Great Sales for Real Foodies and Natural Mamas

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I figured it was time for a spring/early summer sale, so I wrote to my real food blog friends to see if they would share special discounts with you. The answer was a resounding yes! I have talked about some of these resources before, but others are brand-new. The coupons have varying expiration dates, so be sure to read carefully. Happy shopping. :)

2 days left! The “Easy Steps to Real Food” booklet and video is this month’s free bonus for new and current members, new and current menu plan subscribers, and new ebook purchasers. Good through 5/31/12. More info: membership in our unlimited online classes, weekly menu plans, ebooks.

25% OFF “Nourished Baby” by Heather Dessinger (Mommypotamus)

“Did you know that feeding our children “sacred foods” often prevents the need for braces? That it can also prevent — or even heal — cavities, increase intellectual capacity and improve their moods? Did you know that how we nourish our daughters in the early years of their lives even helps determine whether their hips are wide enough for an easy, complication-free labor?

If ever a generation needed real, nourishing food, it is the one we are raising. But most parents don’t know where to look to find resources they can trust. My new ebook offers the insights you need to make the healthiest decisions for your precious baby.”

Heather is a sweetheart. Her personality and knowledge really shine in this book. A true pleasure to read!

Get 25% off through 6/8/2012 with coupon code YUMMY.
Click here to buy or for more info.


30% OFF “Design a Dish” by Millie Copper (Real Food for Less Money)

“This 34-page eBook shares not recipes but formulas to help you design dishes with ingredients that are abundant to you. This will help you reduce food waste and help you save money — you may even find yourself eating a meal or two for ‘free’ each week just by cutting down on waste!”

Millie’s book is a very frugal resource with many helpful tips and strategies to help you stretch your meals and food dollars.

Get 30% off through 6/22/2012 with coupon code SPRINGSALE.
Click here to buy or for more info.


25% OFF GAPS Resources from Cara Faus (Health, Home and Happiness)

“Our family has found so much help by using the GAPS diet to heal and seal the gut lining that I wanted to make helpful meal plans for anyone who is overwhelmed with the GAPS and needs a little more hand holding to get started.”

The “What Can I Eat Now” eBook was a lifesaver for our family when we did the GAPS Intro Diet in April 2012. I highly recommend it — GAPS can be overwhelming and with this book, Cara holds your hand and keeps you going. Cara also offers Full GAPS meal plans and a grain-free cookbook (digital or print)! We use all her stuff daily.

Get 25% off(digital products only) through 6/5/2012 with coupon code SPRING25.
Click here to buy or for more info.


21% OFF “Real Food 101” by Kendahl Milliecam (Our Nourishing Roots)

A visual companion to Nourishing Traditions-style foods, these step-by-step tutorials in full color photos teach you how to implement real food into your kitchen, easily and confidently!”

Kendahl has a lovely style of writing and cooking, and she knows her stuff. This is a beautiful eBook and a great resource. It would make a wonderful gift for a real food beginner, but there’s plenty to learn for everyone.

Get it for $11 instead of $14 through 6/3/2012 with coupon code realfood11.
Click here to buy or for more info.

20% OFF “Real Food Storage” by KerryAnn Foster (Cooking Traditional Foods)

Real Food Storage Recipes contains an overview of how to store foods without going off of your traditional foods diet plus over 200 recipes to get you started.  All of the recipes have been kid-tested and are family friendly.  Recipes include sourdough baked goods, breakfast, quick breads, side dishes, main dishes (meatless, chicken, beef, salmon, turkey, lamb), packaged and processed replacements and desserts.”

KerryAnn is a very experienced traditional foods cook with high standards and excellent products. You can’t go wrong with anything she produces! (Check out her gluten-free, dairy-free eCourse.)

Get 20% off through 6/16/2012 with coupon code 20OFFRFS.
Click here to buy or for more info.

20% OFF eBooks from Kate Tietje (Modern Alternative Mama)

Kate is a profilic and wonderful writer and provider of real food resources. I’ve mentioned Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods, Real Food Basics, and Treat Yourself. Since then, Kate has written Breast to Bib, Wholesome Comfort, and Against the Grain. All are wonderful resources, chock full of information and tried-and-true delicious recipes.

