Nutrimill + Berries Giveaway!

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We kicked off a great giveaway at the ABCs of Grain Mills webinar today! Everyone is welcome to enter the giveaway — but webinar attendees heard an exclusive code for three bonus entries. :) (I’m sorry but I’m not able to share the code with anyone who didn’t register.)

And don’t forget — there’s another drawing going on, too! If you’re going to purchase a WonderMill from, use the webinar-only code to get $5 off your purchase PLUS be entered to win a free WonderMill of the alternate power! Through Thurs 3/16/12 at midnight.

Here are all the details about the giveaway. This is definitely the most awesome giveaway I’ve ever hosted. I’m going to be very, very, very happy for the person who wins.

Prize #1: Nutrimill from Amazing Graze Farm General Store


You’ll win a free Nutrimill from Amazing Graze Farm General Store. I just got a used Nutrimill this week and I love it! Here’s what Marci — the owner of Amazing Graze Farm General Store — says about her Nutrimill:

I have owned and used five different grain mills and currently own three, two of which are hand powered. Every mill I have used has been a good mill. I have been pleased with them and grateful for them. We bought a Nutrimill for our son and his wife for their wedding and Brittany, my daughter-in-law, is a baker, so she uses it often.

I could actually see a difference in the fineness of the flour! At one point when she brought some over to make a pie at my house, I asked her if she had bought the flour. She told me that she had used her Nutrimill. So when my last mill died, I bought the Nutrimill.

I have been extremely pleased with it. It has the ability to grind a very super fine flour which is wonderful not only for my bread, but also for pastries. It will also adjust to a much coarser grind, and  I like this for my corn meal for corn bread.

Two of the features I really appreciate are the volume I can do as well as the ability to turn the mill off mid-grind. I can grind up to 20 cups of flour at a time if I am doing a large batch type baking. Also, if I receive a phone call from a customer, I can shut it off and take care of business and then turn it back on. No other electric mill I owned would let me do that. I also like the fact that the flour bin stores under the mill, so it uses less of my counter space.

The mill allows me to grind all the grains I use as well as corn and beans. We really love using this mill.

You’ll also win…

Prize #2: Two Pounds Sprouted Berries from JoshEWEa’s Garden

The winner of this giveaway will get two pounds of sprouted berries — either spelt or wheat (your choice).

Awhile back, my family got to sample JoshEWEa’s Garden pre-soaked oat cereals and other foods. Their foods are fabulous!

Prize #3: Three Pounds Hard Red Wheat Berries from Palouse Brand

Palouse Brand Hard Red Wheat

And… you’ll also get three pounds of hard red wheat berries from Palouse Brand.

When I got my used Nutrimill this week, I excitedly put it to work grinding hard red wheat berries from Palouse Brand to bake sourdough bread. You can read the whole story here. The bread turned out fabulous — great taste and great texture.

Ready, Set … Enter!

This giveaway begins today (Friday, March 9, 2012) and ends on Sunday, March 18, 2012 at midnight. The winner will be announced on the blog on Monday, March 19, 2012.

This giveaway is open to residents of the continental US only.

Use the widget below to enter… (comments don’t count as entries — you must use the widget!)

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Hey, pssst….. Our next free webinar is “Traditional Food Time Savers” — I hope to see you there!

This giveaway is sponsored by Amazing Graze Farm, JoshEWEa’s Garden, and Palouse Brand. GNOWFGLINS received no monetary compensation, though we did get to sample some awesome food. We whole-heartedly endorse them as quality small businesses deserving of your patronage!

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Teresa Messick says

    Just visited Amazing Graze Farms website and of course I would love the Nutrimill! Will be shopping there for sure!

  2. Corri says

    Thanks for this! I want a L’Equip 528 Dehydrator from Amazing Graze store. They are really amazing looking. I enjoyed the webinar, thanks for all the helpful info!!

  3. Deborah says

    I just visited Amazing Grace Farms and would love a dehydrator – we’re moving to Africa and it would come in so handy.

