Weekend Gardening

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Hard to believe we’ve been gardening with our friends for 6 months. The time has flown! We’ve gone out there once or twice a week to work, bringing home more food than we can eat sometimes. We are still harvesting some foods, like tomatoes under the cold frame. We’ll have those maybe even in December, though the crop wasn’t as abundant as we’d hoped.

We’re out the door in 15 minutes to go mushrooming, so I just have time to put up these pictures for you.

This weekend, C. and Jeff helped Kerry (our friend) put up a very large polytunnel. This winter it will keep his equipment dry; come spring we’ll be sowing seeds in it.

The okra is done, but Beth is cultivating ladybugs on the okra stalks. There are so many ladybugs and larvae in that polytunnel! As well as aphids. ;)

We dug up potatoes and picked pumpkins and cucumbers.

The peppers and tomatoes are in full swing.

Green bean, zucchini and cucumber vines went to Beth and Kerry’s sheep. Load after load after load.

Once home, I shelled a bowl full of beans for a warming soup.

And just so you can see… she’s all growed up! This is our puppy Areli, but a year old now. We’re excited to take her to the woods today to go mushrooming for chanterelles. She’s not been off our property since last fall (when we last went mushrooming).

Have a blessed Monday, everyone! I’d love to hear what your garden is doing. :)

I’m sharing this in Simple Lives Thursday.

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!

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  1. penny thompson says

    Just picked the carrots from our garden. Have lots and lots of them. :-) Was also excited about the potatoes. Didn’t think that there were very many. But there was. Suppose to be in the high 20’s tonight. We are going to be moving within the next month so I didn’t want to forget the rest of my garden. Looking forward to next years garden at the new place. I am very thankful for what God has given to us from our garden this year. God is so good no matter what is going on. Have a great day.

  2. Bethany says

    How cute is your daughter! Adorable! We just got plastic on our polytunnel this past weekend, and I planted some more mache and spinach today. Hoping to get lots of winter greens! Love you blog!

  3. says

    We harvested all of our potatoes and beans this week-end and I’ve been working on preserving as many of the herbs as possible. We also took out all of our bean plants and squash vines, but unfortunately we have no sheep to give them to! :) We had a disappointing year for tomatoes and squash, but the potatoes and onions are plentiful, the herbs are huge, and the lettuces and spinach are still growing due to unseasonably warm weather (I’m not complaining.) Hope your mushroom hunt was fruitful!

  4. says

    This looks like so much fun. Gardening with friends! Everything looks so earthy and healthy. Thanks for sharing the pics! Hope you brought home a haul of mushroom.s


  5. says

    Wow, thanks for the gardening inspiration. I am determined to have a bountiful garden someday…my learning process just seems to be taking a bit longer than most. I’m in Florida, so my little garden is still growing and will continue through our “winter”. I just have a few things, zucchini, tomatoes and some herbs. I love reading about others gardens. Thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    What great pics. I love seeing your kids out there helping out. I just put in my seeds for our winter garden and got chickens! I am so excited. Just getting started but it feels good to take any steps. Love your blog and eCourse. Blessings


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