Looking Ahead to 2012


I’m eagerly looking forward to 2012! I thought it would be fun to let you know some of what I’m planning for 2012. Lord willing, this is all coming up — plus more, I’m sure. Also, don’t forget that you can get up to 5 free thank you videos through New Year’s Day with eCourse membership, menu plan subscriptions, or eBook purchases.

Free Webinar: Easy Steps to Real Food 2012


“Where do I start?” is perhaps the most common question people ask about transitioning to real foods and traditional foods. They’re facing a mental hurdle — not only understanding the changes that must be made, but figuring out what to do first (and second and third). If you want to transition to real foods but you feel overwhelmed by the process and don’t know where to start, my next free webinar is for YOU.

Handmade Spurtles from Gassy Creek Gallery


Spurtles are a traditional Scottish stirring and flipping tool. As potential Christmas gifts, it is a little late to be sharing these spurtles with you. But what can I say? I’m as behind as they come. At $10 (including shipping) and made from Oregon hardwood, you really can’t find a more frugal, unique, lovely and useful gift for the traditional food cook!

Take Heart: I Make Mistakes, Too


I make tons of mistakes. On Saturday evening, I made a quadruple batch of sourdough chocolate cake. I quadrupled all the ingredients, but somehow I multiplied the baking soda by 8. This means the baking soda was double what it should be. Would the cakes turn out?