  4. says

    Thank you for the webinar today! I recently learned about milling whole grains during a cooking demo hosted by a wonderful friend and local coop owner. Amazing Graze has some GREAT products! As well as a grain mill, I would love to have a dehydrator. My grandmother used one when I was growing up and I have fond memories of cooking with her.

  5. Rose C says


    I am so grateful for the webinar you gave on grain mills. You and Vickilynn had so much information to share. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to win one of the 2 prizes offered by Donna and Marci. Thank you all very much.

    • Rose C says

      I forgot to tell you what I would like from Amazing Graze farms is the Kuhn Rikon 7 Liter Turn-Top Pressure Cooker.

  6. says

    Thank you for a great webinar! After visiting the Amazing Graze farm website, it’s the Nutrimill and the Big Berkey I’m drooling over. :-)

  7. Christa Held says

    What an awesome giveaway. I loved the baking pans on her website (amazinggraze). Thanks for the webinar!!

  8. Angela says

    It is so hard to decide, I would have to say the nutrimill is the top thing I like at the store with the bosch coming in a close second.


  9. Jennifer says

    I’d like a grain mill from Amazing Graze. (still doing research as to which is best for my situation.)

  10. Jennifer says

    I visited the Amazing Graze General Store, and there are so many things I’d like to buy! Obviously, I really really want the Nutrimill, but they also sell juicers and bread bags and so many other things too.

    Thank you for the webinar, and for hosting this giveaway!

  11. Karen Q says

    The webinar was very informative. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I’m glad I “attended.” Now all I need is my very own grain mill :)

  12. Donna B says

    I want to add that I visited Amazing Graze, and I love love love the blue food grade buckets! So pretty. Also some reasonably priced dehydrators! And of course I am in the market for a mill, too.

  13. jan says

    What an informative webinar! It was so great of Vickilynn to do all the research and to share it with us. Thanks again, Wardee, for another wonderful webinar.

    I hope I win the grainmill!

  14. says

    Visited Amazing Graze Farms General Store – I would love, love, love to win the Nutrimill so I can start grinding my “Whole Grains”! wink :0)

  15. says

    I have a Bosch Universal Mixer that I LOVE. Several years ago, I purchased a flaker attachment to make rolled oats from oat groats as well as cereals from other grains. I use it several times a week. I learned during my visit to the Amazing Graze Farm Store that there are MANY other attachments that I may need to consider for my Bosch Mixer!

  16. Kathy Judson says

    I checked out the websight and loved most everything! My favorite – because it is something I may be in the market for real soon, is the coffee maker. It works fast like a Bunn, but has the thermos style carafe.

  17. elena says

    I loved the webinar, thank you ladies!! From Amazing Graze, I would love the Zojirushi BB-CEC20BA Home Bread Maker – Black/Stainless Look.

  18. says

    Thank you for the web seminar. I have been wanting to grind my own grains for a long time, but I have been having a hard time weighing the cost against which grain mill to buy. This is one change that I am overdue to make.

  19. Elizabeth Dominy says

    Thanks for the informative webinar! I would really like the Nutrimill from Amazing Graze; that is the next item I’m looking to add to my kitchen tools.

  20. Denise says

    Loved the webinar today! I’m torn between two things from the Amazing Graze website–the American Harvest food dehydrator, or the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. I’ve heard really good things about it from several of the young mothers in our church.

  21. Jessica Rasmussen says

    I would love the nutrimill! We even have a local organic wheat producer and would love to utilize them!

  22. Angel says

    I absolutely love the yellow freindship star handmade aprons at Amazing Graze! Beautiful and made by a young person, too. Keep up the good work. Great seminar!

  23. says

    Wonderful – Webinar Wardee – my first live one, Wow, so informative from Vickilynn’s knowledge, to Donna’s discount, to Marci @ Amazing graze farms, amazing opportunity to win a Nutrimill ( I would love to win) to Joshewea’s Garden and Palouse Brands. I have my fingers crossed and wispered a prayer for “whole grains” Nutrimill ~ Thank you for an amazing Webinar, I learned so much and all the links were helpful too! :0)

  24. says

    There are SO many things on the Amazing Graze website that I’d love to have, but I’ve been eyeing that grain mill for a while now, so it’d be at the top of my wishlist!

