Chat Snippets from Today’s Webinar


The free webinar today was fun — they always are — but sometimes the most fun is reading through the chat room transcript after the fact. I thought I’d share a few (okay — more than a few!) gems that came out of today’s free webinar “Easy Sourdough.” Enjoy these. :)

Up to 5 FREE Thank You Videos!


One of the most popular things we do at GNOWFGLINS eCourse is make monthly thank you videos. That makes it fun to give them away on special occasions — like to those who attend our free webinars… and for the holidays! Over Thanksgiving weekend, you can get up to 6 free thank you videos. Through New Year’s Day you can get up to 5. This post contains the details.

A Blessed Thanksgiving To You!


“All the year round, every hour of every day, God is richly blessing us; both when we sleep and when we wake his mercy waits upon us. The sun may leave us a legacy of darkness, but our God never ceases to shine upon his children with beams of love. Like a river, his lovingkindness is always flowing, with a fulness inexhaustible as his own nature. …” –Charles Spurgeon

10 Tips for Happy, Healthy Holidays


The holidays are upon us — can you feel it? I feel a little bit of excitement, but on the other hand some trepidation. I don’t enjoy added stress and bustle. I’m a homebody through and through. I’ve been thinking about what things I’m purposing to do for myself and my family to help us stay healthy and happy into January 2012 — and I want to share these tips with you. Be sure to add any tips of your own in the comments.

Wise Traditions 2011 — Part 2


I got home yesterday from Wise Traditions 2011. What a great trip! I got to see and do so many great things — and meet wonderful people. I was supposed to blog everyday to keep you up to date. Hopefully you followed #wapf on twitter or watched my posts on Facebook, because the blogging only happened once while I was there. 😉 Now that I am home, let’s catch up. I’m going to pick up now where I left off — at Friday evening.