Strawberries: Seasonal Recipe Round-Up

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Welcome to another Seasonal Recipe Round-Up! This time we’re featuring strawberries (and next time is snap peas– see schedule below). I’m sharing my tips and a three recipes, and you can participate by sharing your own tips and/or recipes in the linky or in the comments.

What are Strawberries?

I can’t think why I need to answer this question, but hey, in the interest of being complete, I will. They are some of the most delicious fruits on the planet! ;) Besides that though, good strawberries are juicy, sweet, and contain lots of Vitamin C.

Sadly, strawberries are #5 on the “Dirty Dozen” list of foods with highest pesticide residues — so buy or grow organic if you can. The season strawberry season varies from place to place, but typically is April through July.

How to Choose and Store Strawberries

Strawberries are highly perishable, so purchase or pick and use quickly — ideally within two days.When picking your own, choose firm and plump berries that don’t have mold. Color should be shiny and deep. Unlike tomatoes or other foods, they don’t ripen after picking.

When I get fresh strawberries, I deal with them right away. I cut off the green tops, rinse them in a strainer, then lay out on towels to dry. Whatever I’m not using right away (for jam, etc.) goes into the freezer.

To freeze, lay the strawberries out on trays to freeze individually, then pop the frozen berries into freezer bags. Or you do what I do — I never have that much freezer space available — put the slightly wet berries right into the freezer bags. With my way, you’re more likely to have berries frozen together. But it works out all right. :)

How to Use Strawberries

Once again, a no-brainer thing to cover for the world’s most popular fruit! I would venture a guess that most strawberries the world round are eaten… just plain! I like to have fresh strawberries with a generous drizzle of raw, sweet Jersey cream.

However, strawberry abundance can turn into desserts, jams, smoothies. During strawberry season, you can make fizzy fermented beverages out of strawberries — water kefir, Kombucha, or strawberry-ginger soda.

Nourishing Traditions cautions against using highly-acidic strawberries in the fermented jams (my raspberry version is here). Even though I have not challenged this by trying to make strawberry fermented preserves, I have never had trouble using them in fermented beverages.

How do you eat strawberries? :)

Strawberry Recipes

In this recipe round-up, I’m sharing a few recipes and ideas. First up is an ice cream recipe from Marillyn Beard (who blogs at Just Making Noise). This Roasted Strawberry Balsamic Crème Fraîche Ice Cream comes from her book Just Making Ice Cream. She graciously allowed me to share it with you in this strawberry round up.

Next, strawberry water kefir. Use a cup or two of fresh or frozen sliced strawberries in the second ferment of water kefir.

And finally, just a simple dessert that I and my children call The Best Dessert Ever. I mentioned it above — fresh strawberries with raw, sweet Jersey cream — or whole goat milk, which is originally how we ate this dessert.

Now, it is your turn to share!

How to Participate in the Seasonal Recipe Round-Up

Bloggers, post a recipe or tip on your own blog, then come back here to add your post to the linky box below. If you don’t have a picture, feel free to download the Seasonal Recipe Round-Up banner (at top of post) and upload it using the script’s prompts (it is easy).

Non-bloggers, feel free to add a comment here with your favorite recipes or posts.

These are three simple guidelines for participation:

1. Use real, whole ingredients in recipes, and preferably traditional methods of preparation. Whole ingredients means whole grains, vegetables, legumes, meats, and unrefined sweeteners. In order to keep the integrity of “nourishing” food, I will delete any recipes that use processed, boxed foods. Where possible, incorporate traditional methods of preparation, like soaking, sprouting and fermenting. The idea here is that your recipes and tips should help our readers find traditional methods for preparing seasonal vegetables.

2. Link your post(s) back to this post. This is a common linking courtesy and will help build the Seasonal Recipe Round-Up community. We will all end up sharing and learning from each other. You may link up old or new posts and as many as you’d like.

3. No giveaway or otherwise primarily advertising oriented posts. To be clear, your posts should have valuable content. If you also mention or link to a book or some other resource, that is fine. Just be sure to keep the overall balance tipped toward sharing good, no-charge stuff and you’ll be fine. :) It is hard to do this with a giveaway post, so understand that usually those will be deleted right off the bat.

If, when browsing, you see a post that does not fit the above three guidelines, feel free to contact me to let me know (and thank you!).

Share Your Strawberry Recipes and Tips!

Use the linky box below (or post in the comments) to share your recipes and tips. Use old or new posts and as many as you’d like. The linky will not close, so you can come back later with your recipes if our featured ingredient is not in season for you yet. :) I look forward to seeing what you’ll add!

Seasonal Recipe Round-Up Schedule: July through August

Remember, the round-ups don’t close — you can add your recipes at any time. And I hope you will!

  • Friday, July 6, 2012 — Snap Peas
  • Friday, July 20, 2012 — Cucumbers
  • Friday, August 3, 2012 — Berries
  • Friday, August 17, 2012 — Tomatoes
  • Friday, August 31, 2012 — Squash

All seasonal recipe round-ups are (and will be) listed on the Recipes page.

Come back on Friday, July 6 for our snap pea link-up in the Seasonal Recipe Round-Up.

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Jamie says

    Hello, Wardee!
    Well, no links to post or anything else. Just this: our favorite strawberry recipe. Fresh strawberries room temperature and dipped in powdered sugar. YUM! Best if the strawberries are fully ripe off of the plant and dipped immediately.

  2. says

    Forgot to write my comment! Thanks so much for the strawberry fest! I have an entire flat of strawberries and only so many ideas of what to do with them. Trying the ice cream tonight!


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