    PLUS, tomorrow is my birthday, so that should count for something, right? 😉

  25. Briana Christopherson says

    The Amazing Grace site is a wealth of info! Would LOVE the Country Living Mills and the wonderful children’s aprons! My daughter wants one! :)

  26. Becky Oto says

    Great webinar Wardee, Thanks!
    I’ve long been avoiding grinding my own grains but I am now convinced that this is my next step in our real food journey.
    The Nutrimill sure looks like a great machine. :)

  27. Lori says

    I visted the Amazing Graze General Store and loved everything! Of course I would love the Grain Mill since it has been on my wish list for the last 2 years. I love the towels, bread bags and the pizza bags!

  28. says

    We have the bosch motored mill that can be used by hand crank too – haven’t done that yet though 😉 I think I’d like to eventually have this this as my back up machine. Tthe Wondermill and Nutrimill look like they are faster and offer a bit finer grind.

    I was 10 minutes too late to get into the webinar. Hope to see it in archives.

  29. Michelle Killpack says

    Thanks for a great webinar on milling our own grains!! Given that I don’t have a mill – I think that’s what I would love to get at Amazing Graze!! And a good place to start!!

  30. Leanna says

    I visited their website and wow.. I love the Norpro Stainless Steel Bread Pans.. and they are a great deal!

  31. Irene Mish says

    I visited the Amazing Graze General Store online and I of course LOVED the grain mill and also the Zojirushi Coffee Maker!!!!

  32. Christine says

    Love the store! I would like a Nutrimill and some storage container for all of my grains waiting to be ground. :)

  33. Angie says

    Ive been wanting a mill for a while now, but can’t seem to get the $ for it. Winning one would be a Godsend! Thanks for the opportunity?

  34. Angie says

    Ive been wanting a mill for a while now, but can’t seem to get the money for it. Winning one would be a Godsend! Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. says

    I loved listening in today! Thanks for putting this on Wardee. I’ve been looking into getting a grain grinder for a long time and now I feel more prepared to make a decision.

  36. Fran McFall says

    I have a Nutrimill and just love it. Marci is right – it makes the finest, smoothest flour. I have also been to her store and enjoyed my visit with her and her family. Hey, Marci !

  37. Maridyth Wiles says

    I would LOVE a Nutrimill. A very close friend of mine had one… I would walk to her house to grind my grain. Then she moved across the country!! Aggg! That’s too far to walk!

  38. Karen says

    Thanks for doing this giveaway. NOt sure where to post about what I like at the Amazing Grace General store, so i will post here. I really like the American Harvest Food Dehydrator and also the stainless steel bakeware! Thanks.
    I am also signed up for your newsletter.

  39. says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m glad I discovered Amazing Graze Farm as I didn’t know it existed! While I love so much of it, the Easy Sprout Sprouter is what I’ve been looking for and at a great price!

  40. says

    I would love to have a NutriMill. I currently have an el cheapo that was given to me but I worry about how long it will last as I begin to use it as often as plan to.

  41. Tammy R. says

    Awesome! I’d love to win a Nutrimill. I’ll have to catch the replay as I had to miss the live version for a dear 90 year old’s birthday party!

  42. Kathie says

    Marci’s Amazing Graze store is a pleasure to visit. I would like to purchase a Champion Juicer and a Country Grain mill for gifts for my daughters. I know all of the items offered here are great items. I use many of them.

  43. Tammy R. says

    Oops, forgot to list the thing I’d want from Amazing Graze Store… well, a Nutrimill of course but secondly, I’d love a Bosch Universal and now I see it can come with a blender AND a food processor… I could get rid of so many other gadgets cluttering up my counter with just one device… how nice!

  44. Alicia Milan says

    I would love to buy the L’Equip 528 Dehydrator – Gray , I’ve been wanting to buy a dehydrator and that one looks really nice :)

  45. Peggy James says

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to start grinding my own grains. I have thought about it for about a year now but just haven’t made the plunge. I know it would make my delicious homemade bread even better!

