Homemade, Real Food Macaroni and Cheese


About two weeks ago, my 11-year old son C. asked, “Mom, what’s mac and cheese?” 11 years old and he doesn’t know about mac and cheese? That’s part good and part bad. The good — he doesn’t know about the K-word mac and cheese. The bad? He didn’t know about homemade, real food macaroni cheese, which is a thousand times better. I knew what I must do. Macaroni and cheese was going back on the menu — real food style.

Take this Grain Prep Quiz

soaked muffins 2

I’m preparing for this Friday’s free webinar — ABCs of Grain Preparation — and I thought it would be fun to give you all a quiz. I want to know what you know and find out what you don’t! Not for any devious purposes, I promise. :)

A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine


“A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.” –Proverbs 17:22 What is a merry heart? Certainly it is a heart that’s happy. Happy because things are going well and life is grand? Could be. But most of us do not live that kind of life. We have struggles and challenges. God is clear that during our lives, we will experience our fair share of labors, cares, and tribulations. And still He tells us that a merry heart does us good. Which means it must be possible!

The Adventure Continues: Fundamentals II

Steaming Bowl of Soup

You probably remember that in February of 2010, we launched the first Fundamentals eCourse. I knew that it was good and foundational. And important. But when it was well underway, I also knew that I had much more to share and teach about fundamental traditional cooking skills. And now, it is time to revisit the fundamentals of traditional cooking — with Fundamentals II. Details and a video are inside this post.

Video Q&A #1: Warm Lunch without Microwave?


Welcome to the first Video Q&A at gnowfglins.com. We’ll have many more of these in the coming weeks! Today’s question comes from Katie: “I was reading your no-microwave post and was wondering if you have any suggestions for while one is at work. I often bring my leftovers to work with me and that is where avoiding the microwave seems impossible. Any suggestions?” Read this post for the video (and print) answer.