!

  15. Joel says


    Wow! I just found your blog and I am so impressed. As I was reading your story I thought to myself “This girl would be perfect for the NTP course” then lo and behold you are already registered. You will absolutely adore your instructor Francesca! I had been thinking of going GAPS myself for some time and you have now inspired me to take the plunge.

    Joel Hansen
    Business Manager
    Nutritional Therapy Association

  16. Marti says

    Oh, my! These cookies are AMAZING!!! I tasted the batter before I cooked them and it tasted like vanilla ice cream! Wow! And then I added pecans and it tasted like butter pecan ice cream. Then I cooked them and have been sitting here munching on them while rereading your blog post and now they’re almost 1/2 gone! Oops! Anyway, thanks so much for sharing the recipe. I’ve made a lot of things with honey, but I really like the taste of the dates!
    Kudos to you for taking control of your health! I did the Gerson Therapy when I was 18-20 for an auto-immune disease and that started my health journey. I’m 50 now (although most think I’m in my 30’s) and have spent most of the years since my teen years honing the best way to eat for my body. I started GAPS last November, too, after asking God to show me what I was missing (I was doing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet before that). GAPS has been such a blessing. Thanks again for sharing your story and the recipe! God’s very best to you as you heal and assist others!
    Marti :)

  17. Michele says

    Caroline, you are truly an amazing person!!! I just love how you didn’t let your difficult situation get in your way and turned it into a passion to help yourself and others. You are truly an inspiration! Keep your spirit, you are going to do great things. I pray for your continued healing.

  18. Diana says

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so impressed with how wise you are despite your youth. I am so excited to try the recipes you’ve posted and explore the rest of your blog.

    With much respect and humbleness, I hope that you would expand on what your mother’s nutritional habits were like when she was pregnant with you and whether you were breastfed. I have no judgements — I know people do the best they can with the information they have at the time. I just want to learn from the wisdom of others. You mentioned that she ate very healthy, whole foods. May I ask, specifically, what that entailed? Based on your story, she probably wasn’t eating saturated fats and cartilage since the health benefits weren’t known to her until you brought this knowledge to your family.

    I understand that if you aren’t comfortable disclosing this, but I would greatly appreciate it if you would. Thank you again for sharing your story. I look forward to following your healing journey.

  19. says

    I just read your story and as I read, I immediately thought you had SPD. My son has had similar issues, but not to that extreme. He did have the eczema and chronic ear infections as a child, and a temperament that changed like the wind. We put him on a gluten free diet which did help, however, he has some oral motor sensitivities and is only eating 4 things. I hope as he gets older that he becomes more willing to try new things. It was just so nice to read your story and see how diet plays such an intricate role and healing is possible through food. Thank you for sharing your story.

  20. Nancy A. says

    Congratulations on your journey to health! Amazing story and I am so happy you wrote it! Very informative and helpful to so many who don’t know what to do. Thank you, you are an amazing young lady! Am going to make these cookies for my family real soon!!

  21. Kelly says

    Hey Caroline! You are an inspiration!! I have been toying with the idea of being a nutritional therapist so when you put that link in I feel like that was a sign! Haha I’m crazy jk. I’ve looked at that website many times for nutritional therapy. I am like you, constantly researching!! I have been seeing sooo many things on the GAPS diet lately. So I need to try it! I think I’ve been overwhelmed with the information that I don’t know where to start! Do you recommend any books? You said Wardee has a series?

    Thank you for this! I feel like God is throwing signs at me in every direction. I work at a store where I am in supplements and I’m always telling people about coconut oil and broth and all that! I get asked all the time if I’m a nutritionist hehe. I teach my customers so much. My daughter has asthma and my son has tooth decay (we are in the process of doing a few things to heal) so gaps might be the answer! I also just ordered hearts, liver, bones, and eggs from a coop! :)))

    Sorry tht was way longer than I intended and all over the place!

  22. bonnie mitnick says

    you absolutely rock. i am 54 yrs old and have so far to go, and you are already leading your family to health. all the best wishes for health, wholeness, and understanding to you and all of those whose lives you touch. and thanks to wardeh for the introduction.

  23. Nancy A. says

    Love your story, thank you for sharing! And, the recipe sounds so yummy I am going to make it real soon!! Enjoyed your article so much, hope to read more of them!!

  24. June says

    Thank you Caroline. I enjoyed reading your long and amazing journey. You have certainly come a long way, and proved to us all that sometimes it is needful to keep on looking.
    Thank you for sharing with us, and thank you for the detail in your story. Thank you for the cookie recipe, and I will certainly be making those.

  25. DT says

    Since you are in MN, check out a wonderful website based in St. Paul, MN – Their office is Nutritional Weight & Wellness, they offer classes as well as individual dietary consultations, & teach the kind of healthy things you are looking at. They also have a radio show, “Dishing Up Nutrition” live every Saturday at 8 a.m. on 107.1 FM – great show.

  26. Dana says

    Thanks for sharing your story. We ate trying to get up the nerve to start gaps for my son with eczema but we ate still in the overwhelmed stage. Wish you yhe best on your healing journey!

  27. Alina & her mom says

    I have ben on the GAPS diet for 2 yers now. I have relly improved with it and I am only 7 years old!!! I am just now geting off of it this month!!! (written by my daughter Alina).
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I just read it to my daughter and it was comforting for her as she saw so many similarities and could hear from someone (other than mom and dad) that it is okay to be different… to eat truely healthy food & limited to what her body can handle. GAPS has been a healing experience, a difficult one at times, but so worth it. We wish you well,

  28. says

    Judy and Alina!

    Thanks so much for your comment! I really am so happy for you Alina that you are finally off the GAPS diet! You don’t know how lucky you are that you did the diet at such a young age! Your health will benefit greatly from it :) Great job for sticking through it. As hard as it may have been, you should thank your mom for watching out for you :) I put my older sister on the GAPS diet when she came home from college and she was not so happy, but now she cannot thank me enough! Way to go girl! I can’t wait for you to shine as a unique soul in this world!


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