  46. Tina says

    I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.
    At Amazing Graze,so many good things….bakeware, books,breadmakers…all of which I am very interested in.

  47. Tina says

    I would love to win this giveaway!
    At Amazing Graze,so many good things….bakeware, books,breadmakers…all of which I am very interested in.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. M.C. says

    I have been saving and saving to buy a grain mill, but something always seems to pop up that the money needs to go to. And when I bought wheat berries to have ground, they became infested with Indian Meal Moths (I hate those little suckers!). Hopefully I have better luck in the future. The Powers That Be seem to be steering me away. Lol. :)

  49. M.C. says

    Oh, and I completely forgot to mention what I like best at Amazing Graze. The Bosch Universal Food/meat Grinder.

  50. Shellie says

    I love the Back To Basics cookbook at Amazing Graze Farm Store. I love good healthy recipes that make good use of what we have!

  51. says

    I had a great time browsing the Amazing Graze Farm General Store. I like the lid lifter for my canning, the taco shell form, and enjoyed reading their blog for recipe ideas! Thanks for sharing this great business!

  52. Jesussaves says

    wow I have been learning about making everything on my own this mill would be such a blessing to continue on the path of making my families foods more healthy.

  53. Kathleen B says

    I would LOVE a L’equip juicer! And my dehydrator is broken so one of those would be nice too! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Elizabeth says

    I would love to get a Big Berkey one day soon. I LOVE that the farm store carries so many things that I usually have to go to several different sites to acquire! =)

  55. Emily zimmerman Durkee says

    this is an exciting giveaway! I *just* told my husband I wanted a mill for my birthday :)

  56. says

    I am hoping-fingers crossed to win the Nutrimill from Amazing Graze Farm. They have such wonderful things too, I really love the British Berkefeld Crown Berkey Stainless Water Purifier. I know that my left kidney would thank me because I donated my right one in 2000. I am sure it taste’s amazing, and my bread’s made in the Nutrimill would taste oh so wonderful, also my soaked grains etc., would be heavenly! :0)

  57. Joyce Dunn says

    Well, I’m not sure where to put this but here goes. There are several items I like in the general store; however, the Nutrimill is my choice. I’m old but it’s time I learned to grind wheat to make my own bread. I can’t abide the store bought stuff. It has a distinctly chemical odor and I am ready for fresh homemade bread without all that added gluten. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest.

  58. Marcella F says

    I would like the Bosch mixer. I have read that it is able to mix a few batches of bread at once. I own a Kitchen Aid mixer that I love, but I don’t think it can handle more than one batch of bread at a time.

  59. Jennifer Rivers says

    I would love to win anything from Amazing Graze Farm! My top things would be a Berkey Water Filter system, a juicer, of course a grain mill.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  60. Lisa says

    I want a Berkey water filter. I’m not sure which one but the Royal might work for our family. I would also like one of the sport Berkeys for travel.

  61. Andrea says

    I tweeted but I can’t find the addresss of the tweet. I know I used to be able to. Anyone know if twitter has changed?

  62. Meagan says

    It was a very helpful webinar. I had been researching grain mills, but hadn’t the foggiest of what constituted a good one. Thanks for demystifying it!

  63. Karma says

    I keep looking at replacing my old bread pans. Those stainless steel ones sure look nice! The nutrimill is a great giveaway!

  64. Patti Hall says

    I am confused. Not up to date on all this techno socializing. Need a 12 year old to help I guess.
    Found this site on Homesteading Today. It is a wonderful offer. I really would love to aquire a mill.

  65. Julie says

    I like the looks of several of the books that Amazing Graze has in their listing. The Grandmas Recipes looks like one that I would definitely enjoy.

  66. Karen says

    Well, if I could have ANYTHING (other than the mill of course) I’d have to pick the Champion Juicer!! Loved the webinar yeterday…. so informative!

  67. Jessica Kendel says

    What an awesome giveaway! Have heard great things about the Nutrimill and it is awesome that it is quiet!

