Please Share: Food Preservation and You

Wine cellar

This Friday, I hope you’ll be joining me for Food Preservation 101, a free webinar! I will help you sort out your food preservation options, weighing out the pros and cons of each. Often, people don’t fully understand the pros and cons of all the preserving methods, nor have many really taken the time to think through what their goals are. Food preservation plans look different for each person, each family, so what one family does may not be the answer for another. Where do you stand? Please help me out by taking this quick survey!

Blueberry-Lemon Muffins


‘Tis the season for berry picking! When we came home with 34 pound of blueberries, I created these scrumptious blueberry-lemon muffins. You can use blanched almond flour in this recipe if you’re on GAPS, or spelt or wheat flour if you’re not. Enjoy!

Baby Steps to GAPS


Leola from The Urban Hearth is our guest today, and she’s a breath of fresh air! Why? Because she’s talking baby steps. Baby steps are gooooood. :) They make changes doable without overwhelm. If you’re new to traditional foods, new to whole foods, or starting GAPS, you’ll be inspired by Leola’s story.

6 Delicious Dishes with Cucumbers


For today’s Seasonal Recipe Round-Up featuring cucumbers, I’m pleased to look back in time and pull out a set of delicious recipes using fresh, seasonal, summer cucumbers. You’ll probably notice that most of these recipes have a Mediterranean bent. That’s because I grew up eating these foods, and cucumbers are a large part of the cuisine. When you have cucumbers coming out your ears, these recipes will help you use them up without being bored.

Butchering Our First Home-Grown Grass-Fed Beef


We find as time passes that we hit more and more first experiences. This week hosted a biggie — the butchering of our first grass-fed beef. We got the local experts, Oakland Lockers, to do it for us — both the butchering and the processing. They’re very good. All in all, a milestone, and it felt like a very big deal when it was happening! So…. here are the highlights of the butchering event. This post is photo heavy, and if you’re queasy, you might not want to look.

Circle Star Ranch


We’re heading down home… to your farms! Urban, suburban, or rural — whatever you’re growing and doing, we want to see it. Today’s featured farm is Circle Star Ranch in Roseburg, Oregon (which my family has visited, plus we’ve eaten their delicious foods). Mike and Elizabeth Lofrano, and daughter Carly, raise offer raw milk in a herdshare program, milk-fed pastured pork, milk-fed chicken, free-range eggs, and grass-fed beef.

Our Experience on the GAPS Intro Diet


When I shared the differences between GAPS Intro and Full diets, I promised I would tell you about our experience with Intro. That’s what I’m sharing today. This post is more anecdotal and journal-like. In fact, I’m pulling my thoughts from a GAPS thread going on in our eCourse forums. It just so happened that another member and I started Intro GAPS around the same time! In this post, you’ll find my (slightly edited) posts from that thread — and more besides.

GAPS Date Cookies (and Caroline’s Story)


Reading Caroline’s story will be a delight! She’s a spunky 18-year old blogging at GUTSY. After a young-lifetime of health hurdles and complications, she took her health into her own hands and is seeing healing through God’s goodness and the GAPS diet. Keep reading all the way to the end for the delicious cookie recipe! –Wardee