Get 20% off any eBook through 6/3/2012 with coupon code SUMMER20.
Use links above to browse the book selection or make your purchase.

30% OFF eBooks from Katie Kimball (Kitchen Stewardship)

“Need some healthy snack or dessert ideas? Want to cut your food budget and still feed your family healthy meals? (Think beans, beans, and more beans!) Wish you knew more about camping with young children or real food? I’m here to help.”

Katie is another amazing blogger and writer who produces awesome stuff for real foodies! (Not to mention generous — she shared a huge selection of recipes from her Healthy Snacks to Go eBook in last week’s eCourse snacks lesson.) Her other books include: the Family Camping Handbook: Kitchen Stewardship in the Big Woods and Smart Sweets.

Get 30% off Healthy Snacks to Go through 6/30/2012 with coupon code NOWHITESUGAR.
Get 30% off Smart Sweets through 6/30/2012 with coupon code SWEETSuCANEAT.
Get the Family Camping Handbook FREE with your purchase of a family size bug bar from MadeOn Hard Lotion.

Click here to browse the book selection or make your purchase.

25% to 50% OFF eBooks from Stephanie Langford (Keeper of the Home)

“What if you could learn to meal plan in a way that helped you to eat better, while saving you money, time and stress? Are you spending too much on groceries? Would you like to maximize your current budget so that you can afford more wholesome, nutritious foods for your family? What’s holding you back from making the switch over to natural, healthier living?”

In her books Healthy Homemaking, Real Food on a Real Budget, and Plan It, Don’t Panic, Stephanie inspires you to overcome all those difficulties and more! Get 25% off any single book, or save 50% when you buy all three. 

Save 25% off any single eBook through 6/15/2012 with coupon code CHALLENGE25.
*Save 50% off when you buy all 3 eBooks through 6/15/2012 with coupon code BUNDLE50.
Click here to browse the book selection or make your purchase.

*Note, if you go to purchase the bundle by putting all three books into the cart separately, the code won’t work. You need to choose the ebook bundle option at the bottom of this page to use the bundle code.

25% OFF “Your Custom Homestead” by Jill Winger (The Prairie Homestead)

“What if… you could fulfill your homesteading dreams without having to relocate? What if… you could start a journey towards a simpler way of life where you are right now? Wherever you live right now — THAT is your homestead. Your Custom Homestead takes you through a 21-day process of moving closer to your homesteading dreams, no matter where you may live.”

Jill is an inspirational homesteader working around unique challenges: a windy climate with little moisture and tough winters. She wrote Your Custom Homestead from a place of “here is what worked for me” rather than “I have it all figured out” — a really refreshing approach!

Save 25% through 6/7/2012 with coupon code SPRINGROUNDUP25.
Click here to buy or for more info.

10% OFF your entire order from Renee Harris @ MadeOn Hard Lotion

“My first lotion bar was created out of desperation, mixed with creativity. The creativity came from the pleasure I got from making things from my kitchen for my family. The desperation came, literally, from my hands. I had the worst pain from the tips of my fingers that were often covered in Band-aids from the cuts and splits from my daily activities and extremely dry skin. My hands were my most important tools, but they caused me intense suffering… until the lotion bar. “

I can attest to the wonderful-ness of MadeOn’s hard lotion bars! Milking, dishes, gardening, and household chores are so hard on my hands. I’ve been desperate for relief, just like Renee. The hard lotion bars literally save my hands. I keep bars everywhere — one at the sink, one at my desk, one by my bed, one in my purse… Renee has DIY kits, ready to go hard lotion bars, gift packs, and even bug bars. Don’t forget! You get Katie’s Family Camping Handbook free with the purchase of a family size bug bar.

I’ve been talking about this coupon code all month… just two days left!

Get 10% off your entire order through 5/31/2012 with coupon code gnowmay12.
Click here to buy or for more info.

GNOWFGLINS is an affiliate and friend of each of these ladies. By supporting them with a purchase that begins here, you’re also supporting us. Thank you! Happy Spring and Summer!

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. elaine says

    Thanks for putting together such a wonderful assortment of books at great discounts! I am not having any success with the discount code for “Your Custom Homestead” by The Prairie Homestead. Thanks for your help.

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