  68. NathanB says

    I would love to get the SS Jelly roll pan for my wife. Her’s is long overdue for replacement. Would also like to get a yogurt maker and the yogurt cheese maker. Would likely use the two in conjunction not for yogurt cheese so much as I would to just drain out some of the whey to make it greek style yogurt, which is what most of my family prefers!.

  69. says

    I’d love a NutriMill! We are just starting to bake our own bread, and I’d like to store wheat berries instead of flour. I recently “inherited” 25 lbs of wheat berries from a friend, but I have no way to grind it right now, so I can’t even use it.

  70. Trezlen says

    I’d love to try the Berkey Water Filter (I’ve been thinking about getting one of these) and the Glass tea tumbler. Sorry, I know that’s two!

  71. says

    What an amazing giveaway! I would just love to get a Nutrmill… in fact, I have been saving up for one for years. Something always gets in the way.

    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes! I am making your Apple Pie tonight with my daughter and we just love it!



  72. Debbie Williford says

    I really enjoyed the webinar yesterday. Just purchased some wheat from the LDS cannery. Hope to win the Nutrimill + extras. Thank you.

  73. Susan Jonell Roragen says

    Well, I’ve always wanted a Nutrimill, but there are so many desirable items at Amazing Graze! I do like the Zojirushi Coffee Maker in particular, though.

  74. says

    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway! Loved the Amazing Graze site and would one day love a Berkey filter or dehydrator from them. Cheers! :)

  75. Melody Ghorley says

    I visited the Amazing Grace Farm Store site, and that Zojirushi bread maker sure is calling my name.

  76. Deidre says

    If I hadn’t just ordered a Berkley water filter that would’ve been my first choice, but I would love to have a Country Living grain mill. I like the idea of having one that does not require electricity.

  77. says

    Oh Oh Oh I would so love to win this! My old grinder quit working and I haven’t bought anymore wheat berries since that time which was probably a year ago. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  78. Jansprout says

    visit to Amazing Graze Farms website reveals the Nurtimill as number one on my want list, I could also use new Black Berkey filters!

  79. Jessica B. says

    Huh…the gray dehydrator, the Royal Berkey, any/all of the stainless steel cookware, a Nutrimill…I could go on, but until we get a bigger house, there’s not room for all of the real food equipment I would like. Someday…

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  80. Jessica says

    so, is it lame to say that i like the nutrimill? ooooh, and the berkey water filter. and, all the cookbooks, but I think dh would be upset if i get ANOTHER cookbook!

  81. Lisa S. says

    I’d love a Bosch mixer. I have a manual and electric grain mill. I love the ease of my electric and use it all the time! I sure wish I could whip up a loaf (or 6) of bread as quickly with a Bosch.

  82. Marilee says

    The nutrimill looks amazing, but I also like the stainless steel bakeware, I particularly need some cake pans, and they look like a great price too!

  83. Cathy says

    My first choice item from Amazing Graze would be a grain mill, if I can win one! Otherwise, their stainless steel cookie sheets look great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Maryanne says

    I would love a Nutrimill! Hope I win – can’t afford one! I would also love the Kuhn Rikon 7-Liter pressure cooker.

  85. says

    “This giveaway is open to residents of the continental US only.”

    Can non-residents enter if we have a continental-US mailing address? I get everything shipped to my uncle’s house and a grain mill would be wonderful!

  86. says

    Gee, what wouldn’t I like from their store? If I have to pick, the Nutrimill would be terrific for grinding larger amounts of flour (I have a Wondermill Jr. Deluxe) and I thought the wooden butter molds were really cool!

  87. Sarah says

    I would love a Nutrimill or practically any juicer! (though with more funds my list would grow longer and longer…)

  88. says

    What a great giveaway.
    Thanks for sharing about Amazing Graze Farm website. I just spent some time looking around at all the fabulous and so useful items they sell. Love their selection in pressure cookers.


  89. says

    The handmade wooden butter mold would simplify measuring homemade butter for use in recipes. The bonus is that it was made by a local craftsman. It looks to be of high quality craftsmanship and made of sturdy materials.

