Mature & Dry Green Beans


When the green beans stopped tasting quite so good, we let them hang on the vines and mature. By mid-October, some had dried out entirely and while most were still green. We picked. And picked. And picked. We split the bounty with our gardening friends Beth and Kerry. After about two hours of shelling, our half yielded 6 cups of fresh beans from inside the pods. They made great soup!

A Big Batch of Cultured Butter


I’m at my friend Shannon’s Nourishing Days blog today, sharing how I make a big batch of cultured butter. How is this different than my cultured butter in the food processor? For one, it is a bigger batch, like 7 to 8 times bigger — instead of yielding 1 pound of butter, I get between 7 and 8. I like this because I can make more butter less often which equals less work. :) I also employ another time saver — culturing the cream while it’s still in the milk.

Free Webinar on Frugal, Healthy Snacks


Katie from Kitchen Stewardship and I are busy planning the next free webinar. She’s my friend, an eCourse co-teacher, a fantastic blogger and the author of the popular “Healthy Snacks To Go eBook” (among other ebooks). She’s an expert and well suited to our topic: quick, healthy and frugal snacks for the whole family. Please come — you can get a free PDF snack booklet, too!

Video: Wild Mushroom (Chanterelle) Hunt


Our first mushrooming hunt of the season was a success! We found a spot for chanterelles about a dozen miles from our home and quite an easy dozen miles at that. Hopefully no one else knows about it. 😉 This post contains a video slideshow plus pictures from our hunt.

Weekend Gardening


Hard to believe we’ve been gardening with our friends for 6 months. The time has flown! We’ve gone out there once or twice a week to work, bringing home more food than we can eat sometimes. We are still harvesting some foods, like tomatoes under the cold frame. We’ll have those maybe even in December, though the crop wasn’t as abundant as we’d hoped. We’re out the door in 15 minutes to go mushrooming, so I just have time to put up these pictures for you.

Free Webinar Today: Kitchen Tools


Today at 1pm Pacific is the free webinar: “Must-Have Tools for Your Traditional Kitchen”. I hope you’ve already registered and are planning to come! If not, there’s still room. :) During today’s webinar, I’ll give away one of my favorite kitchen tools. It is handmade and local and really, really beautiful. And, everyone will get to take home a free tool guide PDF.

Gluten-Free Sourdough Book + Class Winner

Book Cover Small

It is time to announce the winner of Sharon Kane’s new book, The Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking. If you’re the one, you’ll also receive a 1-month membership in Sharon’s online class. (If you are not the winner, you can get free recipes and a free 7-day membership — details in the post.)

Free, Real Food Recipe Sharing Site


Please welcome Jami Delgado from the free, brand-new, real food recipe sharing site: Eat Nourishing. She’s here to tell you all about it — and invite you to browse a growing number of real food recipes. Registration is free and you’ll get a free recipe box to hold the recipes you like!