Warming Beef and Cabbage Soup


We’re down to the last of our yearly grass-fed beef. All the ground beef is gone — long gone — so I’m finding ways to cook the odds and ends in the freezer: stew meat, tri-tip, some gorgeous grass-fed steaks, and various roasts. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and I would agree. I’ve had a fun time learning and getting better at cooking grass-fed meat. In this post, I share the warming and flavorful beef and cabbage soup we enjoyed last night.

Our Experience with Newborn Chiropractic Care


I gave birth to my son C., my third child, at home in 1999. He cried quite a bit, so we wondered if he might be in some kind of pain. He had several issues from birth, which made things all the more confusing. One of them was itchy eczema from head to toe (that’s another story for another day). But that seemed unrelated to a noticeable neck weakness. He couldn’t hold his head up straight, nor could he turn it side to side.

Video: Coconut-Honey Candy for Easter

coconut-honey candy

We’re coming up on Easter, when we’re sure to be surrounded by heavily-sweetened, white-sugar laden, conventional treats. Here’s a whole food treat you can make instead! It is perhaps a wee bit on the sweet side, but that can be a good thing on a special occasion, I think. :) This post includes a video demonstration, plus the recipe in print.

Anyone Can Homestead: An eBook Giveaway


Anyone can homestead. Even you. You might live in an apartment in a city. Your homeowners’ association might not allow you to keep backyard chickens or goats. None of that need stop you. We’re giving away three copies of “Your Custom Homestead” — and eBook that can help you make your homesteading dreams come true!

Grain Mill + Berries Winners


Ready to hear who won the grain mills in the recent drawings? Last week, a blessed someone won a WonderMill from Millers Grain House, and today, I’m about to announce the winner of this prize package: a Nutrimill from Amazing Graze Farm General Store, 2# sprouted berries from JoshEWEa’s Garden, and 3# hard red wheat berries from Palouse Brand.

Nutrimill + Berries Giveaway!


We kicked off a great giveaway at the ABCs of Grain Mills webinar today! Here’s what’s up for grabs: a Nutrimill from Amazing Graze Farm General Store, two pounds of sprouted berries from JoshEWEa’s Garden, and three pounds of wheat berries from Palouse Brand. Definitely the most awesome giveaway we’ve ever held!

New to Me: Nutrimill


Kelli, a reader, posted on my Facebook wall that she wanted to sell her barely-used Nutrimill and Bosch mixer. I snapped up that Nutrimill right quick. (The Bosch with blender is still for sale.) It arrived yesterday and I put it to work grinding hard red berries from Palouse Brand. The bread turned out fantastic. In this post, I share pictures of the whole process and remind you to sign up for our free grain mills webinar on Friday.

Thumbs Up! The Urban Farm Handbook


Urban farmer Annette Cottrell (from SustainableEats.com) and I have been internet friends for a long time. We have a common kinship in growing, raising, sourcing, and preparing our own foods. So I am really, really thrilled to tell you about her amazing new book. She, with Joshua McNicholls (a Seattle-based journalist with a long-term interest in sustainability and food security), wrote “The Urban Farm Handbook.” And what a handbook it is!