  90. says

    So many beautiful and useful products at Amazing Graze Farm! One that I definitely want to get is the Adult Apron. That with the potholder set will make a great addition to my daughter’s “Setting Up Household” collection! Thanks for the great webinar, and also for the wonderful giveaway!

    Donna H.

  91. Sarah Walsh says

    As others have said, there are too many wonderful things on the Amazing Graze website to just pick one! If I didn’t want the Nutrimill so much, I’d say I certainly wish for the L’Equip 528 Dehydrator :)

  92. Emily says

    I’ve visited Amazing Graze a few times and this time viewed the Big Berkey water filter. I’ve been wanting one of these. I also thought the title of the chicken poop lip balm was hysterical!

  93. rachel says

    I want the grain mill for sure. This mill has been my dream mill as well as a bosch mier. I hang it on my refrigerator and tell my kids one day we are going to have that. :)

  94. Jesse says

    My first pick would definitely be the mill, but my second would be one of their juicers! I also love all of their stainless steel bake ware.

  95. Karin C. says

    I learned a lot about the grain mills-My next purchase was a Kitchen Aid, but I think it will be a grain mill instead.
    We have chickens and would like to grind our own mix to feed the chickens and be able to grind our own wheat for home use-what is the best machine (electric or manual)?

  96. Karin C. says

    wow! bread bags, stainless steel bread pans, food grade containers-all the things that have been on my mind to look for-FOUND! here at Amazing Graze Farms-love the name! will definately save their info to support them when I order these items!

  97. Ronnie Condron says

    Wow! Amazing Grace Farms has so many wonderful things. How to pick just one! I liked the dehydrators and Juicers though!

  98. Heather Huerta says

    I would LOVE a grain mill!!! Any one of them looks good, but I like the hand powered family grain mill! :) That and a garlic press….

  99. Shana Fuller says

    I want two things really badly besides the GrainMill….Electroux Assistant and a pressure cooker but trust me I could find a thousand other things I want too!!

  100. Erin says

    I love natural food websites like Amazing Graze…I’d love a new grain mill…I just killed my Kitchen Aid Mixer using the grain mill attachment. A dehydrator would also be wonderful, but my oven works in the mean time.

  101. Teresa Myers says

    For the drawing: I would like the Zojirushi BB-CEC20BA Home Bread Maker from the Amazing Grace general store.

  102. says

    I am so excited about this giveaway. Plus, I am happy to learn about Amazing Graze…what a great site! The 5-gallon food grade plastic buckets interest me the most at this time.

  103. Jenni says

    I would like two books that they have: preserving food without freezing or canning, and Seasonal garden cooking.

  104. Jenni says

    I like two of the books that they have on there: Seasonal Garden Cooking, and How to Preserve Food without Freezing or Canning

  105. says

    There is so much there that would be fabulous to have! The L’Equip dehydrator would be my #2 pick, behind the Nutrimill. Also, a silly thing, but the stainless steel wide mouth funnel would be nice. I love my funnels!

  106. says

    There are so many fun things at Amazing Graze! I obviously would love the Nutrimill, but the L’Equip 528 dehydrator would be fabulous too. Or the Norpro Flaker mill/grain grinder.. Or… :)

  107. says

    I would love to win the grain mill (and the sprouted berries that come with it from this giveaway, already sprouted is one less step for me!) and another neat little product I saw on the amazing graze website I would like to have is the natural peanut butter mixer!

  108. JA says

    The Nutrimill. I’ve seen them work, and they are amazing. I want to be able to use whole grains – flour is expensive.

  109. Mary says

    I went to the Amazing Graze website and was so excited to find stainless steel bakeware. I’ve been looking for it but with little success. Now I have a source! Thanks Amazing Graze!

  110. Dona says

    I don’t have a twitter account. :( What would I like, I need a butter press! It looks fabulous!!! Thanks Amazing Graze!!!

  111. Dona says

    I forgot to state that I also want a Nutrimill!!! I just bought some Red Wheat Berries and now need a mill to grind them. :)

  112. Mary says

    Thanks for mentioning the butter press. I missed it when I was looking through the store. I’ve been wanting one and the price is very reasonable!

