Intro and Full GAPS Explained


Onward and upward with our GAPS series! Today, I am going to talk about the overall goals and differences of the two phases of the GAPS diet. If you’re brand new to our series, please catch up by reading Why I’m On The GAPS Diet and Demystifying the GAPS Diet (what it is). The GAPS diet actually has two phases — the Intro and the Full.

Roasted Strawberry Balsamic Crème Fraîche Ice Cream


When I knew we were going to talk about strawberries in this week’s Seasonal Recipe Round-Up, I asked my friend Marilynn Beard (from Just Making Noise) if I could share one of her ice cream recipes. She is the nourishing ice cream queen and has in fact written the book on it — Just Making Ice Cream.

Let’s Demystify the GAPS Diet


GAPS. Have you heard of this diet? Perhaps you’ve seen the GAPS book cover or the website and thought, “I don’t have any of those conditions, so it’s not for me.” Or someone’s told you all the things you cannot eat and you thought, “No way!” For many reasons, people find GAPS overwhelming, irrelevant, or unapproachable. Today, I’d like to demystify it. This is a “big picture” kind of post. I want you to grasp its vast implications without being overwhelmed by fine details. [by Wardee Harmon]

Millview Farms

Image 3

We’re heading down home… to your farms! Urban, suburban, or rural — whatever you’re growing and doing, we want to see it. Today’s featured farm is Millview Farms in Ontario, Canada. Marie, her husband, and son farm full time, raising free-range, pastured meat and eggs. They have a beautiful farm and a blessed life.

Winners: Super Nutrition for Babies Books

Super Nutrition for Babies_lores-square

Congrats to the two winners of Super Nutrition for Babies, the new book that shares traditional, old-fashioned, and nutrient-dense feeding advice… I’m really tickled you won. :) Everyone else, do keep the “Super Nutrition for Babies” book in mind for yourselves and for new and expecting families. Personally, I’m really glad this resource is available! This post also shares what you can expect this week on the blog.

My Trip to Arizona


I took a pretty quick trip to Arizona Sunday through Wednesday. I was there to get help with a back-end software switch, but a true highlight was an evening spent with friends and members. I’m so, so touched that all these special friends came to meet me! Thank you for making my trip special and extending such a warm welcome. I’m so grateful and hope I get to see you again sometime. God bless you!