  113. says

    I am dying to have the Nutrimill! It’s been on my Amazon wish list for month, but other expenses keep popping up, so we keep having to wait. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the Nutrimill.

  114. a8ala says

    Really, really looking to get a dehydrator this year.
    The L’Equip 528 Dehydrator looks like it would do the trick!

  115. Jan says

    Would love the Nutrimill but have also been eyeing the Zojirushi bread maker—my current one is 21 years old!

  116. Pamala Minerd says

    I am sad that I sold my grain mill many years ago. Now we are growing our own corn so that our chickens are not eating GMO corn and soy. I am also going to go back to making my own corn tortillas. We are going to be a 100% none GMO soy household once again. Never to go back again. :o)

  117. Linda Albers says

    I have never posted, tweeted, liked and commented on anything so many times as I have on this. This is great–love it.

  118. Andrea H says

    My two dream products would be the Bosch Universal and the Nutrimill from Amazing Graze Farm General Store.

  119. Dolores says

    Of course I would love to have the grain mill but also the grain flaker would be great! I would love to be able to roll my own oats. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  120. Denise says

    I would love to have one of the food processors/grain mills she has over at Amazing Graze Farm. I have bookmarked the site!

  121. kristin says

    There are so many fun things at Amazing Graze! I obviously would love the Nutrimill, but the L’Equip 528 dehydrator would be fabulous too.

  122. kristin says

    There are so many great things at Amazing Graze! I would love the Nutrimill, but the L’Equip 528 dehydrator would be awesome too.

  123. thecinnamonlady says

    It sure would be great to win this contest, I know exactly what I would do with this fabulous prize!

  124. Sheryl D'Elia says

    Is it crazy to say that I want just about everything? :) I certainly would LOVE to own a Nutrimill, Bosch mixer, and Champion Juicer. I’m rather new (a couple of years) to traditional cooking, and I’m finding out fast that having the right tools makes a huge difference.

  125. Marni says

    the berkey and dehydrator have been on my list, so i would have to say one of those. oh and i could use some food grade storage containers!

  126. Christina M. says

    I would love to have a grain mill, the stainless steel bakeware, a berkey or a dehydrater. My wish list is long, but I’m not picky.

  127. Jeanne says

    I see many things I’d like to have but I’d think there Stainless Steel 3qt. Pitcher would be a nice start for this Spring!

  128. Dianna says

    I ordered a grain mill from Miller’s Grain House this morning with the discount code. Wasn’t sure if that still entered me in the drawing. Above, it says to purchase the mill by Thursday, 3/16/12 at midnight to be entered. Today is Friday 3/16/12, but it took my coupon code, so I assume that I am still entered;) Cannot wait to get started!!

  129. Laura Stark says

    I love all the quilted potholders at Amazing Graze Farm store! I’m forever burning my hands/arms in the kitchen and I go thru potholders at an ‘amazing’ rate! Thanks for the opportunity to win the foodmill; it will go to an excellent home!!!

  130. Charlita Meadows says

    there are sooo many interesting things within Amazing Graze Farm store. I really want a grain mill, but would also look into purchasing stainless steel items, bread bags, and maybe even a dehydrator. Its great to find another online store with great options

  131. Michelle says

    I am hopeful, hopeful, tremendously hopeful…. *Can you hear the tune?* :)

    Sue Gregg’s materials and the stainless steel bread pans definately caught my eye at Amazing Graze Farm’s store.

  132. co shells says

    The first item I would live to have is the Nutrimill. The second item that’s going on my dream list is the L’Equip 528 Dehydrator.

  133. says

    The Nutrimill! I have a son with multiple food allergies, so having a dedicated grain mill just for his bread would be such a blessing! I have a very dear friend who owns this mill. She highly recommends it. I have had my eye on this for a couple of years now, but have just not been able to afford it. This is a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!

  134. says

    So funny, I just saw one of those mills at an expo this last weekend. I’m planning on getting a hand mill but if I ever get serious enough, I was planning on the Nutrimill.

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